Samsung Unpacked 5

Will we see the Galaxy S5? Something else? Only one way to find out!

Mobile World Congress

Join us Monday as we're live from Samsung Unpacked 5 in Barcelona, Spain, at Mobile World Congress. And on tap this evening — mid-day for those of you back home in the U.S. — is, well, the latest and greatest from Samsung!

Folks are expecting the Galaxy S5 to be announced — and that's certainly a possibility. We've already seen a pair of follow-ups to the Galaxy Gear as well. But as of right now, it's all up in the air.

One way to find out: Join us for the liveblog Monday at 8 p.m. CET — that's 2 p.m. in New York City, and 11 a.m. on the West Coast. We've also embedded the livestream to make things easy.

Strap in, folks. This is going to be one hell of a ride.


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frettfreak says:

LMAO! "will we see the s5" lol

The fact that the "leaks" are incredibly sparse and very much random guessing, with only three days left, makes it a valid question. Usually everything about everything would have been leaked this close to an announcement.

Definitely will be watching like clock work 2pm.

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squiddy20 says:

Because you have no life.

spock123 says:

Come on, - really?
You're on Android Central, and the presentation of the new flagship of the (by far) biggest producer of Android phonces doesn't excite you the least?

venom376 says:

Then why are you here??? Calling the kettle black a bit?

This event should have been called " Pack and go home by 5", not "Unpacked 5"

any flagship phone from sony to HTC or LG kills this thing. heck even phone from 6 months are better than this thing

Jay Holm says:

Good, 2pm, not late, not early.

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Yaaaay!! I'm excited, to see what Samsung has planned.

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Orion78 says:

Ok let's see what you got Samsung.

the1m.polo says:


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Jay Holm says:

"Event Reminder"? Lol, like I need to be reminded? The actual specs probably won't be released til who knows, 2:20pm, 2:30, 2:40? There won't be much the first 10-15m's.

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ab304945 says:

to bad i will be at work:(

jackwagon06 says:

Watch it on your phone! Lol. I'll be watching on my tablet.....all 12.2"! Schweet.....

spock123 says:

Even better!!! hehe

ajpri says:

I'm mad. My world history teacher has a no-phone policy. I'm trying to ask if she can let me!

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Tell her this could make world history... I doubt it actually will but you could try the excuse.

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Jay Holm says:

Tell your teacher she isn't a Judge, your classroom isn't a courthouse, and she should go fck herself!!! This is 2014!!! Society should just get used to cellphones, like 10yrs ago they should have gotten used to cellphones!!!!

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NoNexus says:

I will be more direct that that.

Cut the class

spock123 says:


KKILLION79 says:

i know AC is live blogging it, but does Samsung have any live video stream happening?? I'd rather not get any work done and watch video of the presentation.

Aaron Watson says:

They had one in the S4 so I think there should be one.

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jian9007 says:

Yes, they'll have a live stream at I wanted to see the live stream as well.

spock123 says:

I will do both - watch the live video - but also I want to read the comments from AC

felyke says:

Can't wait. Even if I don't like the phone this is going to be interesting to watch.( hoping for a live stream)

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LiveFaith says:

** Even if I don't like the phone this is going to be interesting to watch. **

Wow, at least you have an open mind about the tech. LOL

Anon8154066 says:

We know the S5 will be good the exciting part is how gooooooood?

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RusticKey says:

Let me at 'em, Samsung! I am ready!

My device went through hell to send this message.

tdizzel says:

Who cares about Samsung, what time is the Huawei event?

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NoNexus says:

Right after the yugo commercial

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Jay Holm says:

Lol! I certainly hope that guy was being sarcastic!

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samxool says:

Hi, we're Samsung. Here's our 5th blatant iPhone ripoff. Expect to see a phone in champagne gold color, and a fingerprint sensor in the home button because we have no shame

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SirBobaFett says:


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sidds18 says:

One thing you have to hand it over to samsung ...........The've been pretty good with not letting the leaks,unlike others we've seen in the past.

spock123 says:

Maybe the S5 will be excactly like the S4 - bar the faux leather back and bumped CPU

spock123 says:

Ouch, I was really close on that one..

hmmm says:

Lol, nice one :)

sidds18 says:

A new touch wiz would be the game changer.

mvsmith says:

Hell yeah there's a live video stream. Sweet, I'll be watching that today.

I'm really surprised there hasn't been any leaks. GSM arena leaked some pics but they look fakish. I'm excited about the Xperia Z2 but still curious to what samsung has up it's sleeve. I'm predicting at the very least Snapdragon 800, 3 GB of Ram, 16 MP Camera, and potentially waterproof or dustproof. Hopefully the faux leather note 3 back too.

felyke says:

I hope the leaks are fake. The design is disappointing.

mvsmith says:

I'm sure it is. Those holes on the back make no sense at all. Not only that but samsung is already aware people's frustration and boredom of Touch Wiz. Exactly why they are overhauling/changing it. As long it has a faux leather back and tons of features it will be okay. Even if the front looks exactly the same, which it probably will.

I doubt they'll do another broadway presentation too. I think they learned their lesson last time. Although, it was different and a clever way to show off the gimmicks instead of just telling them. Showing not telling.

Furiouso says:


Chondog says:

"Will we see the Galaxy S5? Something else? Only one way to find out!".....I just hope it isn't another broadway show like their last launch....

the_stig#WN says:

The guy having Fun on the main pic looks like he is ready to consume a communion wafer.

Furiouso says:

Kudos sir. You really took the high road with this comment.

Furiouso says:

The so called GS5 was leaked on BGR 4 hours ago. I've been hoping that's not really it since I saw it this morning. I'm still expecting something more refined.

Future Green says:

Like soooo happening man!

Mighty_Red says:

Have logged onto the stream, am hoping that the pics we've seen today are just prototypes, but it's not looking good at the moment. Everything so far screams mediocre including the specs but I'll reserve judgement until a) we actually see what they have to present, and b) what it looks like (and performs) in real life

keykutney says:

I'm excited!

hmmm says:

I'm hoping they announce the Galaxy 5S.

amico_pl says:

Official release for Galaxy 5 already here:

Press release before the event? Worst tech unveil ever. As much as I hate to say it, but Apple knows how to unveil their devices.

Come on I want to see the s5 already!!!



jackoceanz says:


tech_head says:

It comes with the "KNOX POX"; I'll pass.

Sora77 says:

Looks so ugly. Should just drop it in the toilet like he said. Z2 looks much much better.

jackoceanz says:

the UI looks alot like ios

jackoceanz says:

ultra power saving is intersting

nasellok says:

Yawn........ are people over Samsung yet....I find them very uninspiring. Not to mention that every one of their phones completely craps out after 1 year.....I guess this is why they have to release a new one every year.

sidds18 says:

Rubbish ! Wait for Note 4 begins .........

datastar says:

All of you Galaxy S haters, go to your phone's manufacture of choice site and leave a positive dictum! The GS5 has some equable features, so does the iPhone, the HTC, the LG, and the Sony. I will be upgrading my GS3 to a GS5. Do as you wish and let us enjoy our moment! Have a beautiful day!