Samsung Transform Android 2.2 Froyo

Word on the street and in the Android Central Forums is that the Samsung Transform is in the throes of receiving its Android 2.2 Froyo update, as was promised earlier this week. The upgrade to version EB28 also adds Swype, boosts Sprint Zone to version 2.5, and brings bug fixes in search, mobile hotspot, and Google sync issues.

What it apparently hasn't done is open up the phone to an official build of Adobe Flash Player. And that's not too surprising, given that the Transform isn't exactly the most powerful device on the block -- and also that it's not on Adobe's list of supported devices.

But, hey, having Froyo is better than not having Froyo, we suppose. More in the Android Central Forums. Thanks, mixmastrzzz!


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Samsung Transform getting its Froyo on


What about the epic 4g?? We all know the transform doesnt have a big processor like the epic or evo so thats why it doesn't have flash.

I have the EB13 on my epic, will I receive the EC05 or not??

I just got the notification and updated my Epic to 2.2.1 EC05 this morning... I'll be nice and just say I'm not happy with my Epic's sluggish performance now... I hope to receive the 2.2.2 update SOON!!! :(

My girlfriend has this phone and got the update. The phone runs smoother but the battery life is half as long(considering the battery life sucked before the update too). Come on samsung, get it right