Samsung is not unfamiliar with intense and sometimes clever marketing techniques and its latest Galaxy S5 adverts certainly fall into both categories. If you're a proud Galaxy S3 owner but are wanting something more from the phone, Samsung is lending a hand by showing consumers exactly how much is improved in its latest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

Various new components are covered, including the new processor, display, camera and even advanced features like the water and dust resistance. The adverts are actually quite the clever move by Samsung, picking the Galaxy S3 to compare against as consumers will be coming out of their 24-month contracts.

What do you think of the advertisements?


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Samsung shows you why it's time to put down the Galaxy S3 and upgrade


I'm still pretty pissed how they didn't even bother upgrading the GT-i9300 S3 to KitKat.

They could've removed some features from TW so that it doesn't make it use so much RAM.

Personally, I would wait to see what the competition holds and the upcoming Note 4. The competition is offering some pretty stellar phones, so you might not stick with Samsung for very long if one of these phones interest you. Of course, the Note 4 is coming soon.

Yeah, but removing features would be a poor move, since some users might be using what others think are removable features. S3 did get two major updates, three if you count 4.2, standard support for any flagship, so it's not like it was treated unfairly. They could set a good example by updating their multi-million selling devices for longer, though.

How much more of an example do you want? Every other phone from that time is way behind. Samsung took the Google 18 month pledge and owned it. How is that HTC phone holding up?

That doesn't count the One X being left out of the party just because of a Tegra 3 SoC variant that NVIDIA no longer supports.

The One X is on 4.2.2
The GT-i9300 S3 is on 4.3

Now, if HTC decides to push KK to the One X...

Though admittedly, the One M7 has a pretty impressive update timeline.

4 major updates (3 Android updates, 2 Sense updates) or 3 for US variants (as HTC skipped 4.2.2).

Exactly. Remember the original One and One+? Obsolete in mid 2013 and they were released late 2012.

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Why would they want to update a 2 year old phone? Consider yourself lucky that phones get updates at all. Your 2010 car wont get the 2011 features for free. your home upgrades are guaranteed for 18 months. and it wasn't even until recently things like tv's get updates. they improve and make newer versions of these things every year to get more money. its a company. theres literally no money in updating a phone you already paid them for. and it doesn't matter if you got the phone two years ago or not. it was still paid for two years ago.

There is a lot of money in keeping your user base satisfied. An S3 user will remember that his phone was updated 2 years later, look at the competition and decide to stick with Samsung hoping for the same treat with their S5 or S6.

Keeping a customer happy is the most essential part of customer care.

not really. keeping your user base satisfied by providing the newest for free gets you no money. an s3 user getting upgraded 2 years later isnt going to make him/her buy a 5 because they already got the software. the standard has unofficially been set that after 2 years you need a new phone. its no secret that phone are outdated almost immediately after being released so after 2 years you cannot waste resources on upgrading the older phone. you have your latest and last years model to worry about.

The money is in user satisfaction. At least that's what they say in marketing books.

A satisfied customer is a returning customer. I will definitely consider Samsung for my next TV, tablet, PC Monitor, Blu Ray player... Even if I do not need to buy a phone this instant. Samsung is still high there in my list of companies that have treated me well.

lets be honest though.... Only people like us get bent out of shape about slow updates or the lack of updates... THe Majority of consumers dont really know or care about the next version of android.. As long as it works and what ever updates that do come .. fix any problems that exist.

The Galaxy S3 is a real nice Mid/Entry-level phone in 2014.
I though about getting a Moto G LTE, but my old trusty GS3 is perfectly capable and it's already at my house.

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so true... only nutballs like the ones posting on this thread get mad about when the updates come out... and whats in the update.... so when is he NOTE 3 for T mo getting updated again???????

Yes but it is us that these people come to when they want to know what to buy. And, this kind of special treatment is a point for Samsung. This and a replaceable battery makes the S3 Lte the best phone of 2012 to still own right now.

The Snapdragon variants get the update due to their larger RAM capacity.

The international variant does not have 2GB of RAM. So, according to Samsung, it can't run the update properly.

The S3? hmm didnt know that. but im convinced the companies just make up excuses cuz they dont want to. i remember when i had a cliq, moto said why they wouldnt and i called bullshit. they didnt want to work on a unpopular phone. be happy with your phone. when you arent happy with it anymore flash a custom rom, when that doesnt make you happy still you need new hardware. upgrade your device.

You're looking at software updates all wrong. For one, most software is updated for free, IE Windows, Mac OS. second, longer support periods is a selling point. Sure the updates themselves don't make money, but a good track record of timely updates and longer support does lead to more sales

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Idk a thing about mac os but i can say for windows, and updates are not free. you want windows 8 on your windows 7 pc you will have to pay but yes they do patch and support your windows 7.

Except that each Windows is its own product. Whereas with an Android phone you you buy the OS and phone together as a single product. So in this sense, Windows XP is comparable to the Galaxy S3, in that it's old but still popular. Now Microsoft stopped making money on XP years ago, but kept supporting it and updating it until 2013.

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you do buy a pc as a single product. granted windows is much more complex than android but its still software and some things come in a small patch and others come as an almost complete overhaul. now xp isnt just oh so popular cuz it is. ask you average consumer what they are running. wont be xp i guarantee. ask someone in IT and XP is their only thing their office PC's run. I cannot specifically tell you why XP was so great for business whereas vista and others werent but i do know there were still making money for every install of xp. and with the cut off companies can pay to keep their xp supported.

Just because you get Windows for free when buying a PC does not make them a single product, it's just convenient. You can buy Windows separately, you CAN NOT buy android separately, it's a packaged deal. Same is true with the opposite, you can by a PC with no OS at all, but you can not buy a phone with no OS. Considering Google provides the updates to manufacturers for free, they should have a generous update lifespan for the phone. As for XP, I work IT for a very large company and some of our computers still have XP, but that does not mean Microsoft received any money from us anytime after we moved to 7. We already had licenses, no need to buy it again. I also don't touch XP for my own computers, 7 is just plain better. People stayed on XP cause they hated Vista so much and we're unwilling to trust MS again.

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Windows Xp has gotten updates after Microsoft said it would not update.Corporate clients still get them.
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I'm a sucker for stock Android but it feels pretty barebones.

I knew that because I used to run CM11 on my M7. It was extremely barebones, so I installed a Sense 6 custom ROM.

Cynogenmod runs great on my tablet, but on my Verizon S3, it's a buggy mess. I've tried it every time it changed Android versions, with the same result.

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I agree. CM is great for my daughter's tablet, which is a galaxy tab 2 7.0. So without it, the tablet would be pretty slow and usless. But on my note 3, I MUCH prefer touchwiz to the asp roms. The devs are doing some pretty great stuff with the touchwiz ui and their different kernels.

It would take too long for the purpose of the commercial. Did anybody notice he has boogers in his nose?

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Well, I'm in month 23 of a 24 month contract with ATT on my my reason to upgrade will be simple, the price drop in a month. That and my S3 is starting to randomly reboot of course I might hold out for a Note instead.

The S5 is a great phone. But I think I'll be holding out for the G3 or see what Samsung has up their sleeve with the Note 4.

G3 screen is a mega disappointment, it(a LCD) is barely brighter(379nits) than S5's AMOLED (352 nits)and have horrible contrast( thought it was impossible to have less contrast than Nexus 5, then LG went and did it with G3). Battery life is worse(than G2 and GS5) and Software is basically a wash. Unless you can Jedi mind trick yourself into thinking 1440p is sharper than 1080p on a 5.X" phone screen I see no reason why you'd be buying it(laser Cam is neat, but not a game breaker).
You'd be better off give up on G3 and wait for Note 4.

Yep, S5 has a brighter screen. Anandtech mentions elsewhere it has an outdoor mode that puts it over 500 nits. They also say the S5 has the greatest smartphone screen ever made.

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My reason I haven't upgraded yet is because I still have Verizon unlimited data. If I have to keep it I have to pay full retail. If I upgrade to anything it will be the s4 because the lower retail price point. It's hard to put down on that much at once

if my charging port still worked i would. ive been using external charger and uisng extra batteries. if that worked i would trade or sell but since it dont sites like that only wanna give me like $6

Yeah, you can probably get a mint VZW S5 for cheaper than Verizon charges for an S4.

Posted via my M9, XT912, N910, G906, D6653, D870, G4, or G Pro 3 Still 2GB RAM, still TouchWiz...but now with a less attractive design. Nope, not an upgrade for me. Wondering when the heck T-mobile will release KitKat for their Galaxy S3 (T999 and variants). The update is overdue.

Money doesn't grow on trees. Maybe for Samsung. I still hold on to my old Windows XP and am happy about it. Why in the world I would waste money for 8 more megapixels, a bit of juice in battery life that is not even worth their mentioning the difference on the video and a bit of better performance playing games? I would want that I might well choose the Galaxy Note 2 or 3. That would make a more sensible realistic upgrade. Wait. I don't have a Galaxy S3. If I had i would be happy enough about it as I have tried it a couple of times and it is still a good piece of hardware. They would do a better job if they were to make it work with kitkat and show that their products have a longer lifetime. The way they ad though makes any sensible person think: wait? my brand new s5 will be obsolete in 3 months? Not a clever move Samsung. Sorry for the insinuation that anyone that disagree with me is not clever enough. I was just being provocative.

battery life on the s5 is miles better than on the s3...coming from an s3 user on kitkat.

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I bought a zerolemon extended battery for my S3 for under $50...if that's the only reason to upgrade better off getting an extended battery. There are a ton of options.

Lol NoNexus I could read your replies all damn day. Love em.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

This commercial pretty much convinced me that there's no need to upgrade my S3. I have a ZeroLemon battery which gets my S3 past 2 days and the processor speed demonstration? Meh. I'm not a game player anyway and even there, he didn't show a monumental difference.

Also, I'm kinda sick of Sammy's bloatware. I'm headed toward a leaner phone experience with either Moto or Nexus next.

My GS3 finally died so I hit up one of the Moto X sales awhile back....and the lack of bloat ware is so so so nice.
On load Google Back up auto loaded so many of the old bloatware apps...I got great enjoyment being able to then delete them!

My daughter will get an upgrade to her S3, when I upgrade my S4.
She will get the S4 and I'll get something that isn't made by Samsung; e'ffn KNOX Pox.

Did you not hear? Samsung GAVE knox to Google and it will be on EVERY phone they support.
Good luck with your firephone
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FYI: The Samsung Galaxy S3 is running Android 4.4.2. At least on Verizon Wireless. Runs fine. Battery life, of course, is not as good as it once was. Even with a brand new battery. I think Samsung has done a great job supporting their devices. Have complaints about not getting the latest OS, blame your phone carrier (aside from the international S3 not getting KitKat).

As a current Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 owner (currently working on selling the S3), I can say that it was a solid upgrade. Did I really need to upgrade from the S3, not really. But I do not regret it one bit.

Personal opinion, it was worth the money to keep my unlimited data on Verizon Wireless.

I upgraded from an S3 to an S5, and the upgrade is massive. I used to have to keep my phone in airplane mode at work because of battery drain from poor signal, but battery life is much much better now. I can see the display when the phone is mounted on my windshield in bright sunlight without any problems. I have Sprint Spark in my area, and web surfing is much much faster both because of data speeds and processing power. I take my phone into swimming pools and water parks without concern. The camera is much better, and even the relative poor point of the S5, the low light camera performance, is leaps and bounds better than the S3. Now almost 3 months after release there might be more compelling options in the pipeline, but saying that the real world difference between the S3 and S5 is minimal is just not true.

You might argue that this reflects all the negatives of the S3 more than anything else, and you may like other phones better than the S5, but the S5 is much better than the S3 - really!

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Meh. If you don't need the latest and greatest, the GS3 is a wonderful phone. Keep it until you get a free upgrade, or the device stops working. Then, if you don't mind the bloat eating up disk space, pick up the latest Samsung or HTC flagship. Rinse and repeat.

I have an S4 (free Black Friday 2013). Bought my daughter the 32GB last August. My son has an S3 purchased in early Nov 2012 for $99 that was later on sale for free on BF 2012. "iF" I upgrade his S3 this year, it will be on Black Friday. He is starting to be a gadget freek like me, so I may just introduce him to the next Nexus Phone of Moto X. He already has a Nexus 7 2012 tablet.

S3 on Verizon, recently updated to Kit Kat. Don't feel compelling reason to upgrade right now! Wish the S5 had more storage than 16GB. Only problem with S3 is that it feels like it runs more slowly with each new OS (even with factory reset after upgrade). It's like a PC that has plenty of power to run its original OS, but can't run the new hotness. I'll probably see what Note 4 is like before I consider an upgrade.

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Funny how that works right. If the phone was working fine why upgrade the software?
Mine is a little buggy in Google maps now after the upgrade and it was working great before .
I believe they do this on purpose to make you get a new phone.

You should talk to the guy upthread who complains about not getting enough updates to newer more power hungry OS versions. It's hard to balance keeping both types of customers happy.

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I actually just upgraded from a G3 to a G5 on Verizon this weekend.

Personally I would recommend to others, "Don't do the upgrade if you're looking for something new. Do it if you're looking to improve the phone you're already happy with."

That is it in a nutshell. The S5 improves on the S3 in so many ways. Better viewing in sunlight, better battery life, sharper screen, etc.

For what I want, it made the most sense. $100 from Best Buy and after an evening of rooting and setting up, I've lost no functionality (free, unlimited tethering; ad blocking; and unrestricted SD card access being the most important.)

The only thing that rankles me is that I had to drop from 32GB onboard storage to a measly 16GB...



Go home Samsung, you're drunk.

Meh i'll wait on the Nexus 6 if it comes out. Tired of Touchwiz going with a more traditional Android experience. And with Android L in the pipeline I see no need for a skin anymore. I have played with a S5 and I am still happy with my S3 I see a need to upgrade but again my next phone won't have a skin on it.

Judging by the forums it seems Kitkat update butchered the s3 with battery issues, bricking devices, performance issues and I could go on I think if you're an s3 user upgrade your phone OR there's some great support for custom rom's that can prolong the life of the device for 2 more years

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Gets the job done. They promote the S5 without making the S3 look like garbage. Smart.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Shows that the S3 is still not a bad phone to this day. But this is how it should be, upgrade every two years at least. I don't understand people that buys a new phone every year or every 6 months. Yet still complains that their upgrade was minimum. That Apple trend is gone kids.

I feel compelled to upgrade. But it will not necessarily be for a Samsung phone.

I still like the S3. It starts to feel slow at times but I am waiting for something else.

LG, Motorola, Sony you are all up there on my radar.

Guess, they're bummed that a lot of S3 owners haven't felt the urge to upgrade to S5. They should consider offering a special deal to registered S3 owners, to enable an upgrade.

Yup, I'm one of them!

This is what I want in my next device.....

• 5" or bigger QHD/2k screen in small form factor (a la G3)
• 805 soc or HIGHER
• Removable bat and sd card slot
• 32gb Int. Stor. (Minimum!)
• 3gb Ram
• Great battery life/efficiency device that has all of this will be the one I purchase.

I didn't need videos to urge me. I got my S5 on April 10, and as my contract only expires in Feb 2015, I bought it cash. Best decision ever as it is an amazing piece of kit.

To each it's own. The galaxy s3 is definitely outdated. That battery is the worst. Ditched mines back in February.

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Again to each it's own. If you're happy, I'm happy for you. No one can deny the specs are 2012 though

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Do you use Google maps. Have you upgraded your software thru your carrier. Isn't Google maps buggy ? For some reason mine works funny after the upgrade from my carrier.

My maps works fine. I just recently went back to 4.1.2 stock from a 4.3 custom rom (Wicked Sensations 5.0) because I felt I got better battery life on 4.1.


Thanks maybe I should do the same. I never needed an upgrade because everything was working great before.
Maybe Samsung is spikin the upgrade with some bug juice? lol

Reading this persuaded me to fire up my old S3 and put a Cyanogenmod nightly on it to see how well it handles 4.4.4. Works perfectly well. Naturally none of the Samsung Touchwiz features but zooming along miles inside any memory constraints.

Have latest Play Services and plenty of apps, all zipping along. Will serve well as a backup device for running etc.

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This just feels like Samsung kicking me in the balls for not upgrading every year. "You get no software update, please buy our new phone". I'm using Cyanogenmod 11 now and it's SO MUCH BETTER AND FASTER without Samsung's bloatware. Also they encrypted the I9300 to make it harder to do a network unlock. Not being able to do that after I fulfilled my contract with the carrier seems like a dick move.

Upgraded from the S3 to the S5 around 5 weeks ago and my experience is pretty similar to Suntan, atishc & Eurasianman.

I found that the 4.3 update added tons of lag to my S3. Pretty peeved that it will not get 4.4 and still think this is a bad move from Sammy and it shows up the weakness in their software components.
Not sure if a factory reset will fix the 4.3 issues but nonetheless, when you get a good upgrade offer it's usually worth doing when on contract. Whilst I still prefer the look and feel of the S3, the S5 is improved in nearly all areas. Even though 4K video is currently pointless, it does mean that using zoom while recording video no longer leads to a pixellated mess like on the S3. The battery is fantastic and the ultra mode helps a lot (1-2% battery drain overnight). You can read it in sunlight and it dims better than before.

Think a lot of the negative comments are OTT and mainly from haters rather than rational people. It doesn't push any boundaries so its a good upgrade, but I would think twice if you have to pay full price off contract.

I feel that all the current top-end phones all look pretty good, but none are able to pull away from the others because of a weakness or two

I personally don't think it would be a great idea to get the S5 if I already have the S3. Same experience only with better hardware. I'd rather try out some of the other different options out there. I'm tired of Samsung devices.

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Comparing your own old devices to your new ones is a slap in the face to customers.

Oh hey you know that phone we are still selling that works perfectly fine, you should get the newer more expensive version.

I'm still a proud owner of a gs3 and like another user i'm pretty miffed about Samsung not upgrading to kitkat and using some crap excuse that it couldn't be done "hogwash" they did it with the American version, i'm holding out too see if i can get a hold of the one+one.

I have had my S3 for almost two years now. At the time of my upgrading Canada still had 3 year contracts. I want to wait out the rest of my term. Don't feel the need to upgrade to the S5. If Sony really is making an Xperia Z3 compact then that will be my next phone. Oh and I did recently update the OS to KitKat, I saw some improvements.
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My Samsung Galaxy S3 still works great without a scratch on it, plus I bought it from a friend for 200 bucks when it was just weeks old.
No need for an upgrade at this point. It does everything I need it to.

Did Samsung do something to my software/phone. Google maps was working great until I upgraded the software. Now Google maps is buggy and slow. It works funny too if I upgrade Google maps to the new version. Galaxy S3
I'm convinced they want you to buy a new phone so they throw out bugs to slow things down a little.

I just read where the Galaxy S5 will be outdated soon because Samsung is coming out with an improved model already. That's a problem with Samsung. Instead of them just making a great phone once a year, they put out 5 phones making it even harder for an upgrade. You're constantly thinking, if I buy this phone next month they will already have a newer better model.
Samsung owners keep their phones even longer for this reason.
Apple are the masters of upgrading their people. Maybe they should take note.

I put down my SIII and bought a Nexus 5. I miss the OLED screen but nothing else. I'll never get an OEM phone again, unless gpe devices becomes available in my country.

Well, for international i9300 galaxy s3, they at least owe us clean, bugfree 4.3 software becouse this piece of crap of 4.3 software is soo buggy and bad.. Hate it!

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Fact of the matter is if you're getting a free/reduced price upgrade for a 2yr. contract you're paying for a new phone every 2 years anyway so why would you not get one? My AT&T S3 works fine after the 4.4.2 upgrade, battery life seems considerably improved and there's nothing wrong with my phone so I don't "need" a new one but I'll get one, most likely the Note 4. The other thing is with the rapid development of mobile technology 2 years is a long time. I'm reading that the Note 4 will have two versions, one with a curved screen that can be viewed from the side. That feature & the stylus are things I'd like to have to make the phone more useful. Bottom line to me is I'm paying for an upgrade every 2 years because the cost is baked into the monthly fees so I'd be paying for nothing if I didn't take advantage of it.

No carrier will make you feel like the previous years model was garbage like samsung. Bought an s4 last year? They made you feel like royalty? A year later you might as well be a loser if you don't have a s5 lol. They'll upgrade the previous years devices software but not until they take care of the current year first. Google will update a nexus 4 and 5 and 7 at the same time. . Last week HTC one M8 and m7 gpe devices for the 4.4.4. Update at the same time

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I wonder why they left out the fact that the Sprint variant loses the ability to talk and use data simultaneously? A definite drawback on the S5 that the S3 accomplishes with ease.

The only thing that really interests me about the S5 is the ultra power saving mode. I hope it comes to the S4 in a future update.

I would like to upgrade to the GS5 but only 16GB is stopping me. Why do the create a flagship device and offer so little memory. Originally they said a 32GB would be available but it is no longer listed on Samsung site. Will wait to see the Note 4 or the S5 pro/whatever the next one is.

Pretty disgusting behavior to be honest. This is a clear-as-day admission by Samsung that they don't want you to have your phone for more than 2 years. What exactly is wrong with the S3? can they care to mention these things? and why they delivered a phone that apparently isn't good enough to stand the test of time in their opinion? how come they still released the S3 if it didn't have all these features they say you need? yeah, that's what I thought...

More mistakes like this (and constantly spewing out new low specced smartphones every week that result in writedowns, like what's happening now) and Samsung will lose it's spot at the top of the totem pole.

With Samsung profits taking a dive on lower demand for smartphones, targeting S3 owners as potential repeat customers is a smart move. An even smarter move would be some kind of Samsung device loyalty program--some kind of price break to loyalty rebate program--to keep customers would be even smarter.

I've been in the 2-year upgrade cycle for my last 3 phones--a Samsung Blackjack (WM6), Captivate, S3--on AT&T but I feel like the playing field is pretty level now and getting another Samsung is unlikely. I just hosed my S3's IMEI so I'm looking and the S5 doesn't excite me. I'm more likely to go with LG or Moto, and staying with AT&T after 14 years isn't a given either. I'm gong to be paying more for service whether I sign a contract or go with Next so if there's no incentive for me to stay then who knows where I'll end up.

My point is the OEMs and carriers have been so focused on luring new customers they haven't considered doing anything to incent current customers to stay.

...Joe K.

I looked at and nearly bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but then I took a deep breath and a step back and stumbled across a great Elephone P8 for £165 (now under £140 !!) which is said to be a Note 3 clone, but I would say it is more of a Samsung S4 clone in features and power etc. Been using it constantly everyday for nearly four months and so far I have no regrets and I am loving it, plus the build quality is arguably better than the Samsung and the display is certainly superior. For anyone who is interested I bought it from but it took many weeks before it arrived, so you have to be VERY patient! There is also another source to buy from that is cheaper at £127 and quicker delivery for people like myself in the UK or mainland Europe:

For general use that is not too taxing, battery life is around 24 hours otherwise it can be much less. Mine is running Android 4.2.2 but the current models being sent have 4.4.2. When benchmarked using Antutu mine scored approx 27346 but naturally performance has reduced considerably since I have installed lots of apps like TomTom and many more.

I use a sprint mvno and would love to update to a s 5 however Sprint makes so you can't use a phone unless its past its 12 or 24 month release date this means the best phone I can use is the 80$ s3 or the 170$ s4 and the difference between the two are not worth the price difference. This is why I stay with the s3