Another day, another tit for tat in the ongoing patent wars between Samsung and Apple. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Lee Younghee, Samsung's head of global marketing for mobile communications, said that the South Korean electronics manufacturer will being taking a "more aggressive" approach against Apple's claims of intellectual property infringment, noting that Samsung has, and will not continue to be, "passive" and "respectful." And waste time it will not: on Monday, Samsung will seek to file a prelimary injunction against sales of the iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands, citing infringement on four of its 3G patents. Apple still has the upper hand, with sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 still banned in Germany, with similar cases around the world pending. For now, Samsung is focused on continuing its momentum and overcoming Apple as the largest smartphone manufactuer in the world, Lee said. "We are aware of the importance of branding so we'll be reinforcing this Galaxy branding."

Source: AP, via ABC News; Macworld

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patient zero says:

Loving it...

PingaDulce says:

AWESOME!!!! I bet Jerry is crying his eyes out about now.

hell_night says:

A correction in the topic at the third line, i believe the ( being ) is actually ( begin ) =)

Doesn't samsung make the screens for the iphone?

Sniper1087 says:

wrong Samsung makes the processor for the iphone

Waffles says:

Did you not get that moonoverparma00 was asking a question? See, he used one of these "?".
And since you did it... Wrong! Samsung does provide screens for Apple and even memory. But in the future that will not be the case, as Apple swallowed an entire bottle of stupid when they decided to sue the world, wich included one of the largest OEMs out there, Samsung.
SO to the original poster, yes, they also makes screens fo Apple's idiotOS devices.

Sniper1087 says:

Ok True Was typing fast was kind of busy at the job and did not pay attention to the punctuation or the "?" heh anyhow Also just to add a bit LG provides the Display which Apple Taunts as Retina aka Real name IPS LCD display that LG makes.

PensHockey says:

Can they give Apple the finger and Not sell processors to them? Backing out of their contract might be cheaper than dealing with all these lawsuits and lawyers.

PensHockey says:

Samsung making A5 for iPhone
TSMC making A6 for iPad

dealcrawler says:

Go Samsung. It them hard where it hurts.

Commodus says:

Don't think a lot of people here actually read some of the counterpoint to Samsung's point of view.

The problem is that, in virtually every case, Samsung is trying to use lawsuits that are considered "essential" patents, for 3G. That means it not only has to offer patent licenses at fair values but that it can't turn Apple down if it asks for a license.

In other words, Samsung can at most ding Apple for a small royalty rate if the court agrees with Apple that it's an essential patent. Apple takes a slight hit on its profit margin at worst, and at best (in its view), it slaps Samsung down with big damages and royalties.

I don't think Apple should have started this to begin with, but remember: companies grandstand all the time about what they're owed and what they invented. That doesn't necessarily mean they have strong cases.

victor3451 says:

Apple's patents were about the iPad specific design. Samsung patents are related to 3G connectivity, they are waaaaay too general, Samsung has already lost...

PensHockey says:

Specific design? You mean rectangle and flat? Not at general.

mckeydee says:

Are you serious? Apple's patents are way too general. They have a freaking patent for a rectangular device with rounded edges...

victor3451 says:

No they don't, the lawsuit against samsung contains waaaaay more pages than we know of. Apple hasn't sued HP for the TouchPad nor Sony for the Tablet S1, for example. They are suing samsung because of the iPad design. And even if they did have a patent for a rectangular device with rounded edges (which they DON'T), they wouldn't be wrong to sue samsung. Look at this and you'll understand:

mckeydee says:

Are you serious? Maybe you should read this:

I won't even comment on that photo. Would you like to elaborate?

victor3451 says:

That photo proves I'm right, there are many ways to make a tablet! Sony knows that!
Also, after reading the analysis of the lawsuit against samsung, almost everything seems pretty reasonable to me. Stop protecting samsung guys, you know they copy Apple. You should protect companies who don't copy Apple, like HTC.
Now samsung is even copying apple chargers!!!!!! THAT is the end of the world!

DWR_31 says:

I didn't know Apples were grown in South Korea.

PensHockey says:

Apple needs to find away to piss of China! Then where would they produce the iPhone iPad iPods?

Londontom says:

Stolen from the comments in thisismnext article from above: