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Samsung has sold two million Galaxy Note smartphones since the device's debut last November, according to the latest numbers reported by Forbes. The figure sees Samsung doubling the initial million sold between late October and late December 2011, and is likely boosted by the Note's recent launch in the U.S. and Canada. Forbes also says the manufacturer is aiming for a total of 10 million by the end of the year.

We imagine this is a predicted number for all Note series devices, including the recently unveiled Galaxy Note 10.1, a product which sits firmly on the "tablet" side of the phone/tablet divide. Rumors of a 7-inch Galaxy Note also persist, despite the lack of such a device at Mobile World Congress. However, given the speed at which Samsung is rolling out new phones and tablets, we'd be surprised if we didn't see more Galaxy Notes before the end of 2012.

Samsung also announced strong sales of its Galaxy S II series recently, including global sales of 20 million units and 5 million sold in Samsung's native South Korea.

Source: Forbes


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Samsung reportedly sells 2 million Galaxy Notes, hopes for 10 million by year's end


I'm hoping for it, too - but realistically it'll be late this year at best. It's an LTE phone, and Sprint is now upgrading from WiMax to LTE coverage.. Basically, 4G coverage for Sprint is going to be crappy this year. :(

As soon as it does release on verizon come June/July with Ice cream sandwich they will have more than 10million you can count on that..

I still don't like it ... it's either too big to be a phone or too small to be a tablet.

I rather continue carrying around both my Galaxy Nexus & Kindle Fire.

Don't get this argument, especially in relation to the Nexus. The difference in the dimensions of the two is .45" in length and .6" in width.

Now if you were talking the difference in size between the Note and the iPhone....then I'd get that. But the difference between the Note and Nexus is fairly minimal when you look at raw size.

Oh I get the argument, but I think the 5" (or 5.3" of the Note) should be the upper limit for phone/pocket sized devices. I have a Nook color and it's a 7" device with bezel added on and it would be too much to carry regularly as a phone device.

After this 5" mark, it'll be a functionality and battery life race for best products I hope. ;)

But they both fit in the typical pocket. So who cares?

My limit is when the device no longer fits in my pocket. Till that happens, the bigger screen size wins, (as long as all we are comparing is the screen size).

We had this same discussion at 4.0, 4.2, and the big hard and fast limit of 4.3 that some people drew the line at.

I picked up the AT&T version on launch date and it never fails to attract attention. I have run across a number of folks who have it and everyone who does absolutely loves it, myself included. I think it will get a lot of good word of mouth support.

I'm confused. When the Dell streak came out, everyone blew a gasket that "No one is going to carry around a 5inch thing!"..."Too big!"..."Too small to be a tablet".

Now granted, the note is a nicer piece of kit than the streak was, but the size didn't change...who the heck is carrying these things around? Ugh.

You think, or you have real knowledge of this? I am using the Streak as a phone currently and it works great. I am also writing this on the Streak.

The 5.0" Streak is bigger overall in your pocket that the Note. The Streak is:
6.02" x 3.11" x 0.40" = 7.49 in³

The 5.3" Galaxy Note is actually smaller overall:
5.78" x 3.27" x 0.38" = 7.18 in³

The Streak also weighed 25% more at 7.76 oz than the Note at 6.28 oz.

The Streak also was low def, TFT, VGA front camera, half the RAM and a third the battery life.

The Note released 16 months later and addressed all of these specs plus added HDMI, DLNA, and a 66% bigger battery.

Yes, the Streak was before its time but it was also bigger, heavier and low def.

See the side-by-side comparison:,Samsung-GALAXY-Note...

Dell failed to market the all! It was only available through Dell or BestBuy and even savvy phone people haven't heard of it. I actually met someone who worked with Dell on marketing and he said they didn't want to spend anything.

I owned the Streak and recently moved to the Note. The Streak is still a great device and works as a phone and tablet just fine. It was ahead of its time and most of the people picking on it are not eating their words with the LARGER Note.

Most people are sheep (especially phone geeks). Without someone telling them it's good (advertising) they assume it sucks.

I just won one of these in a giveaway yesterday but I'm on I have the tough choice of using it on wifi or selling it.

NOTE TO SAMSUNG: WISH LIST FOR 2013 GALAXY NOTE: same form factor, quad-core, 2gb ram, NFC, 32mb on board memory, 4.0 standard, but set up for easy update to Jelly Bean. more apps for S-pen installed. ps,thin bevel edges.

I know I'm going to probably get a 1 star for this but I'm sure they SHIPPED 2 million not sold 2 million. I really don't anticipate seeing a lot of people using this phone. But I'll keep a eye out to see if my assumption is wrong.

The article clearly says "SELLS" 2 million. However, that could be how many Samsung has sold to carriers, and not how many carriers have sold to consumers.

All I know is that this is one amazing phone, and the one I purchased is somewhere in either number.

Does it really matter, if they shipped 2 million so far it's just a matter of a week or two to have shipped 2.5 mln, and chances are that the final sales to end customers will reach 2 mln soon enough. All you're arguing about is a small direction in the numbers, nothing important in principle, unless you were doing direct comparisons with hard numbers.

Yes it does. Remember Samsung was promoting the number of Galaxy Tabs shipped. Yet very few were actually sold to customers. And heres a recent article with a quote from a Samsung executive. "We're not doing very well in the tablet market". So yes quoting shipping numbers may lead people to think something is doing well when it isn't. I stand by my assumption that I won't see many people using this device. And thats just a realistic view.

Pick a number that represents the ratio of shipped to sold by your own definition. Use that number to correct every report on Samsung sales, and save us the bitching.

Shipped means that Samsung sold 2 million to their customers, and I doubt places are buying them to store them in a warehouse and collect cobwebs, so it's correct either way

that article doesn't prove anything at all. where are the sales numbers vs the numbers shipped? all this article indicates is that Samsung is not meeting the goals that they have in place, which is not at all DIRECTLY related to the argument/assumption that you have presented.

I don't believe Samsung puts that number in their quarterly reports.... I'd assume if it was impressive they actually would. I'm into tech 95% of the time I immediately recognize what phone someone is using. Again, you won't see many people with this phone. And I live in a city with over 8 million people.

And yes I'm a android user (phones only). Using a unlocked Galaxy Nexus atm. But reality is reality

Dude... I've seen enough people with weird Android phones in NYC. I've even seen 2 guys with the fringe N900 on the F train. I've seen other people with the Streak like myself, on the RI tram out of all places. But this is no real measure -- the douchebags with iPads always outnumber us in Starbucks. Unless your phone is a status symbol, you have no reason to flaunt it...

I would love one of these if Samsung would release one with T-Mobile's 3G/4G bands. I could consolidate my phone and 7" tablet into one device.

I don't if it would replace my tablet, but my contract is up in August, and a Phone with Wacom built in is very interesting.

Might even lure me away from my slider keyboard.

Regardless of the sales, this phone was the flagship for Samsung in 2011 despite all the press and hype for the Galaxy Nexus. It will be in 2012 also because ICS is coming very soon to the International Version and a bit later to the i717. Once that happens, the Galaxy Nexus will be relegated to old news, old specs and cannot complete with the Galaxy Note or the phones coming out of MWC! In my opinion.

Have the imported international Note, best smartphone I have ever used. Even if it did not have the S-Pen, it would still be my favorite. After using the web, videos, and favorite 3rd party apps on the Note, every other smartphone's screen seems too tiny to enjoy.

I'd love to own one of these but will have to wait until Nov. of this year. Maybe it'll be $199 by then (or $99 on a deal!!).

My original Dell Streak 5 is still going strong, almost 18 month old.
I probably will wait for another large device, possibly with Windows Phone 8.
Though I am reluctant to give up on Android just yet.
I was thinking about the Sony Tablet P, but it is too ugly. Gonna go check it out on Sunday when it is released just to see for myself.

This phone will sell like hotcakes.
I love mine, and have no problem carrying it around even with a slim gel case. Everyone who sees it is impressed with it. Some say it is too big for them, Others just want it asap, but everyone loves the beautiful Superamoled at 1280 x 800.

I believe it is only a matter of time until a 5 inch smart-device becomes one of two defacto standards. This one and something around 4 inch.

This tab-phone is just too useful. You see a lot more on screen whether its weather, GPS, e-mail, live wallpaper, pictures, business files, PowerPoint slides, whatever. Its all big enough to satisfy, and still portable.
Its a winner.

And still no hint of a Sprint variant. I cannot believe I am actually thinking of going back to AT&T....