Galaxy S II

Samsung may have had to set their big shin-dig back a day to Tuesday because of hurricane Irene, but they know we're all ready and waiting for the Galaxy S II to hit here in the states.  To get our mouth watering just a tiny bit more, they have just sent out a couple teaser slides and a new video showing how the Galaxy S II simply rocks.  We can't argue, and we're itching to see what they have in store for the US carriers.  We'll know more Tuesday, join us right here at 6 PM ET and check it all out.  We've got the second slide as well as the video after the break.

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Samsung reminds why we love the Galaxy S II, and that it's coming soon to the US


If this phone had been out 6 months ago I would have bought it without hesitation but now I will wait until I see what the iPhone 5 has to offer first. I'm sure I won't be the only one either.

I agree with @tlo07. If it got released in August, I would have bought it right away. But once it turns September, I will not buy it anymore. Seeing as how the event is at the end of August, I highly doubt it will still meet my deadline. So, I am going to wait to see what other companies have to offer.

Samsung basically has been ignoring this phone in the US Market; no mentioning.. it basically did not exist to us. We should do the same and just ignore it as well.

It's a shame we in the US have to wait so long for these phones to reach us because of our carriers' need to not only brand them, but redesign the chassis in some misguided attempt at product differentiation.

Can't wait till Sept 9th . Sprint baby!!! But I agree with {Zorachus}
I hope its not the Terga 2.. If it is then it will be just like all the other Android phones out their.

actually exynos is the European version, the US version is said to come Qualcomm snapdragon processor at 1.2 GHz, unless something changed which will be awesome if it did since Exynos is a power house

It's too bad the carriers have to change the great looks this phone has. I really like the home button or what ever you want to call it, the US models won't have it. Leave it to the local carriers to ruin every damn phone they get. Leave perfection the fuck alone.

Meh. I got the EVO 3D and I'm happy with it. There was a time when i was so excited for this phone and would have bought this in a second. But they took to long.

That video is showing off the old/current European version ? Wonder what the larger U.S. version looks like in comparison. And are we getting the upgraded 1.5ghz version ?

Well of course, the heads of Samsung Mobility aren't gonna let the U.S. carriers limit them. They probably custom flashed the phones for U.S. usage.

with techs like HD amoled panels and the nvidia kal-el on the horizon, my vibrant will be more than sufficient as i wait

this phone is so overrated.

it's a nice phone but i don't get all of the excitement.

why get this when the EVO HD and Nexus Prime are coming in Q4?

For that matter, why get the EVO HD or the Nexus Prime in Q4 when something EVEN BETTER will be coming out in Q1 2012.

Wait...don't buy anything in Q1 2012 either because the ultimate phone will be unveiled in Q2 2012.

Or is that Q4 2012?

Get my drift? If everyone waited for the next best thing, nothing would be sold.


All this talk of waiting for the Nexus Prime. I would wait but no one really knows what carrier it will be on. I'm not waiting around with my fingers crossed hoping that it drops on my carrier.


no your logic is flawed. we KNOW that those devices will be coming SHORTLY AFTER the GII is released. hence, if you know that the Osborne II is coming out in November, why would you buy the Osborne I in September? Comprende?

this is a big difference vs. waiting YEARS or always sitting around waiting for the "next best thing" to come.

We also KNEW that the Motorola Bionic was coming SHORTLY AFTER its announcement back at the beginning of the year. Oh still can't buy it yet!

samsung released 2.2 for its phones...and other than a couple of security updates, whats so great about gingerbread? i think one major version update is all that can be expected for MOST phones

Have you ever seen the Greyhounds chasing the Carriot? That exactly what so many of you are doing.. And its so sad.. There will ALWAYS be "The Next Big Thing" The Shucks! I should waited! phone.. Stop doing this to yourself!!.. Let see.. Should I wait for the Nexus Prime? No! No! The S2! wait for the S2! No! wait! wait! The HTC! thats it, the HTC!! Oh My God.. Please.. Got my Droid Charge in June.. Rooted it Custom Rom'ed it.. Custom Kerneled it.. Go Launcher Ex'ed it.. Juice Defender Ultimate'ed it... And Gingerbread 2.3.4 it.. Oh and Unlimited Internet Verizon'ed it.. and been having 90 days of Super Amoled+ Netflix Bliss with it and counting... Eh? May I inquire... How long have you been waiting to have fun..? Hmmmm ?

As I've said in the past. You gotta find something you like and stick with it. You jump on the train at one point and ride it or you're going to spend your whole life waiting to catch it.

Pick a phone you like and leave it be. The "next best thing" will be outperformed in a matter of months. That is why I'm looking at my next phone to be something that works for me and that has a certain aspect that I like. I won't regret the purchase even when something mightier comes out.

Exactly.. That's why I got the Droid Charge.. Its has it all.. The Screen, The HDMI Out for my 56" big screen.. And its One Second slower opening apps than the S2.. But, Without me staring at a S2 youtube video review and mimmicking the S2 opening the same apps I have you would never know.. The Droid Charge is still Damn Fast when Modified like I stated above and has 4G.. The S2 was never going to have 4G LTE or HDMI Out Standard.. And again, No one can tell me ONE program or 3D Game that is out now.. Not what MIGHT be developed and released in 2012.. But now.. That takes advantage of "Dual Cores".. I feel my Droid Charge is "Balanced" loaded with all the goodies plus the best screen and internet speed on the planet.. No 3D game has brought it to its knees yet.. and nothing on the drawing board as of today will as well.. Once I reasoned it out.. It made perfect since to go in that direction and have it all.. Right Now.. and without the Bloatware stock phones come with..

I couldnt agree more.
this design is HOT, its what made me want to get the sgs2 to begin with.

its the thinnest smart phone ever produced
again, if it doesnt look like this device in form factor and width/weight i wont be buying one what so ever.

Samsung employees posting here aside, trotting out the "Oh, you're chasing the carrot" straw man is weak. The issue is that even at launch, Samsung's phones generally have a fatal flaw that they take forever (if at all) to fix, not to mention that they offer lousy (Froyo is coming...!) customer support. Samsung doesn't give 2 bits about building a single great phone; they'd rather build a dozen variants of the same above average phone. And then expect you to upgrade in 6 months.