No part of these devices is left untouched in a new promo video

Some of us may be feeling a bit of "Galaxy" overload after the crazy flurry of announcements yesterday, but Samsung is moving right along today by posting an extensive video walkthrough of its latest big devices — the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. The 18-minute long video, which you can see above, thoroughly covers pretty much every new function that can be found in the new Galaxy Note, along with a good portion of explanation about how the Galaxy Gear fits into the mix.

The most interesting portion relating to the Galaxy Gear is a walkthrough of the "Gear Manager" app, which is the portal for customizing and setting up the device when paired to your phone. If you're interested in just the Gear angle you can skip ahead about 12 minutes, but the entire video is quite informative.

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Samsung posts its own extensive Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear tutorial video


Absolutely. I am almost totally sold on this phone but this will go along way towards cementing it.

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Also, in before:

The back is ugly, just change it
It lags, we cannot tell anything from a two minute video
Those gimmicks and bloat! Maybe to you, I use them on the s3
Nexus 5! You know nothing about the 5 so stfu and gtfo

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Lol, I had to read that twice to see what you did there.... Its been a long day.

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Awwww someone is catching a temper tantrum because people will insult his precious. Well enjoy your bloated cartoon gingerbread looking touchwiz. Oh yeah Nexus 5 > Note 3. :)

Nope just cutting off the usual arguments from idiots like yourself. Forgot the touchwiz one, use a launcher dbag

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Are you one of those people with a N5? You've actually seen it? Held it?

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Well you can eat 4.4 KitKat

Also the narrator sounds like she has a speech impediment or maybe english might be a 2nd language.

She sounds like she could be Kripke's sister on the Big Bang Theory

I am a fan of the design of the Note 3. Best designed Samsung phone to date IMO. The faux leather and stitching gives it that "portfolio" distinguished look. And based on the specs and this video, it is going to be a beast. Very worthy upgrade.

I thought the AC folks said that the "faux leather" was just textured plastic made to look like fabric.

I'm a fan of the Note 2 and especially the stylus. I will have to wait to see the fit and finish of this new model before casting judgement.

Hey guess what? It is faux leather, at least be a knowledgeable troll

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you for got the /s but when I saw the comment you put above that one, I got it. Sorry for being quick

They didn't want to show of either a picture of your dear old mom next to your girl.

Would have been embarrassing and apparently your mom had to be on the corner or she would lose the spot

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OMG, wow. Shit got real, 14 hours ago! Lol!

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Here we go...

Some smarta$$ from ghetto is telling multi-billion dollar corporations how to make and sell products.


Really? They look like ass? I love the look of a woman's ass! Just one more selling point.

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Emphasis on the word HUGE lol

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I noticed that too. It sounds like a simple thing, but it's really a huge improvement. Why should users be forced to use their fingers if they already have the s-pen in hand?

At the very least this video shows what the future holds for mobile tech.
I'm not interested in buying either device, but as a 1.0 release it shows the direction things are heading - certainly for wearable tech.

Give it a few years and I suspect we'll all be amazed at what's possible. Just think, a less obtrusive Google Glass; smaller, lighter, more responsive wearable tech and a device that rarely leaves your pocket and I'm all in. I'm a Nexus guy so many of Sammy's wiz-bang applets mean nothing to me. But solid, foolproof interactive interfaces mean a lot.

I am with you. 1.0 doesn't thrill me but I am excited to see where it goes

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I am trying to get away from the note devices having owned both previous models. I am not going to even watch this video because it might make me spend my $700 I am saving for the next nexus!!!

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If u naturally want to buy it from watching the video... Why in the world are you fighting against what u want????... Just saying.. Don't let Nexus enthusiast on here make you feel like nothing beats a nexus... Nothing beats being happy.. Buy which ever one makes u satisfied and happy

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Yeah, +9000 to both of you.

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Lol. I am happier with the 5 inch size or the sweet spot as I call it. I am also a vanilla android fan currently carrying a S4 Google edition.

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Love those features they are really slick. I really like the updates they added to the snote.

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Note3 or G2 uuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!! Idk idk idk... Smh...

G2 perfect size better camera (it seems) more snappy UI.. Mostly screen looks sick and wouldn't mind being a tester for the button placement.. UI is ugly.. Lol.

Note3.. More support faster updates.. i can still use my 64g micro.. S-pen heavily improved.. UI looks waay better and polished vs Lg.. I like the Samsung community I've been on for 3yrs now..i know what I'm getting vs Lg
Not to mention resale value.. My note2 sells for 350-400 still.. Idk what a G2 will sell for in a year

Man i do not know.. I'll be in verizon fpr an hour comparing.. Smh

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same tough decision for me man....the G2 looks so good with those tiny bezels...Optical Image stabilization seems legit. I miss my note 2 and i'm using a replacement iphone 4s... I can't wait to be back on android. Going back to the note 2 seems like the better decision though...

It's the safe decision... I admit.. Just love the fluidity on the LG G2.. Its so snappy and the phone looks great.. But for what the note3 does.. It feels silly not to get it... Since i like the note2 so much... Again I'll see which one wins me over in my hand

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I cant wait to buy this phone! If the watch had been in 150 price range I would have (maybe) considered it but at 300 its a 100% no! Love the phone though!

Pretty much a remedy for everything there. Turn off the sounds. Get Nova Launcher. Get Widget Locker. Add any icon pack to your liking. Boom. Pretty much a brand new phone.

Well that is the beauty of Android over the competition, you can change your phone to be as you want it.

When I had my S3, I loved the water sound! It gave the UX that nature feel.

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I want the Snapdragon 800 chip with a phone that has SD Slot and a removable battery. Any other options?

I won't lie, that video actually made ScrapBooker very appealing to me. As a theatre person, I can see it being extremely useful for fast research and sudden discoveries when inspiring material shows its head. Cool stuff.

Also, that woman's accent is very unusual.

There really has never been a better time for smartphone choices. LG G2 looks good. Just handed down an S4 to the boy, and went back to the rooted note2. had the HTC one, great phone as well. So, with the new features of the spen, it's almost a no brainer for me. Work and pleasure in one phone. Should I holdout for the devs to come up with a note3 rom on the note2? Is the 3gb of ram a game changer? I actually prefer the Slimey plastic look over the new faux crap. Would have been better off without the stitching IMO.

Meh, I think I'll pass on the watch. The phone is a very big maybe.
I picked up a Note 2 used in great condition and I'm really liking it. I'm liking the fact that my phone isn't on contract even more.
I think I'll sit tight for a while and see what is coming down the pipe in the next few months before pulling the trigger on a contract phone.

This is good..
There is not this overwhelming "Buy It!" anymore.. The Theme for 2013 IMO is Choice.. More than ever before for High End Buyers.

Wow so I feel really weird for this. I was a long time blackberry fan and just crossed the line into android and although there are a few things I miss I'M WONDERING WHAT TOOK SO LONG. I now rock an s4and already feel like I'm behind. This note 3 is looking awesome. Any chance the s4 will get this update as well? Anywhos looking forward to the learning curve.

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