The Galaxy Gear to be unveiled at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in Berlin on Sep. 4

The Samsung Galaxy Gear, the company's entry into the smartwatch genre, has been outed as making its debut at IFA 2013 in Berlin next week. Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile, told the Korean Times in an exclusive interview:

We will be introducing a new wearable concept device called Galaxy Gear at our own event in Berlin on Sept. 4

We've long-expected Samsung to show us the gear at IFA this year, and Young-hee's comments cement that idea. She also states that the device will not feature Samsung's flexible display prototype that many have been waiting for, but the company was also preparing for future wearable products that may include this technology.

We'll be live in Berlin next week, and you can bet we'll be having a good look at the Galaxy Gear and anything else Samsung has to show us. Stay tuned!

Source: Korea Times


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Samsung official confirms Galaxy Gear smartwatch for IFA 2013


Yeah, I figure if you pull your phone out enough so that a smart watch seems more convenient, you probably need to ease up a little :P

Countdown to Apple suing because "everyone has assumed we were going to make an iWatch forever so this is copying" in 3...2...1...

They won't. But fandroids have to release there hate somehow,right?

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Be careful about using the word "fandroid". Apple is trademarking it and will sue you for infringement. Then they will sue you for breathing...since we know Apple invented air.

The Note3 (also announced at this event) is going to be the worst phone ever made... I know because I have never used one.

Just getting in before tantai gives us his invalid input on the MotoX for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Man, September 4th is so close.. I can hardly wait for the technology to be unveiled. Sony and Samsung--among others--will ensure this to be a memorable event. The Sony Honami or Note 3 will be my next phone.

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If this comes with an AMOLED display it could end up being an epic fail (unless they were magically able to boost the brightness on it)

Very curious to see this.

If you have any doubt AMOLED in GN3, you must be from another universe. All Galaxy S series and Note have been made from AMOLED. And all of them have been "epic" success. They are so successful that we now have Samsung haters (similar to Apple-haters).

Technically, the best display available today is a OLED display.

This article (and, presumably, this comment) is about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, not the Note.

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Correct. An AMOLED display wouldn't be ideal in daylight situations, especially if its intended to make things easier. Squinting my eyes or shading a watch to tell the time, etc. wouldnt seem very..efficient.

I run a lot, so I'm really excited to see what'll come out of these smartwatches that'll be a benefit to me. So far I haven't seen anything that makes me want to take out my wallet...

Want a true color palette? Want to view on a bright day? AMOLED is not the best display technology, yet, either. There the truth has been said again.

AMOLED is cheap for Samsung to manufacture, though.

AMOLED is significantly more expensive than LCD display.

Take either mobile or TV, average AMOLED price is higher.

Phones to smartphones...watches to smartwatches...but all these are making us smart to dumb...

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