Limited edition Samsung Nexus S.

If you've got an extra $843.50 burning a hole in your pocket, and you're looking to grab a Nexus S, Samsung and Negri Electronics have something special in store for you.  This special edition Nexus S won't leave anybody wondering where your mobile OS loyalties lie, as its battery door is plastered with Android logos -- which of course lay underneath a big ol' Google logo.

So you can either buy a regular Nexus S outright from Best Buy Mobile for $529.99, or fork over an additional $313.51 for a cool battery door.  Every other aspect of this limited edition Nexus S remains completely untouched.  You're paying for the battery door. 

My Evo has a vinyl Android sticker on the back of it, which I assume makes it a limited edition.  We'll start the bidding at $313.51.

Check out a couple more pictures after the break.  [Negri Electronics via Pockenow]

Limited edition Samsung Nexus S.

Limited edition Samsung Nexus S.


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Samsung offering limited edition Nexus S -- battery door is peppered with Android logos


I read somewhere this is also Google's new dev phone unit. Like the limited edition Nexus One with a QR at the back

Now... if the whole thing was made of carbon fiber, that might explain the price... but plastic with some logos on it.. that is just nuts.

yo dudez, i got some limited edition pocket lint for sale. i'll let it go for only $212.22! at that price it's a steal! it's from a pair of jeans i was wearing when Obama got elected so it's historic. hit me up if you want to trade yer duckitz for some history.

I am also a huge Nexus fan still have my Nexus One with all accessories. IMO it is still the best device out there. I bought the MyTouch 4G over the Nexus S because I thought the hardware on the New Nexus was just crap. It doesn't even have a led flash to let you know there is a lousy message or E-Mail. No sd card, all plastic, poor wifi, the list goes on. Bad move when Google turned to Samsung to make their Nexus S. It killed me not to buy the Nexus S but the MyTouch 4G has it all including HSPA+. I kept my Nexus One stock and will keep it that way for OTA updates. I will root the MT 4G and download cyanogenmod and go to town.

my thoughts should have come free out of the box if its plastic and I can see people paying up to $12.99 if it were aluminium to add more weight to the device. I'm dissapointed in Samsung and a little ashamed to own a Galaxy S after this display..

Man Google/Samsung.... You guys really don't want people to get this phone... I know I don't have to buy this special edition but 300 dollars for a back cover? That's just a insult, I mean the galaxy s came with an extra battery cover out of the box. I was a little skeptical about people saying that everything samsung touches always has a bad outcome, but man I am starting to believe this is tue... Maybe if the phone had an extra feature or something it would be ok, but for a piece of plastic? This phone just makes less and less sense and the thing that bothers me the most is not these stupid shenanigans that they keep pulling but the"Why"? Why this phones was made like it was it just doesn't make any sense at all whatsoever. Does anybody feel the same way? Am I overarching? I don't think so. You let me know...

i understand about the price of the back cover, Yes Samsung sucks when it comes to phones, i never had one & never will. I've never heard anything positive about investing on a Samsung phone.
I wish Google would've considered at least Motorola, but once i heard this was going to be a Samsung, yea no thanks.

That's why i only put my trust in HTC.

That insulting price alone makes me think i am being raped on the phone as well...thanks for making me rethink the purchase of the phone in the firstplace.

It must say something about you if you have the money just for the back cover. I doubt they have the actual phone. Not worth it!

All this talk about Samsung devices. Lets remember that no manufacturer has a 100% clean track record. I thought the Galaxy S line was doing pretty good.

Don't wait for those "Ebay knock offs" because I am pretty sure the Nexus S relies on the special "cheap plastic" battery door it has, for the NFC chip.