Samsung MWC

Samsung has told PC Mag that it's not having a major press conference at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona, Spain. Bummer, cause they're usually pretty good. It did, however, tell Sascha Segan that it'll still have new products to show off. Sweet.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress Samsung apparently has also said it's not announcing the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress. It's also not explicitly said that the Galaxy S III exists, but whatever.

So that's where we stand. Samsung is not having a press conference, nor is it planning to show off a phone it hasn't actually announced in the first place. But it'll have other stuff. Gotcha.

Here are a few companies that are having press conferences, just in case you're worried: HTC, Huawei, Sony (Ericsson), Intel, Nokia and ASUS, to name but a few that we can say out loud. That's in addition to meetings and keynote addresses. There will be no shortage of things for us to do.

Source: PC Mag
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Samsung not having an MWC press conference for a phone it's not announcing anyway


I think this is a good thing!! I think they're holding off and trying to switch to more of a global launch of awesome new smartphones. If they do this it will be great for their sales overall. Just think how much better the GSIII sales will be if you can buy it almost anywhere in the world when it launches!! Their trying to cutoff Apple's iPhone 5 at the knee's with their next devices.