If you're interested, the just announced Samsung M100S got some hands-on time captured on video. The device actually looks pretty good--the screen pops, the shape is nice, and the materials look excellent. Even better, the performance of Android 2.1 on the M100S is stellar. We're thoroughly impressed with the M100S and hope that Samsung builds these kinds of Android phones instead of those kinds of Android phone. We're also happy to note that we saw more Android than Touchwiz in the videos and that friends, is a very good thing.

Hit the jump to see 2 Hands-on videos of the Samsung M100S!

[enuri via androidcommunity]


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Samsung M100S Gets a Hands-On Video


I'm with ya on that one!! After watching that video with those hot asian chicks, it makes me wanna fly over to Korea and buy the phone in person! =)