Samsung Galaxy Tab on AT&T

We've already heard rumblings that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet (watch our hands-on) would be coming to AT&T (as well as Verizon and Sprint), and Engadget's gotten a leak pretty much confirming that. No word on when or for how much, and we assume it's going to mean yet another bill and not just be an add-on to an existing contract. But we've got our fingers crossed. There's also word that three more Android phones are to hit AT&T. Cross your fingers non-market apps will be allowed. [Engadget]

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Archerdude says:

If its got a contract no way in hell would i buy one. I dont need another contract. I dont think the Android tablet market will even be viable till next year.

thebizz says:

I have no problem getting a contact with this if it uses the same plan as a data card I'm cool would make a nice portable device for things I don't want to use my phone for

justsomedude says:

another $30 a month to own a device no thanks, if i cant buy one out right you can keep it.

frozencloud says:

Not interested in the tablet, but I'm really interested in these 3 android device u mentioned of. Hopefully something better than captivate or at least on par. Hopefully really really soon cuz I'm have an upgrade in 2 weeks.

Jonneh says:

No kidding, man. I've had an upgrade waiting for me for 3 months now on AT&T; I almost went for the Captivate until all the problems came out about every Galaxy S device Samsung has released on the American carriers.

StuRoid says:

What is with this fake carbon look that AT&T is going with these Galaxy devices

Smokexz says:

No one really wants to lug around an oversized iPhone or Vibrant so why are we doing this?

jfa1 says:

nobody wants to lug around an ipad (oversized iphone)? You have got to be kidding me Have you seen the sales figures for the ipad since its release. Thats a whole lot of people lugging around the oversized iphone!!!!

Jonneh says:

"There's also word that three more Android phones are to hit AT&T." -- hell yes, finally word on new phones for AT&T! Thank goodness I held off on the Captivate.

StuRoid says:

What are the chances of this being crippled by AT&T.....I know the Sideload Wonder Machine makes this a moot point but still