Samsung Galaxy Tab on AT&T

We've already heard rumblings that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet (watch our hands-on) would be coming to AT&T (as well as Verizon and Sprint), and Engadget's gotten a leak pretty much confirming that. No word on when or for how much, and we assume it's going to mean yet another bill and not just be an add-on to an existing contract. But we've got our fingers crossed. There's also word that three more Android phones are to hit AT&T. Cross your fingers non-market apps will be allowed. [Engadget]


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Samsung Galaxy Tab peeks through leaked AT&T internal shots


If its got a contract no way in hell would i buy one. I dont need another contract. I dont think the Android tablet market will even be viable till next year.

I have no problem getting a contact with this if it uses the same plan as a data card I'm cool would make a nice portable device for things I don't want to use my phone for

Not interested in the tablet, but I'm really interested in these 3 android device u mentioned of. Hopefully something better than captivate or at least on par. Hopefully really really soon cuz I'm have an upgrade in 2 weeks.

No kidding, man. I've had an upgrade waiting for me for 3 months now on AT&T; I almost went for the Captivate until all the problems came out about every Galaxy S device Samsung has released on the American carriers.

nobody wants to lug around an ipad (oversized iphone)? You have got to be kidding me Have you seen the sales figures for the ipad since its release. Thats a whole lot of people lugging around the oversized iphone!!!!

"There's also word that three more Android phones are to hit AT&T." -- hell yes, finally word on new phones for AT&T! Thank goodness I held off on the Captivate.

What are the chances of this being crippled by AT&T.....I know the Sideload Wonder Machine makes this a moot point but still