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Unnanounced tablet shows a strong family resemblance in poor quality render

We've heard about the as yet unnanounced Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 before – outed by Samsung no less – but until now we've seen nothing more than a name. Serial leaker, @evleaks has today posted this, the apparent first image of the new 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4. But it isn't exactly a quality render, with the screen looking off center and the home button not quite, well, straight. But hey, it's a render, not a photo. Or maybe this is what the real thing is actually like. Wouldn't that be something?

There aren't any real surprises to be seen. It has the standard Samsung-style home button, flanked by the same back and task-switching buttons found on the new Galaxy S5 and the not uncommon for Samsung earpiece. The April 24 on the screen might mean something, it might not. We'll surely find out soon enough.

Source: @evleaks


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 appears in poor quality render


Am I the only one who wouldn't be surprised if the home button was off center on the real model and Samsung cited that to something along the lines of "it's more natural to push in this position"?

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Why is there a speaker on the top above "Samsung" logo, is this a phone or a tablet? (Should have another speaker at bottom IMO). Based on the perceived proportions, this looks (to me at least) like an 8 inch model rather than 7, the screen is a little more wide than I've seen on the 7 inch, more in line with the Tab Pro 8.4 size.

I'm looking for a smaller tablet and can't decide which. I've just switched from iPhone to android (note 3) and now my ipad needs replacing. I liked the look of the nexus 7 but I think I'll wait and see what this is....

Nexus 7 changed my life. I didn't have to get a transplant after getting it.

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The nexus 7 (2013) is a great tablet. You're getting a great display and specs on a open platform for next to nothing in terms of price. Especially if you had an iPad. The nexus is twice the tablet for half the cost.

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I'm a college student ATM and not sure which small tablet to get next fall for my textbooks. Im reading that Google is planning to make the new nexus 8 inches but that is way too big. I'm hesitant to get the nexus 7 cuz it will feel dated by then. Depends on how much this thing costs, I'll probably buy it.
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