Galaxy Tab 3 8.0Looks like a Galaxy Note 8 that lost its S Pen

Samsung's continuing its Android tablet push with the Galaxy Tab 3 series, and it looks like there might be an 8-inch variant on the way alongside the current 7-incher. SamMobile obtained the shot you see above, which it claims shows the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0.

According to a spec sheet released alongside the image, the 8-incher will come in Wifi-only and 3G flavors, and run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on a 1280x800 panel. On the inside, it's supposedly an unnamed 1.5GHz dual-core CPU doing the number-crunching, with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot. A 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and 5-megapixel rear shooter are also listed. The dimensions are also a point of interest, with a thickness of just 6.95mm being reported, potentially making this an extremely thin tablet.

The shot itself appears to be little more than a mock-up, but if accurate it would indicate that the 8-inch Tab 3 is running a the latest version of TouchWiz, and is also lacking the earpiece of its 7-inch counterpart. No release date is reported just yet, but we imagine it'll appear sometime after the 7-inch Tab 3's roll-out, due to take place over the next month.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 allegedly revealed alongside specs


I thought that was pretty clever! lol

However, its Samsung that could do better than that! lol I think they need to smack themselves and simplify their line up. I mean seriously, do they need a tab 8 and a note 8? ITS THE SAME DAMN TABLET (OR AT LEAST COULD BE) but it has no s-pen support?? just too many devices

That's a really uninspiring spec there.

Considering what it'll be up against (like the Nexus 7 and the Fonepad) I think it'll either have to be incredibly cheap or make no impact whatsoever.

Samsung really has lost touch with the tablet market, everything they are coming out with lately is un-inspired, using 1-2 year old hardware and overpriced, I was looking forward to the Note 8.0, but it came with specs of last years S3 phone and a good $100 over priced, then I thought well maybe the tab 3 7.0 would be better, again, junk, with dated hardware, and I'm b it's not going to come in at the $150ish mark that hardware dictates, and now the tab 3 8.0, which unless it comes in at a $199 price tag is also not worh it, it's very underpowered to last years $199 Nexus 7, and the updated Nexus 7 will blow it away when it comes out.

I don't understand the sudden obsession with 8" tablets...especially when the same manufacturers are making 7 inchers! Why are there no high end 10" tablets on the horizon...a 10" galaxy note successor maybe?

Love it's thinness,but after that this tab is a woefully disappointment.

I'll like to see a Note tablet with the same thinness but with top notch specs:

1) 1080P screen with excellent sunlight legibility

2) Same thinness as above

3) Improved S Pen and S Note functionality

4) Dual front speakers

5) Exynos 5 octa or Qualcomm 800

6) Enough with this 16gb garbage! Minimum should be 32gb and there should be 64gb and 128gb versions on launch day

7) Much longer battery life than my Note 10.1

i do not understand why they would want a tablet with such a button configuration...
in fact why not on screen?
i know that they are now trying to keep this same configuration but still

Buttons are quite frankly superior, onscreen buttons are on screen and thus too prone to accidentally being hit as there is no buffer space between them and the screen you are touching, physical buttons like the home button Samsung uses are even better as they are virtually impossible to accidentally hit, onscreen buttons are also a cop out to decrease cost of the tablet while making them look more attractive to uneducated buyers, an 8" 16:9 ratio tablet with buttons is an 8" tablet with 16:9 ratio, where as an 8" 16:9 ratio tablet with onscreen buttons is in fact a 7.4" 14.4:9 ratio tablet as on screen buttons eat up approx 10% of the bottom of the screen in portrait mode (at least that was the percentage lost on the Galaxy Nexus who's 4.65" screen was only 4.3" usable after subtracting the onscreen button area)

Honestly, the buttons on the bezel is the one feature on this tablet I do find compelling.


Just remember, not everyone looks at (or knows enough to understand) specs. So they go to Best Buy or wherever, see it's from Samsung, believe it's a good quality tablet, and buy it based on that. In other words...people are stupid and will buy almost anything.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Different types of hardware in similar type outlook will be chosen by different types of person who have different categories of need. Not bad at all from Samsung, keep going....

Thanks in Advance

Love my S4, my Samsung TV and home theatre system, and our Samsung washer and dryer. They really do make great products. But Jesus tap dancing Christ they make some subpar spec'd tablets. I'm not saying their garbage. I'm sure they're great, but they've spoiled their customers with being a leader in higher end specs and these tablets (minus the Nexus 10) have been so "steady Eddy" on specs.

Customers want high end screens on their tablets (See iPad with retina display) so give us what we want. Thank you.