We apologize for the egregious spelling errors in the tweet above. But Samsung Firmware is hearing that the Samsung Galaxy Spica and likely the Samsung Galaxy will both receive the Android 2.0 update in February. In part because of the poor spelling but largely because of the unsourced report, we're uncertain if this will actually happen. But Samsung Firmware seems to be on top of all things Samsung so maybe it might. If this does happen though, we'll be the first to ask: what about 2.1?

No new news on the Samsung Moment or Behold II and Android 2.x at the moment.

[samsungfirmware via engadget]


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Samsung Galaxy Spica To Get Android 2.0 In February ?


I was thinking of getting a Galaxy I7500 or Spica, but I will prefer to wait till next month. If they don't upgrade it to android 2, I will go for another device and so will many of the Galaxy fans.
I think Samsung should take a quick move on the android issue.