Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit launching April 11 worldwide

You've seen the Samsung Galaxy S5's shimmering backs, you've read about the great new camera, and you've looked at your wrist, wondering what it might look like with a Gear 2 or Gear Fit strapped to it. But when will you be able to get one?

April 11, 2014, that's when. Samsung's announced their latest products unveiled at MWC 2014 will be launching in six weeks on more than 150 carriers. Pricing was not yet announced.


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Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit launching April 11 worldwide


"Thats 3 weeks earlier then last year"

Not that hard to understand is it?

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The article was changed from originally saying 3 weeks...
Reading comprehension fail, WolfpacDerp...

How is April 11 3 weeks away? More like 6. Why announce a product you can't but for a month and a half.

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He said its 3 weeks EARLIER than the last year. Not that its coming in 3 weeks.

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Lol I guess all those who read the first comment seriously can't read... He said its 3 weeks earlier than last years not that it launches in 3 weeks.... Classic comments section! looks like the older models. They can copy the Apple rumors, but they can't copy their own rumors of a metal phone. Whats up with that!

I've now read all of the Samsung GS5 articles (cause I might want to upgrade from my GS3) and most of the comments... the amount of hateraid is astounding.

Guys - really? Name one company that manufactures personal electronics that completely redesigns/re-architects the product on an annual basis. Seriously name one in any electronics category - Hell name one in ANY industry. Every once in a while there is a break through product with the right combination of features and cost to change the direction of the market (or create a new market). It doesn't actually happen very often (Atari 2600, Sony Walkman, Apple iPod, iPhone, etc).

Computers, TVs, receivers, speakers, microwaves, ovens, laptops, automobiles, iPods, DVD players, snowboards, shoes. etc etc... ALL products made by anyone in any mature industry evolve with INCREMENTAL updates. Whether or not you think the updates are improvements is up to you but what everyone in and following the mobile phone industry (in particular) needs to realize is this:

The revolution is OVER. It's been over for ages.

There is a big part of this industry that many people seem to miss. It's one thing to build a successful brand or product but it's something else entirely to maintain it. Through some combination of design aesthetic and functionality, manufacturers usually build upon initial success by being consistent. That's how brand names become "the word" of a product category (think Kleenex, BandAid, Coke, etc.). It's called top-of-mind awareness. This is a long term game now that the initial BANG has passed. Samsung is smart to not shake the blanket too much at once. You'd think the fans of the Android ecosystem (with the vast selection of devices and manufacturers) would understand this better and have more realistic expectations. We've been watching this cycle for years now with every manufacturer. HTC gets blasted because they have great stuff but can't get a consistent enough message into the minds of customers. Samsung gets blasted because they've created the consistent message but their stuff isn't "great enough". The difference is that Samsung is making money and selling millions more devices. So you tell me - honestly - which is the better business strategy?

In the Apple world you've got one shot - one phone to look forward to each year - and the whole world seems to get crazy with anticipation. In that case it's (almost) understandable. In the Android 'verse you have choice. LOTS and LOTS of choice. Maybe I'm misreading the comments but there seem to be a lot of people that are simply pissed off that the new Samsung didn't meet their aspirations for what a Smartphone should be - which were probably unrealistic in the first place.

Hell maybe I'm wrong and no one will buy this because it's the biggest non-innovative lame sauce ever - time will tell - but I kinda doubt it.

Maybe more kudos should go to Samsung for creating something that people get so emotional about... kinda like that fruit company.