AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leak

We've seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leak our a few times already, including a surprisingly lengthy hands-on video of the S5 Active in a dude's truck (how appropriate, huh?), so what's one more? We've seen the back of this phone before, but only in that video, so what we have now is a better look — a still photograph, if you will — of the front and back of the Galaxy S5 Active.

Like the previous leaks, this one appears destined for AT&T, though we've also heard it may go to Sprint. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which was more or less a waterproof version of the S4 with an LCD screen and physical home buttons, the S5 Active looks to be take its name seriously, with a more rugged appearance.

Whether those rubber-looking bumpers on the top and bottom are enough to truly earn the "Active" name, we can't say for sure. But it certainly looks the part. Check out the source link below for a few more shots.

Source: evleaks

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NoNexus says:

I guess in certain industries a rugged, high end phone would be a welcome addition.

Does this ruin the IPV6 rating (or whatever the designation is) for waterproofing? It appears that there is a speaker opening on that back panel, and I cannot imagine that being all that waterproof.

that is a pretty crappy trade off IMHO

newboyx says:

The current S5 has speaker openings on the back.

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Kolten Nay says:

There are nano coatings that can repel water. The s5 most likely has it.

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darigaaz12 says:

Sony z2 has some nice gaps for the dual speakers, still nice and waterproof :-)

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theShiz says:

They didn't on the S4 Active so can't imagine them going backwards.

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msburr87 says:

I personally can't wait for this phone! And NoNexus it's actually believed to be more waterproof then the original s5, has camera improvements including optical image stabilization, and am awesome active suite. The guy that has the hands on video said he took the phone to the bottom of a 10ft pool and it didn't even phase it.

NoNexus says:

Thanks guys! I keep thinking that the S5 had the speaker on the bottom (getting it confused with my Note)

AKFL3TCH3R says:

There are videos on this phone already. Anyone else see them?

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flychinook says:

I hope sprint gets this. We need a high-end ruggedized phone.

Sean Burns1 says:

God that's ugly

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Matthew P says:

When you work in construction, who cares how it looks. It withstands a beating and gets the job done.

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exactly! I sure hope Samsung will make a special DeWalt edition, in yellow, no less!

It's the best looking "tough" phone to date if you ask me. Kinda looks like a mix of a Spigen and Urban Armor Gear case from the back.


joe23521 says:

I would argue this is less ugly than the regular GS5. That ridged fake chrome border is just inexplicably bad looking and a deal breaker for me. Looks SO cheap.

Question is, does this thing have comparable specs?

MarkSeven says:

According to the video leak yes it does with some camera improvements on top of that..

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oh my god! I'm shocked! I never expected Samsung to release another S5 variant!

Omar Diaz says:

Meh..never been a fan of the active bulky for my original GS5 its just fine..

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lucas710 says:

Wow with that I would not need a Otterbox case. ;)

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RusticKey says:

I actually like this one better than the original Galaxy S5...

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