AT&T Galaxy Zoom

Samsung's hybrid camera and phone device shown with carrier branding and 2013 release date

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom looks to be making it's way to AT&T sometime this year, if @evleaks is correct. The device is best described as a hybrid of a "decent" phone and a "decent" camera, and is certainly a niche device. That's not a bad thing by any means, as other niche devices have seen great sales and plenty of success.

Alex had a look at the Galaxy S4 Zoom last month, and while he wasn't left blown away, the phone was fluid across the board, and he found the auto mode on the camera did a good job capturing photos in most conditions. While you'll surely find better phones and better cameras, this could make for a really interesting device for some folks.

We'll keep out eyes peeled, and as more develops we'll fill you in. Seeing this come to AT&T makes a lot of sense, and we expect this rumor will pan out.

Source: @evleaks

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mcgowan398 says:

Ofcourse it leaks for AT&T® ....•_•


powerboyd says:

Who's gonna sign a contract for a camera? This is not a real phone. ..

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You can't make and receive calls and texts on this device?

Should've been a different carrier, as MOST people who want an amazing camera on a phone will choose the 1020 over this.

Statusnone says:


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Gearu says:

Why would you even want to leak this.

All4Galaxy says:

I have noticed on so many of these forums, etc that people never read the full articles but yet they are full of judgmental opinions. Yes it is a functional phone. It stated almost immediately. Is this necessary? Nope. Will I buy this? Probably not, as I will be picking up a note 3 tomorrow. Nice try though Sammy. Some people will jump at this in a heartbeat.

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plunder says:

Several commentators have wondered why Samsung did not put a much better camera on this and serious horsepower. It could have been "fantastic" - not - "interesting but compromised". Samsung are in a position to aim higher and achieve it, they did that with Note 3, why don't they do so in this format?

Awesome A C

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

One thing I can say about this phone.