We get a better look at the new, smaller addition to the Galaxy lineup

The new Galaxy S4 Mini was released this morning with little more than a press release and some stock photos, but now UK carrier Three has just released a promotional video to give us a better look. In the relatively short video, a representative from the carrier gives a walk around the handset with some nice close-up shots of the screen, back plate and sides. We also get a refresher on the specs, which aren't going to blow anyone away: a 4.3-inch qHD (540x960) display, 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, 8MP camera and a 1900mAh battery inside.

There's nothing crazy new being revealed here, but it is nice to see the device in someone's hand rather than just in a press rendering. Throughout the video you do get the impression that the S4 Mini will be much easier to hold in the hand when compared to its 5-inch sibling. Does seeing the device "in person" (so to speak) give you some insight on whether you'll want to pick up one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini gets a video walkthrough courtesy of Three UK


How does anyone fit any apps on it with only 8GB? My Galaxy S4 16gb only have 9GB of free space for apps.. so 7GB is used by the system and Samsung TouchWiz.

While I'll agree that 16 gig's of internal storage would have been nice, 8 gigs should hold a decent number of apps. My current phone (Incredible 2), only has 1.1 gigs of user space, of which I'm using less than 400 megs with the apps I typically use.

I really hope the S4 Mini comes to the US with a reasonable price tag because, to me, it's the perfect size, it's got decent specs and I've been in the market to replace my current phone for several months now but I refuse to carry around a mini tablet in my pocket.

Looks a lot smarter on video than the pictures convey. If the CPU can handle all the Samsung features and the price is sensible then it could be a very good phone for people who can't quite afford/need a bigger phone.

Agree that storage is an issue and I really don't understand why, in 2013, we are talking about 8GB on a mid-to-high priced phone. I had 16GB in a mid-range phone back in early 2010! NAND is so cheap - just blow the competition out the water and offer a decent internal storage, or fix it that certain large apps can use external storage. I don't see why Samsung can't work with one of the games developers to enable game data to be moved onto the SD card even if it was more restricted than the old days.

Love that a "mini" phone is just as big as my OG EVO, which was huge when it came out. If it wasn't a qHD display, I would consider this phone.

Not that a qHD is bad really, but if they would have bumped it to 720p, and if they put a larger battery in (the smaller galaxy victory has a 2100 mah so they could have fit one) It could have been a really great mid range contender. As is though they are at a really weird cross between low and mid range.

Samsung have deliberately crippled this phone so as not to steal sales away from the S4, so if someone wanted 'the very best' from Samsung they have no choice other than the full size S4. They want the highest numbers they can get for gloating about S4 sales.

If Samsung's intentions were pure, for a start this phone would have had a 720p screen with 2200mAh, no ifs or buts.

Dirty move Samsung, you lost a fair bundle of my respect.