Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II has become one of the most anticipated devices after its announcement at Mobile World Congress. The big question on everyone's mind though has been when will it come to market? Samsung has updated its Facebook page this morning to announce that it will be released in April, then gradually rolled out to other parts of the world. It will be interesting to see where it launches first, since the only news we have heard puts the UK release date at May 1st. 

Nevertheless, it looks like the follow-up to the wildly popular Galaxy S is going to hit soon. Samsung will update their Facebook page with any news regarding release dates for various regions, and you can bet we'll have it as soon as their announced. [Facebook]


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Samsung Galaxy S II will launch this month; roll-out to other markets will be gradual


Shit that's a good question.... For me it would be "This" or the EVO3D which is essentially the same thing.... But I'm really expecting this to come to sprint with a keyboard (Epic 2) so I won't be interested.

I would definately have to go with HTC in that decision because at least HTC gives a damn about the after sale customer and upgrades their software without making users go to the development community to get upgrades....

HTC does faster updates but they're adopting more and more bad policies lately. Their sudden success, stemming from being relatively consumer-centric, is making them overconfident and leading to being just as consumer-unfriendly as Motorola.

Right now, Sony Ericsson's looking like they could be my choice for my next phone.

Shame they couldn't make the resolution higher, and I like the search, hopefully the carrier versions have that.