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We're all familiar with Nikon's plans to launch an Android-powered camera in the next month, but it seems Samsung may also be bringing its smartphone software and hardware to a point-and-shoot, if the latest round of rumors are to be believed. Reports form GSMArena suggest that Samsung may be working on a point-and-shoot based on Galaxy S3 internals.

The "Galaxy S Camera," which the site's source claims to have seen first-hand, is said to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with an S3-class 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED display on the back, and a 16MP image sensor on the front, with 10X optical zoom and pop-out Xenon flash. Wifi and 3G/HSPA versions are rumored to be unveiled at IFA 2012 alongside the Galaxy Note 2.

The device is purportedly 1.5 to 2 times thicker than a Galaxy S3, which still makes it remarkably thin for a camera, and we have to wonder where the apparatus for that 10X zoom is being stored.

No direct evidence of the Galaxy S Camera's existence is offered, but the decision to offer an Android-based camera could be seen as a natural continuation of the company's earlier Wifi-connected camera offerings. What's more, Samsung's smartphones already have a wide range of software that could be useful on a point-and-shoot, such as on-device video and photo editing, not to mention Android's built-in sharing intents.

It certainly sounds plausible, but in the absence of evidence we'll have to take this one with a pinch of salt. Regardless, we'll be on the ground in Berlin later this week to bring you full coverage of whatever Samsung announces at IFA.

Source: GSMArena


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Samsung 'Galaxy S Camera' rumored for IFA unveiling


If they do make such a thing, it'll have to offer something a smart phone doesn't...and I don't think image quality will be it. It could be fantastic in that department, but most people don't care enough to carry a separate device.

What's the point when phone cameras are becoming so damn good? I'll either take my DSLR or my phone camera to take photos.

Optical zoom is the big draw here, Digital zoom in general is pretty awful. I'd gladly pick one of these up, or the Nikon even, if the price was right.

Maybe. I wonder how many people will consider that enough of a draw though.

I guess Samsung wouldn't really have to care though...they have the means to produce these things so cheaply that they don't need massive adoption. The R&D is mostly paid for already by the phones.

Absolutely. Let's hope they don't skimp on the glass or sensor. This being Samsung, though, they probably will.

It'll be 80% of the way to a great product, then Apple will come out with a camera hybrid that takes professional-quality images while letting you make phone calls as well. It'll include official support for add-on lenses for everything from wide angles to superzooms, and docks for third-party microphones.

A year later, Samsung will catch up. Sigh.

Hopefully Samsung includes ShareShot so it can send the pics you take to your phone instantly, allowing for easy sharing. That would be a truly killer feature.

I'd imagine that you would be able to just share instantly from the camera itself, that's the whole point of this is being able to replicate the "smartphone" aspect of it all

I just hope Apple doesn't try and sue over this also. It's getting really crazy to think about. If someone brings out a new product, you have to hope that no one is sitting on a patent.

Why bother building in a 3G radio but leave off voice support? Just let me carry one of these instead of a phone and a pocket cam!

(Also, Samsung, if you're paying attention: Give me glass and a sensor on par with the Sony RX100, please. Also, a high quality Bluetooth clip-on microphone for video.)

I mentioned this to my wife and says this is what she wants for Christmas, the Idea of being able to upload pics straight to smug mug and other social networks is a big draw. Hopefully the Quality of the pics will be top notch, we both have SGS3 and feel this would be a great match.