Samsung Galaxy S2, 10 inch tablet

Images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Samsung's 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet (Tab 2?) have surfaced on Samsung Hub.  According to them, Samsung has officially confirmed both devices.  Samsung hasn't issued any type of formal statement, but I would say three attractive young ladies holding them for the camera is confirmation.

The specs according to Samsung Hub match up with what was leaked to them earlier, which isn't a bad thing at all.  The Galaxy S 2 will be a Gingerbread toting, dual-core, 4.3 inch bundle of Super AMOLED goodness, the tablet will run Honeycomb at 10.1 inches, have an 8 MP shooter and record and playback video in HD.  I'm sure we'll get the official announcement from Samsung soonish, stay tuned for coverage from Barcelona. 

The source link has a few more pictures, have a look.  [Samsung Hub] Thanks Dell P!


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Samsung Galaxy S 2 and 10.1 inch tablet images surface


Ahrrrr, so the rumours were right: no 7" tab update. Hope someone else comes with a 7" honeycomb tablet. I love the portability of this form factor.

ASUS has a 12" Windows 7 Tab (Slate) $1100 I think it was
2x10" Android 3.0 tabs (Transformer starts @399 comes out March and the Slide starting at @499 comes out april-may) aswell as the 7" Android Tab (The Memo with capacitive screen and stylus pen running Android 3.0 for @599 coming out in June)

Bring it on. 2.3 on a Galaxy 2 and 3.0 on the new Samsung tablet. Hopefully they will keep pricing low and bring them to the US asap!

With every iteration samsung phones look even more like iphone. Are they removing search button? I see only menu, back and presumably home button.

The European Galaxy S used this same setup. Only the American/Canadian versions have all 4 buttons.

iPhone , any one ?
The Galaxy S2 looks like an iPhone 4 replica (everything is identical accept the lower part , squre button so Apple don't sue them)
& for the tap , its identical to the iPad (accept that the models are holding it horizontally instead of vertically so we can't tell that it looks the same)
I understand that the iPhone (4 in this case) is a good looking phone , but this is getting outta control
How is it supposed to be High-end while it looks like an iPhone 4 knock-off ?

By the way

is Samsung ever gonna update the Galaxy Tap ? Or users will be stuck like the Galaxy S variants ?

I agree, although I'm more ticked-off by Touchwiz than the form of the phones themselves. There're just not that many ways you can change the rectangular shape of a slate-form phone. The skin of the OS on the other hand, can be changed to anything. The initial style of Touchwiz looks pretty much identical to the iOS. That's the main reason I hesitated getting the Vibrant, which would've been my first Android phone. At the time I didn't know there were things like LauncherPro. I think Samsung took the easy way out by copying one of their main competitors in the phone market - Apple. At least HTC and Motorola have their own unique-looking skins, plus different look on the outside.

It may be the easy way out, but it's also the very, very smart way. For people looking to switch from an iPhone, presenting the phone's functionality in a familiar way eases that transition by a lot.

They're used to the main functionality being right there on the bottom bar. Providing that same setup takes the uneasiness away from making the jump to a new and different platform. It also makes the phone more approachable for someone entirely new to smartphones.

Look out, XOOM! This is a Google Experience device, meaning no skinned ROMs. I'll bet the bootloader is unlocked, as well.

If Samsung prices this accordingly, we could see the XOOM come down in price, as well. I would rather have the XOOM, but I would settle for this tab if they have a WiFi version under $600.

Also, I'm sold if the girl on the right comes with it.

Yes. Yes, I am.

I'm saying that XOOM won't be the only choice for those who want a pure Android experience. That means the XOOM has direct competition. It's the one thing that was really holding my interest in the XOOM. I would still take the XOOM over a Samsung product, but my wallet decides here. This tablet doesn't look bad at all!

to me the deciding factor would bethat moto most likely will have a locked bootloader while the samsung wont.
So I wouldn't go with the Moto because of that.
Tho I won't go for the Sammy either because its Samsung so........

Yes, his point. "No skin" is no longer an advantage. And if it's 16GB and wifi, it can sure enough hit around the sweet spot, ~$500.

Tab - $$$$; XOOM - 0


I don't see any reason why they wouldn't release a 7in version, too. Kind of surprising, actually. I prefer a bigger screen, myself. Blind as a bat!

Unless you want some of the things like the games and such designed for dual core. The nook is awesome, but not in the same league as these devices. It's in the cheap, but amazing value category, and excels at it.

That said, how is honeycomb on the nook? I'm this close to buying one if just to try it out. Problem is, in 4 months, I'm planning on buying a higher end tablet...

The 7" already has phone capabilities. Thank US carriers for disabling that. You can hack it back on though.

Ya I heard that only works with T-Mobile though. Do you think the other US carriers will be available on it soon?

if you guys havent noticed the galaxy s2 looks just like the iphone 4 hmmmm so samsung ran out of ideas...i have a feeling apple is going to end up suing them

I was inches away from buying a Tab on Friday after I heard Samsung wasn't making another 7" Tab right now. But, after reading the leaked specs on the Tab 2 I thought I would hold off until after the official announcement. I just hope they make the price around the $700 mark. If they do I'm sold. Well, that's after they bring it to Canada 6 months after the U.S. release. LoL