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This Galaxy Note 4 concept will never happen, but it looks great!

This Galaxy Note 4 concept will never happen, but it looks great!

Concept renders of unannounced devices can be a fun way to think of how you would design a phone if you were put at the head of the table, and this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 render is a cool example of what happens when you let your mind run wild. This Galaxy Note 4 is made out of either bamboo or...
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 might have an ultraviolet sensor, and it might actually be useful

It has already been confirmed by Samsung that the Galaxy Note 4 will have an ultraviolet (UV) sensor, but there wasn't much information available. Now, according to a report over on SamMobile, we have some idea as to what consumers can expect to see from the built-in functionality. The new...
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Samsung tipped to reveal Galaxy Note 4 with curved screen and Gear Glass at IFA 2014

This year's gathering of tech giants and press in Berlin might very well see a new Samsung Galaxy Note, as well as new 4K OLED TVs and the Gear Glass headset. It's not surprising that we might see a new Galaxy Note at IFA — after all, it is the event where the previous three iterations of the big...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Europe rumored to return to Exynos chipset, this time with LTE

Samsung's been building their own chipsets for a while, but for their recent high-end devices they've relied almost exclusively on chips from Qualcomm — but the Galaxy Note 4 might shift the tide back over towards Samsung's Exynos processors. While the Exynos processors have been available in...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored to have 5.7-inch 1440p display

If the rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a QHD display. The folks at GSMArena got their hands on a document that allegedly reveals key details about Samsung's upcoming flagship device's display. It's said to measure in at 5.7 inches with an eye-popping 1440p resolution and...
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Galaxy S5 Active tipped for Sprint, AT&T could get new Galaxy Note device

Three new Samsung Galaxy phones will launch on U.S. carriers in the near future, according to @evleaks. The prolific leaker says the Samsung SM-G750 and SM-N910 will launch on AT&T, while Sprint will get the SM-G680. A subsequent tweet outs the G680 as "likely a CDMA variant of the G870,...