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Exynos and Snapdragon-based Note 3s get Android 4.4 in Russia and Poland

While there's been no official announcement from Samsung, the international Galaxy Note 3 has started receiving its Android 4.4 KitKat update, starting in Eastern Europe. SamMobile reports that the Snapdragon 800-based, LTE-capable Note 3 has received KitKat in Poland, while the 3G-only Exynos octa-core variant is getting it in Russia.

The updates bring both models up to Android 4.4.2, build KOT49H, which sees Samsung's UI switching to stock Android-style all white notification icons. There's also a slightly re-tooled lock screen, among other minor UI tweaks. Naturally, all the features you'd expect from KitKat-based firmware — immersive mode, transparent notification bar support and fullscreen album art on the lock screen — should be supported too.

If your Note 3 isn't from either Russia or Poland, and don't fancy forcing the Russian or Polish ROM onto your device, you'll likely have to wait another few weeks as the update trickles out to other regions. Updates are hard, but at least things are slowly improving.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 seeing KitKat update in Eastern Europe


There is just know way that the LG's biggest flagship should be running such an fold version of android my s3 even has newer software.


The G2 Korean and middle east variants received KitKat on Dec 25 2013. The north American variant won't receive it till March.

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Just do what I did with my Optimus G Pro: root and flash Cyanogenmod or some other OS. Problem solved.

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You're on par with that comment.

I really hope they don't take anywhere near that long for the update. But this is AT&T so....

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Don't put up with it. Go to T-Mobile. Don't complain if you have a choice in the matter. I had the note 2 on at&t. Wife the s3. Went to T-Mobile and got me the note 3 and got the wife the s4. Haven't looked back ever since.

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AC finally posts this old news :/

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1


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Nice... No I am hiding in the weeds... Watching the builds for the Sprint Note 3 keep cranking out... Wondering why one hasn't leaked...

I've noticed you keep commenting on how old the posts on android central are. If you have so many issues with several posts then why do you keep reading AC. If you have a tip or suggestion for android central then send them a tip. Your comments just make you look like a jack donkey.

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I read AC and other sites because some people post valuable info here and there.

I realised AC has been kind of way behind in feeding these news recently (Which is unusual) that's why I keep pointing that out.

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I saw this news first here. Not everyone reads every tech blog out there.

Editor in chief of

That's good for them, but when are we going to get the update in the U. S.?

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I'd sure like to see that roll out to myTMO Note3 soon! Come on TMO, show them how it's done, your making waves on the pricing side, do it on the update side next!

I'm going to check out the T-Mobile Note 3, today. I never thought I'd seriously consider another branded handset, to be honest.

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