SwiftKey on the Galaxy Note 2

One of the Galaxy Note 2's best features may be one of its most hidden

A funny thing about SwiftKey. We've questioned, in the past, its strategy of forgoing deals with manufacturers to be preloaded onto devices (like Swype chose to do) and instead relying on Google Play downloads. It seems it's survived that strategy just fine, consistently remaining in the top 5 paid Android applications as well as spending its share of time in the top spot. 

But we've also seen it branch out a little bit. SwiftKey's prediction engine has appeared on BlackBerry, of all places. And now, we've learned, it's on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And that phone should sell a few more units than BlackBerry, no?

Samsung didn't respond to a request for comment. SwiftKey had no comment. (That's in line with the BlackBerry implementation of SwiftKey. Neither the keyboard company nor the struggling RIM would 'fess up, either.)

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Sure enough, in the keyboard settings on the Note 2, you can find options for "Predictive text." There's an overall on/off switch for personalization. And under that you see the familiar "Learn from ..." options. Sign in to Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, and SwiftKey (erm, the Galaxy Note 2) can learn from what you type. 

There's also a conspicuous link to the privacy policy -- which is really good to see, given that this is snooping on your messages. But we've also been using SwiftKey with its personalization for more than a year, and we've really got no worry here.

The short version is that this is a good thing for Samsung. And it's a good thing for SwiftKey. And, untimately, it's a good thing for you.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has SwiftKey prediction built-in


Cool. I'm likely going to install my Swiftkey keyboard on it regardless, but it's nice to see that it's also built-in.

I love Swiftkey. Have it on my current Evo. Great to hear that it's built-in on Note 2. Due to its bigness, Note 2 has the one-hand feature (shifting keyboard to one side) and I was wondering if the Swiftkey app if downloaded from Play would do that. Now that it's built-in, that question is answered.

Note 2 is calling my name louder and louder each day.

I'm a fairly non-flashy type. I play with gadgets and the bells and whistles on a new toy, and then it's all about battery conservation. The one thing that I had always maintained that the iPhone did better than any other on-screen device was text entry. I'm using the iPhone 5 right now, just coming off of the Galaxy S3, running Swiftkey...before that the Galaxy Nexus. So, there I was trying to decide which device was going to stay and which was going to be sold between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. iPhone won the battle out of sheer "newness", but gone was the text entry edge that I'd always given to iPhone. Waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 to hit Verizon...I'd intended the iPhone 5 stay to be a short one in the first place. No more displays for me that aren't at least 4.8 inches. iPhone is the new boring Blackberry. Never woulda thunkit. I'm thankful for the iPhone resale value though.

It's just now they can make money by licensing to people who already have owned SwiftKey. I'm pretty sure the majority of people who get the note own SwiftKey already! Now they getting extra from manufacturer.

This is great, great news. Both the one-handed mode and the split screen mode require the stock TW keyboard to function properly, which meant I had to choose between the stock keyboard or Swiftkey and manually swapping the keyboard everytime. So now I can continue to use the keyboard I love with the new bells and whistles.

Hopefully, some of the other Swiftkey options are incorporated as well. Dropping long press duration to 200ms makes Swiftkey even more awesome.

"And that phone should sell a few more units than BlackBerry, no?" and "(That's in line with the BlackBerry implementation of SwiftKey. Neither the keyboard company nor the struggling RIM would 'fess up, either."

Very poor attempts at humor!

This is reason # 1001 to get this phone over any other know to man. Now the keyboard will have the greatest prediction engine bar none.
I hope it will retain the option to adjust long press duration and also hope the keys of the keyboard will be larger and more like the cobalt theme on SwiftKey.
Wish Google would also license the SwiftKey prediction engine, heck, all Android OEM's should licence it.
This deal with Samsung might explain why SwiftKey has been slacking when it comes to updating their app with suggestions from users.

Are you sure this isn't the same predictive functions that Swype has added with their newest beta? The options are quite similar as Swiftkey and since Swype came native on the original Galaxy Note I don't see them straying. I don't know what the menu looks like but perhaps you should get the Swype beta up and running and compare because I think that is more likely a scenario.

You have to be wary of a phone that hands over basic functions to a third party... It doesn't matter if all you folks enjoy SwiftKey or have no concerns. Samsung has officially put whatever you write in the hands of a separate company. How many people are going to click the learn from sms function thinking it's part of the phone, and not realizing all of their information from their texts is going to be sent to a small companies servers. SwiftKey could go under at anytime, no guarantee your information won't ever be passed.

Clearly nobody here has actually tried the note 2.

The Samsung text prediction is not bad but not as good as swiftkey . Little things don't happen in the Samsung version like putting a space after a completed word automatically. I regularly join words together because a expect the space automatically. And swiftkey does not support the note 2 properly because while input via keyboard works very well the note 2 has the option to input text by keyboard or pen. Samsung does predictive text on both . When swift key is enabled the pen input option is not available

Hi Steve
The Samsung version (tested on my International note 2) does put a space automatically after a completed word but only if you type the next new word :-)

I have this phone, and the Samsung default keyboard is nowhere as good as Swiftkey. I'm on Verizon. Is that why? I just downloaded SwiftKey Flow, and it's pretty awesome. Go download the beta, people.