Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy Nexus

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Murph5150 says:

Can't argue the size. It's perfect.

Deegan says:

That's what she said.

DaGODFather says:

sooo sexy!!!

erwaso says:

that is a large a** screen ...

skyboxer says:

I would like to see a picture with the battery cover removed to dispel rumors of a non replaceable battery.

I think it is, look at the first pic. There's a little notch at the top so you can pry the battery cover off.

jazzbassist1 says:

Just finished watching the unveiling. Must say, Android 4.0 looks sooooooo amazing

Xanadu73 says:

How does one search in an app without a dedicated Search button?!?


E_man says:

The app needs an on screen search button. 4.0 looks great, but there are a few things that feel like a step back, like this.

MrBucket85 says:

I'm hoping the functionality is built in. I also hope they haven't canned the ability to start a voice search with one keypress.

Yadao says:

Wow, prettier than I expected. That notch on the top rear must be for removing the battery cover (the rubberized plate). They even called it a battery cover in the presentation. Definitely has a removable battery.

Rob White says:

I must admit... It is sexy. Damn! Choices choices


Well time to retire the old HD2:)

Wish Nexus had a card slot though:(

kandiman1224 says:

Nope, I still want the epic touch 4g

Cubfan says:

Perhaps I'm the only one with the reaction of "Meh." I'll wait for more exciting hardware than this. Good platform, now let's see what we get.

rovex says:

Hmm, i still prefer my SGS2. The screen of the Nexus i love, but everything else the SGS2 wins. Maybe ill just get both!

15israellai says:

Does it have a microSD card slot? I almost hated the Nexus S for not having one.

davidnc says:

I thought I heard it had 32g of onboard memory and no sd card but not positive about that

kprz24 says:

Is there a picture of the top and bottom i noticed i havnt seen any usb or hdmi ports and can we get a loook under the hood