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The first major software update for Samsung's Galaxy Camera will add some new "smart" shooting modes, while addressing one of our main gripes with performance in the device's camera app. The update to Android 4.1.2 is available now as a ROM that can be flashed manually (and at your own risk) through the ODIN utility, though we're not yet aware of anyone having received it over-the-air through the usual channels.

Let's take a look at what's new...

The biggest change in the new firmware is the addition of four new options under the "smart" shooting mode --

  • Dawn - Take pictures that emphasize the dawn sky by making the blue more intense.
  • Snow - Take pictures that emphasize the brightness of snow by making the white more intense.
  • Food - Take pictures that emphasize the vivid colors of food.
  • Party/Indoor - Take pictures of parties or other indoor activities without blurring.

Additionally, a new option under Settings > Share in the camera app now allows the Galaxy Camera to be used with Samsung's Remote Viewfinder app on another device.

We're also noticing that the subtle input lag we experienced in the camera app (and reported in our review) is gone in this latest update. The touch controls are considerably more responsive, and animations in the camera app are smoother. This is particularly noticeable in the on-screen control wheels in "smart" and "expert" modes. Finally, the Weather app has been promoted to the app drawer, whereas before it was only accessible through a home screen widget.

So far we haven't noticed any image quality changes in the latest firmware. Nevertheless, there are some worthwhile improvements in this first major Galaxy Camera update. Hopefully all the various flavors of this device will start to see the update pushing out in the near future.

Download: SamFirmware


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Samsung Galaxy Camera update to bring new shooting modes, more responsive camera app


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this camera is missing a KEY feature. FLASH FILL on smart modes. the option is there in expert mode, but for some unknown reason, gone on smart modes. This inability to add flash fill on smart modes makes the camera kinda dumb, and more a toy that real camera. I was hoping to sell my Nikon, but instead, it looks like I will have to return the galaxy instead.