Verizon Fascinate OTA

It looks like owners of the Fascinate will start seeing a minor update pushed out to their devices soon.  The update seems to be rather small and the only two changes listed are:

  • Improved incoming call connectivity
  • Improvements to how OTA's are delivered to the device.

Several members in our forums apparently already have the update, so if you haven't received it yet, you should.  In the mean time, you can look at the official change log after the break. 

Source: Verizon; via Android Central Forums Thanks, Cort! 

Verizon Fascinate Update Changelog


Reader comments

Samsung Fascinate receives minor software update


After Ice Cream is announced & starts pushing out to the Nexus, then you will start to hear rumors of Gingerbread for the Fascinate. Haha!

I got the update on Saturday, sadly... I still get voice mails when my phone never rang to begin with.

So glad I avoided this phone. Sounds like nothing but problems.
I'll take Droid X / Motorblur over any samsung product any day .

Disagree. Love my fascinate. Other than 2.2 taking forever, I feel its one of the best phones out still. Screen is second to none and blazing fast.