Samsung Contiuum

We're sitting here smiling because the Samsung Continuum is in the midst of receiving not one, but two updates that end with the phone being upgraded to Android 2.2. Yes. We're excited about a Froyo update.

The Continuum, as you may recall, was a crazy little phone that came out in late 2010 (we actually got our hands on it a few months before it was announced) that was running Android 2.1 and featured a crazy little secondary display just below the capacitive buttons. It was an interesting idea, but it never really took off and the Continuum was left to wither and die. (Read our full Samsung Continuum review.)

Now here we are in February 2012 -- some three major versions of Android later -- and the Continuum is being updated to Android 2.2 Froyo. It's actually coming in the form of two updates. The first is the Froyo update itself (software version EB01). The second update (software version EC09) brings a bunch of improvements, including the ability to run Adobe Flash Player 10.1, among others. We've got them listed after the break.

So to all you Samsung Continuum owners out there, today we raise our glasses to you. Enjoy.

Source: Verizon Samsung Continuum update (pdf); More: Continuum forums
Thanks, Trailblazer101, for the tip!

Software Update 2 - Enhancements in i400.EC09 Software: 

Web Browsing and Data Access

  • Receive calls with limited interruption.
  • Device now supports Adobe® Flash® 10.1.
  • Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of web pages that include JavaScript.
  • Receive GPS updates when connected over a Wi-Fi network.

Call Features, Email and Messaging

  • Improved delivery of text messages.
  • When a text message reaches the 160 character limit, the device will convert the message to a multimedia message and alert you with a notification.
  • Support for animated GIF files in a multimedia message.
Additional Device Features
  • Improvements in Over the Air (OTA) functionality to ensure your device can be successfully updated. 
  • Ability to allow automatic application updates in Android Market.™
  • When using V CAST Apps to download applications, the device will remain active to ensure transfer completion.
  • Media Hub now comes preloaded.
  • Improved GPS accuracy when using the VZ Navigator® application.
  • Enable the auto-refresh setting within the Weatherbug® App to ensure constant updates.
  • Accurately display the time when using the Weatherbug App.
  • Easily toggle audio between a connected headset and the phone during Visual Voice Mail playback.
  • Selecting Voice Mail from within the Buddies Now widget will properly open the  message in the Visual Voice Mail application.
  • Visual Voice Mail displays correct call back number.
  • Successfully open the Navigation Link from within the car dock screen.
  • Enhanced stability while playing streamed music using the Google Music application.
  • Launcher application will no longer experience forced closures when the device is placed in desk mount.

Reader comments

Samsung Continuum gets update to Android 2.2.2!


All I can say is really???
My ex had one of these and just got rid of it for something more advanced.
So I guess this means continuum is really referring to how this phone will continually suck.

Samsung is fine on US carriers. Except for US carriers that insist on pushing their own DROID branding rather than allowing Samsung to use their Galaxy branding.

Sad thing is that anyone who bought this phone at the end of 2010 still has almost nine months left on their contract before they can updgrade. And they are just now getting froyo.

a) Remind me never to complain about not having ICS yet and b) there needs to be some consumer pushback in getting the carriers to provide reasonable upgrade periods.

Shouldn't need to feel too bad for us continuum owners - I do still have around nine months left on my contract - but that means I'll have a cooler phone than you when I'm done with my continuum.

My wife has this phone, & she's eligible for an upgrade on Dec 26th, ugh. I tried to talk her out of it, like a Droid X, but she didn't want a big screen. So she's stuck with it for now.

Funny thing is she just dropped it for the umpteenth-million time over the weekend & finally cracked the glass a little. Got my OG Droid ready & waiting with the newest Bugless Beast, just in case her's gets too bad.

I think the thing needs a bath...