Samsung Cares

Samsung as a company is massive and although I'm sure we all would prefer it if they concentrated only on mobile devices, that's not the case. They have a ton of products out there on the market ranging from mobile phones, fridges, washers and more. Supporting all of those products can be quite a hassle but Samsung wants you to know they do in fact care about each and every support question that may be out there, no matter which one of their products you may be using.

In an effort to show that they've gone ahead and released a new mobile app called Samsung Cares. The Samsung Cares app covers a wide array of Samsung products and for each you can view online tutorial videos, review support documentation and even check your warranty status, repair status and more. Plus, if you're still not finding the information you need it provides support numbers for Samsung directly. Sure, some folks may not find it useful at all but the fact it even exists is a nice gesture from Samsung. Want to check the app out? The link is below for downloading it.


Reader comments

Samsung cares, releases new support app to help prove it


It may not be perfect, but can you least give them some credit for trying? What other mobile OEM has a similar, or better app?

Now watch.. this app will never see an update. They hardly ever update their phones, and existing current apps like Samsung Remote are left to wither and die on a vine. Their track record is dismal and this is why I don't give them my business on something that requires any sort of maintenance from them.