Revenge of the Blackjack

It looks like Sprint and Samsung have been working together to bring a portrait QWERTY Android phone, and have at least got to the prototype stage.  Not much information about this one is known, but Pocketnow got their hands on a few photos that shows a Droid Pro-esque phone, and it's clearly (as clear as blurrycam can ever be) running Android.  

Could this be part of Sprint's Magical event next week, or something we'll see at Mobile World Congress?  Or is this just a one-off for now?  And maybe most importantly, will it be called the BlackJack S?  We'll keep you posted as we know more.  [PocketNow]


Reader comments

Samsung bringing a portrait QWERTY to Sprint?


Glad to see AC calling this format Portrait QWERTY instead of "front facing keyboards".

Still its a big slab with only half if it usable for screen space. I can't see this gaining much traction unless they are going after the last bunch of Blackberry addicts.

I've always though "front facing" is more accurate for this form factor, since "portrait qwerty" could also refer to a slider (e.g. the Palm Pre). The former term connotes that the keyboard is mounted on the front of the device, not just oriented in the user's direction.

That thing better NOT be what the Sprint event on Monday is BETTER NOT BE!!! That would be even more disappointing than a dual screen tablet, I have no use for tablets, or that ugly phone in that picture. I want a super phone!

I am not excited at all. Hopefully we get the 3d lg optimus 2x. Otherwise I wouldnt mind a dual core htc 4.3inch screen device. Besides those options, I wont be interested in anything else. Yawn!!!

So is this thing running 1.6? Can't be Froyo cause it's Samsung.

Based on the prototype, it looks very awkward to hold.

Does anyone remember the Samsung Galaxy Q? Looks like an actual model saw the light of day. Better late then never? Or to little to late?

A year ago I would have been real interested in this. Now I don't think I could give up the screen real estate of my Evo.

I wouldn't even consider a Samsung.

If this is what Sprint "has up it's sleeve" then they would be best served just to leave it there!