Samsung announced Galaxy Tab 4 in 7- 8-, and 10.1-inch flavors

Previously outed by Samsung no less, the Galaxy Tab 4 range is today official. Coming as with its predecessors in 7-, 8- and 10.1-inch form factors, the Galaxy Tab 4 is the latest lineup of mid-range tablets from Samsung.

Spec wise each has a 1280x800 resolution display, a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, Android 4.4 Kitkat, 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage with an option for an 8GB version of the 7-inch. Cameras on each are 3MP and 1.3MP and there will be options for Wifi-only and LTE capable tablets.

The Galaxy Tab 4 range will also come with the usual array of Samsung's own apps and services, including Group Play, Samsung Link and WatchON, multi window and more. All will be available in black or white beginning in Q2 2014. There isn't any indication of price at this time.

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Source: Samsung

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erwaso says:

Snapdragon 800?

angryGTS says:

I know thats probably sarcasm or wishful thinking but its more like Snapdragon 400, there is no way an entry level tablet is getting an 800 or even 600 yet.

erwaso says:

LG g pad has a 600

SlappyMcgee says:

The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 comes with a Snapdragon 800

It's also £400. This POS with its 720p screen would be overpriced at £200

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cjbrigol says:

Hopefully the price is low on these. Like...really low. That'd make them actually fit into a category. Otherwise...pretty stupid.

Jadien says:

I really hope this is an April fools joke. Those seem like tab 2 and tab 3 specs....

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andddlay says:

Hardly... Tab 2/3 had terrible dual core processor (though we dunno the maker of the chips in the tab 4's), terrible screens, and a gig of ram. Sad to see the worse camera though (at least in the 8 inch variant). Sooo glad it's not that ugly gold brown color too

anubis2kx says:

I would disagreed of your use of the word terrible for both the processor and screen...especially seeing as how I'm replying on my Galaxy Tab 2. By no means are they cutting edge, but they definitely aren't terrible. The color reproduction, gamut, and viewing angles are all good..just not high resolution; but a solely high resolution screen doesn't make it great.

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LeroyRJR says:

That would be the typical 'spec sheet enthusiasts' comment, not anyone that has one, I have both, and both work great for what I ask them to do

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ayg says:

The Tab 2 and the Tab 3 had very different processors. The GT3 10.1 ran an Intel Atom processor. I've deployed a few hundred in enterprise environments and they're more than adequate.

KiLuMaNaTi says:

I wonder if there will be a lte version with better specs like the tab 3. On another site I read the 7 will only have 1gb of ram but if it gets 1.5 I will seriously consider it. The tab 3 7.0 is constantly slowed down by lack of memory. At least mine is anyways.

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Specs sheet at the source link shows 1.5GB.

KiLuMaNaTi says:

Thanks.. I just checked it out now.

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dwd3885 says:

Price for 8-inch would need to be Nexus 7 priced. That resolution? Yuck. The Tab Pro is a much better buy, even at a slightly higher price.

rocket321 says:

8GB option? I thought Touchwiz was 9.6GB ??!?

mtmerrick says:

According to evleaks they're Snapdragon 400s

I'll wait for the Z2 Tablet LTE thank you.

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These tablets seemed early on that they would be equivalent to the Galaxy S phone series while the tablet Notes and phone Notes are the same. I'm sure people think that too and some may be suprised with how crappy a tablet the tab series is. Sure it is OK, but when you can get a galaxy s phone with much higher res than a 10.1" tablet I would say the tablet is low end.

Samsung has so many tablets, I doubt even their marketing dept can name them all!

ronnypoo says:

If they are priced really well maybe I'll get one for myself next semester

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Eclectech says:

I'll wait for the HTC Nexus Tablet

mcgowan398 says:

Mighty_Red says:

Just seems to be a minor update, I guess it is cheaper for them to design and build new tablets rather than sell the old ones at a cheaper price.

I've got a Tab 3 10.1 with the Atom, I doubt this one will be much of a step up but I bet that means my one's gonna get forgotten shortly!

seanjenkins says:

I recently bought the tab 3 8" for £110. I thought it was going to be pretty bad but it's actually great! Does exactly what I need it to do. So have been interested in their new range. These specs seem like a very minor bump, not much justification to upgrade.

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Kayone73 says:

Have the standard Galaxy Tabs always NOT been 1080p resolution? That has to look pretty low res on the 10" tablets

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Eck. I would hate it if this is true!

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Anyone know if these come with a stylus?

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cutterline says:

Did you mean S-pen?
No, it won't as they have another line up, galaxy note series, which has that feature.
Samsung Galaxy Note 1,2,3, 8.0, 10.1, 10.1 (2014), and note pro 12.2

Damn people I would rather have the pro series with higher res screens myself but a 1200x800 amoled screen looks surprisingly good even on a 10.1 inch. On an 8" or 7" they look very good have you all even looked at them in person. I do not see what anybody is Bitching about you either get the light the standard or the pro just depends on how broke your whining ass is. If you have the cash get the Pro and do not worry about anything else. Unless you have the brains to get the Kindle Fire Hd 8.9 root it add a second bootloader to install Cyanogenmod. If you want a high resolution tablet for cheap that is your best bet.