Big Adventure and new birds promised, but not a lot else

Bird games are big news again, but the original it seems is coming back for more. In a message posted on its Twitter account, Angry Birds developer, Rovio, is teasing a brand new game. And that's about it, really. 

A "big adventure" complete with new birds is what we're told, and nothing else. Rovio's last release on Android was the racing focused Angry Birds Go, so perhaps this next one will see a return to the bird-flinging nature of old. Or maybe something completely different. We'll have to wait and see.  

Source: Rovio

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Grahaman27 says:

is that the sony ZL? dang it looks nice with minimal bezels... hopefully the z2 looks similar

ddot196 says:

Does anyone still play angry birds? To me I get burned out of mobile games quickly. They just don't hold the longevity factor of console or PC games to me. And I get bored with them quickly and end up downloading a new game.

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jwyche007 says:

I honestly hope they lost millions on Angry Birds Go! so that they know better than to try that pay for play shit.

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Voxophone says:

Seriously. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw that they wanted $50 for a in-game cart...

NoNexus says:

Angry Flappy Birds coming at you Phil!

Hunter Petit says:


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tdizzel says:

We can only hope

Complete with in game purchase to get past one set of pipes. :D

still1 says:

I got sick of Angry bird. I uninstalled all of them

I only play the star wars series anymore. It is the only one that I really like, fun in small doses.

anthonok says:

Bring on the in app purchases!!

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Voxophone says:

Not another one... I'll be excited if it isn't a micro-transaction clusterf*ck.

travaz says:

It's going to have birds that flap and go through pipes!!!!

They still sending all your private information to the NSA?

NoNexus says:

Who isnt?

drokssilva says:


Yet people still care.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Troneas says:

a big adventure complete with new birds and filled with micro-transactions. no thanks rovio. we had a good run back in 2012 but you are not milking more of my money.

TKL74 says:

Is that a crack next to the front facing camera? or is it supposed to be a keychain/lanyard hole?

Kyle535 says:

Um this was on the play store last year. I can't remember the name but I got it and it's basically a tournament you can play with your friends to see who can get the higher scores on certain levels and then their is a weekly winner.

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Ytown says:

Angry birds have jumped the shark awhile ago.

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Art Ramirez says:

Angry Birds, now with more of the same crap as always! Yay.

Xperia ZL :D

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