For Week 4 of the Smartphone Round Robin, the T-Mobile G1 is in the hands of our good friend Dieter Bohn! Dieter just finished up his Video Review and first impressions of the T-Mobile G1 but instead of choosing the normal route of detailing the hardware and software, he elects to do something entirely different--he defends the G1's hardware.

Let's face it. The G1 has caught a lot of flack for its supposed "ugly" and "bland" design. Deserved or not, even we at Android Central admit its not the prettiest in the bunch. So for Dieter to go out and defend the hardware? That's bold.

You should check out his Video Review to see the great points he raises on the design and it just might make you re-evaluate the way you saw the T-Mobile G1. One more thing. He even defends the chin.

Go check out Dieter's Video Defense of the T-Mobile G1's hardware!

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Nick says:

I like how he defended the phone's hardware. Pretty good review and not like all the others.

Solar_Plexus says:

I really think that the G1 is the perfect device for Android's introduction. Its not flashy and everyone will concentrate on the OS and not on hot nice it looks. I am sure we'll get some more modern designs in 2009.

inportb says:

Hm... it's an interesting review. I don't have any issues with the hardware, but I wasn't quite sure why the designers made some of the choices that they did. Dieter's explanation offers a nice perspective on this.

Roy says:

agreed, I think the G1 is a great launching pad for Android, despite its hardware criticisms.

send me one now please.

mhm says:

want one !!!

Cory says:

The explinations Dieter gives in this clip are great but I'd like to add my two cents as an owner. As far as keeping the phone from hitting the trackball when layed down face down, I've already gotten into the habbit of hitting the end key to lock the phone whenever i put it down anyway, rendering the trackball useless, and i've only had it for a few days. I could see how a problem would occur when running the media player though when your initial instict is not necessarily to lock the phone if your listening through the phones built in speaker. But, given the crappy battery life I don't see anyone who doesn't have their charger on hand doing that, and i don't see any other reason someone would want to risk ruining the georgeous screen by laying the phone face down.

RHI says:

Good review. Very positive. T-Mobile is not a powerhouse in my area, but this might be an interesting device to play with. I wish there were more posts in the forums so that I can get a better idea about the phone and its potential.

Tim Elliott says:

Nice overview of the hardware Dieter, more info than I had before. Thanks.

Not a bad looking device - but G1 is the future - NEED ONE BAD!!!



i love it

Jake says:

i finally got to play with one, the chin is a bit annoying, but the screen is oh so nice, i need one.

JDMaker1 says:

Yeah, it's not the prettiest of phone designs. But it is a great start.

I like the color and looks of the one in the picture above. I knew there was a black and a white phone. Is this a bronze/brown phone? I like the way it looks...

Maverick262 says:

I'm looking hard at a G1 now It's just oozing with potential.

Charlotte says:

i guess i see the point of the chin's existance but it still looks weird though

Bla1ze says:

Review gave me a better outlook on the design, it seems "purpose" designed now, but that does not make it any prettier. Just gives me respect for the design.

SomeAudioGuy says:

I'll take function over form. It at least kinda makes sense...

Chris says:

I actually like the chin. Reminiscent of the days of my flip phone when i would get some good voice reception! I don't think there's anything really wrong with the hardware, its just different for a phone that is supposed to be a game changer, but let's leave that to android!

Unkle Grouch says:

The chin isn't bad at all. It's definitely not as big in real life as it looks on the web.

inportb says:

The chin? Yeah, it fits your face and that's cool.

g1 addict says:

I habe g1 and bold for sum reason I can't put the g1 down

PhilR8 says:

I kinda like the chin... it reminds me of the PIP Phone:

Blaque says:

Apology not needed. The only people with a problem with the phone turn out to be fanboys of another phone to begin with.

I'm also having a problem with this "beta-y" label/rumor that has spread across the internet about Android. My wife has a BB Curve and she WISHES her phone worked like mine as it is.

And last I'm having a problem with the "consumer" label placed on the phone as well. I know the wanted to market it this way. But when reviewers parrot this I question if they have actually used the phone. With the exception of Office docs I'm pretty much handling all the tasks everyone around me handles with my G1.

Dr. Tyrell says:

It was a pleasantly upbeat video and a good attempt at expanding the discussion beyond the usual. I totally missed the relationship of the chin to the trackball but it makes sense. I don't agree with or understand everything he says but that's me. Part 2, young Android compared to seasoned Windows Mobile, should be just as interesting.

Tim says:

oh so that's what the chin's for? but couldn't they have made the screen scratch proof, and the trackball kinda like a blackberry? the buttons on the phone is kinda plain and looks like something from 1990. i have to agree, having gone with the looks of other smartphones out there, comparison would be greater (comparison always exists though with the iphone and blackberry).

ilikephones says:

I only got to play with it for about 10 minutes at the store and didn't like the keyboard. I don't know if I could get used to it or not. I do like the track ball though, wish a Windows Mobile phone would get one...

Amani says:

In time our little G1 will be quite the powerhouse.

Wont consider Tmobile till they bring 3g here They are the only carrier here how dosnt sprint,verizon,att,Ntelos all have broadband.

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