So you guys already know that I have the Blackberry Bold for the Smartphone Round Robin, but it begs the question, where oh where is the T-Mobile G1 ?! In the caring hands of Jennifer over at TreoCentral of course! She left her Treo Pro behind and is using the T-Mobile G1 as her daily driver!

From her first impressions on the T-Mobile G1 she seems nonplussed about the hardware of the G1 and does not understand the 'chin' whatsoever! Don't worry Jennifer, we cover Android daily and we still don't understand the 'chin'. Oddly, she has run into some lag issues with the G1 and we've experienced nothing but snappiness the entire time!

Go check out her Video Review of the T-Mobile G1 and tell her what you think!

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Round Robin: TreoCentral Jennifer's Video Review of the T-Mobile G1


htc makes some pretty awesome looking phones and it's pretty exciting to think about the possibilities for this platform in some time. anyone else laugh when she said "but what the crap is up with this chin thing here?!" LOL

Actually, to follow up on my last comment. I used to have a Treo 700wx, it was great except for its massive size and propensity to crash all the time.

Well, the actual phone looks better than the pictures. The chin's not as terrible as some people make it out to be...

And yeah, the phone is a little bit slow right after bootup, but it gets better very quickly.

the "infamous chin" just worried how bad it would affect the typing experience. the appearance doesnt really bother me that much