TreoCentral's Jennifer has finished her time with the T-Mobile G1 and comes away fairly impressed! She's still not the biggest fan of the hardware but she does like the nifty little tricks of Android. One of her biggest gripes with the hardware is that the keyboard is kind of hard to read in certain conditions, which we agree with, but the black version of the G1 doesn't seem to run into these problems.

Overall, she liked Android because she could navigate the OS pretty easily. The simplicity reminded her of her Palm OS and she loved the customization of the home screen. Overall, it seems like she had such a good time with the Android OS and the G1!

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Round Robin: TreoCentral Jennifer's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1


Using a Curve now. Can't wait to get my hands on the G1. Hope the battery-life is not so bad as written in many reviews.

Battery life? It's okay when properly conditioned. I get some 4-5 hours of constant activity or 25+ hours of moderate usage. That's shorter than the dumbphones I'd used, but I'm asking more of this phone so I'd expect it to use more power. T-Mobile's been pretty good about sending out free replacements though, and those reportedly work much better.

3 reviews down and they all say the same thing: solid start, much promise, impressed by Android, underwhelmed by the G1. We'll see if Dieter can come up with something original.

I got to try the G1 and I really like the Android OS, can't wait for new hardware though. Just didn't like the G1 keyboard at all. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind trying the Kogan Agora.

I am coming from a BB to the G1. So far I am impressed with the OS. I think having a touchscreen/keyboard device is a great idea. I wouldn't mind if they had an android phone with hardware similar to the Bold tho.

"solid start, much promise, impressed by Android, underwhelmed by the G1"

Pretty much how I feel about it too...