The first week of the Smartphone Round Robin is long gone and the Editors of each site are trickling in their full reviews! Android Central's favorite device around these parts, the T-Mobile G1, just got a full, in-depth review from Rene over at the iPhone Blog.

Since our buddy Rene is an out-and-out iPhone 3G user, he got a bit confused with all the input methods and different design choices with the G1. But he does say some good things about the G1 and the Android platform as a whole, check out what Rene thinks about the T-Mobile G1 in his full review!

Week 2 begins of the Smartphone Round Robin begins TODAY. What device am I going to be using? The AT&T Fuze, a Windows Mobile device. And my first impressions? Boy, this thing is much too powerful for me.

Stay tuned to Android Central for Smartphone Round Robin fun!

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Round Robin: TiPb's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1


just seeing where the android platform can take off is pretty exciting itself. seems more are leaning towards their OS, the G1 doesn't have to be successful just the OS needs to be since they won't be tied down to one phone brand.

Good, honest review. Very much what I expected. This is a new born OS stuffed into a new born device. It is not dificult to guess the results.

Since it is accepted that this is not completely ready, a beta rather, they should do what normally is done with betas, give it away for free for testing and bug reporting, using the feed back to fine tune it to everybody expectations.

The good thing of that is that they still will money with the service plans

The danger with the open source is if they are going to make this baby grow overnight with steroids or allow it to go through the normal stages of development from childhood to mature grown up.

I don't think Apple has much to worry about as of yet... But once Google releases a second generation phone and fixes some of the big intuitive flaws they have... Apple will have their work cut out for them because of the huge potential for applications on the G1

The G1 may be starting out a little slow for now but once it reaches it's full potential it could be quite an iphone killer. Saying that I would be happy to have either one :D

As long as the android OS is offered on phones that are as good as the iPhone will we see this thing really catch on. It's also about the hardware, it's a small part but if the hardware lacks then the OS has nothing to work with, no matter how great it is. That's why the iPhone works, good hardware, Great Software!

I can't help but feel like with two giant companies like Apple & Google, both with their own die-hard fan-bases, competing in the mobile market will only force each other to get better and better. Good for G1 AND iPhone users.

I really like these round robin reviews. I thought that this review was reasonable overall although I really liked the two email programs when I was trying it out. I used gmail for my private email and it was great having the quick push. I then used the Email program to "spot-check" my work email as necessary.

Can the iPhone do 2 mail accounts at the same time?

At least it was a fair review... I wish Google would modify some of the default apps (like Contacts, Messaging, etc.) and really beef up the ability to copy/paste.