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Kicking off the second week of the Smartphone Round Robin, Android Central gives you a Video Review of the AT&T Fuze. Like the T-Mobile G1, the AT&T Fuze is made by HTC but re-branded and re-named under the carrier. Those familiar with the device will recognize its similarities to the HTC Touch Diamond and for Sprint, the HTC Touch Pro.

The AT&T Fuze's main OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 but it gets prettied up with TouchFlo 3D, an HTC specific User Interface made for the HTC's Touch Family. Our thoughts on TouchFlo 3D is that it certainly is pretty and useable. Our thoughts on Windows Mobile? Well, check out the video!

Though people have compared the G1 to the iPhone, I think the more apt comparison would be Android and Windows Mobile. Remember, Windows Mobile runs on a plethora of devices--something that Android hopes to do in the near future. So how do they compare? Quick preview: Windows Mobile is all about the power. Check out the video for Android Central's first impression of the AT&T Fuze!

Note: I totally forgot to mention the stylus--its magnetically attached to the Fuze, which is a great touch. The stylus doesn't seem to be necessary, you can get almost everything done without it.

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Round Robin: AT&T Fuze Video


The Fuze looks like a pretty solid device and WM seems to be a decent OS that exposes a great deal of information. But this level of information is often unnecessary when using the phone as a phone.

The Fuze's layered and laggy OS looks ugly but Android could sure use an app switcher like the one shown. As for Windows "power," Android is potentially just as powerful while being easier to use.

That leaves the HTC hardware on both phones. I like some things I see on the Fuze such as the full-width keyboard with visible keys and the camera flash. I wonder how Android would be on the Fuze's hardware?

I would really like the Touch Pro. However, I heard that it gets really hot and you can't charge it while talking on the phone. I am really going to need a next gen phone for my business.

What do you guys suggest?

I can't wait to try the Touch Pro from Verizon. No two posts are alike concerning that phone. One says its laggy, another says it's not. One says there's no memory, another says it's got enough.

Not too sure about the rounded edges on this one though.

Stilla laggy device even with TouchFlo off, but still...I'd take it over A G1 anyday just based on looks alone. Bring on the NICE looking G1's and then I'll reconsider.

Where is the forum thread for this Round Robin discussion or Why there is a not forum thread? Wasn't this supposed to be an interactive discussion?

Touch screen phones will always have to live up to the iPhone - it's tough for any touch screen phone to come out from under that shadow.

HTC makes killer devices. I just don't like Windows Mobile. Put Android on this, and you've got an amazing device.

HTC is really putting out an impressive array of hardware all at once, and the Fuze really packs the features. Wish it had Android however.

Why is it that whenever I hear someone say how powerful this device is, they follow it up with, "...but it sucks."??

I would like to see this come to T-Mobile. haha I would like to any new WM pro device come to T-Mobile. Nice review

I think there is no keyboard like this in any phone. It seems intuitive and quick for basic stuff But when you get into something more involved than just LOOK at the time, LOOK at the weather, LOOK at this, etc. that when it LOOKS klunky.

Unfortunately the video port was extremely wide and you lose the sense of size and dimentions. The portrait view looks square.

Decent review. I recently bought the sprint version; considered the G1 but lack of useful T-mobile service around here killed that as a viable option. While I'm a long time WM user and really like the phone, I am hoping that Android will eventually get ported to it, giving me the option of switching. The hardware should be more than adequate.

Buttons galore! One reason I love WinMo phones. I'm glad someone recognizes and appreciates the power of Windows Mobile, even with its many faults.

very interesting video. does make winmo look lot nicer, and addition of keyboard is nice. although i have seen that on friend's winmo phones there is lag usually when trying to switch apps or change landscape/portrait mode. phone though looks real nice

I have a Diamond, and I heard Fuze is even better. I can tell you Fuze+ good software will blow iPhone out of water

With the TouchFLO 3D UI, I don't know why HTC even includes a stylus as part of the phone itself.

I played in the store with the fuze for a while. My first impression was a lot less than my expectations. The look is plastic and cheap Screen feels too small and not very responsive. The phone is a powerful magnet... of fingerprints I liked the keyboard. To be fair, perhaps having more time with it we can get out the performance that the specs are suposed to provide.

Definitely, the Fuze is not for the casual cell phone user, unless they ready to take advantage of the new technologies that literally put a laptop in your poket and are willing to learn what it takes to unleash that power.

The main reason the Fuze can do that is WM the most powerful mobile OS. They are others, maybe faster, simpler, but not as powerful.

In it's class the Fuze has very little company Not too many slide full querty, touch screen and full of gadgets. The Xperia is the closest thing.