T-Mobile Galaxy S II root

The T-Mobile Galaxy S II has been rooted, thanks to Samsung releasing the kernel source.  Like most Samsung Android phones (and tablets) there's no trickery involved, you simply flash the new recovery with ODIN and you're able to flash unsigned update packages, like the one that contains the files needed for root.  The process is pretty easy, thanks to no locked bootloaders or rolling back to engineering builds, and we like easy.

You'll need working Windows drivers, and ODIN 1.8.4 or higher, but all the root packages and files are available at the source link, as well as easy instructions to get you on your way.  Goodbye T-Mobile Mall, and hello Root Explorer!  We're sure plenty of hacks will soon follow -- T-Mobile and Android hacking go hand-in-hand.

Source: Rootzwiki. Thanks, Mario!

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Root now available for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II


I did this late last night. Not much to do with it yet besides remove the bloatware. Can't wait for some overclocking kernels!!

Yup. I'm renting a Droid Bionic right now, but I'll be returning it to Costco in exchange for the Nexus once it comes out, for exactly this reason.