An astute reader noticed an advertisement in the current edition of Rolling Stone, featuring HTC's 4G phones.  Besides the Evo 4G and the T-Mobile G2, we see the latest additions to HTC's 4G stable -- our friend the HTC Thunderbolt, and what appears to be the first look at the HTC Inspire 4G, headed to AT&T.

We still have no specs to offer for the Thunderbolt (I think we'll see those this week at CES, and they'll be very similar to the Desire HD or MyTouch 4G), and all we know about the Inspire 4G is what you see here, and the fact that HTC filed with the USPTO to trademark the name Inspire late last year.  Let's hope CES offers a bit of insight. Hit the break for the full page ad. Thanks Joseph!

HTC 4G ad


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Rolling Stone ad features Thunderbolt, and Inspire 4G headed to AT&T


Since the definition off 4G has been tweaked by the governing body who set the standard, now any carrier can claim 4G by simply saying their network is the 4th Generation of data speeds. LTE is supposed to be the unifying standard globally, and Sprint will no doubt give up on WiMax at some point, and their equipment is a software upgrade away from becoming LTE. Of course the WiMax phone radios can't do that, ouch.

This is great. I love my Captivate but that Inspire is lookin good.Hope this is real and not a fake.

That Inspire 4G looks exactly like a Desire HD.
That would be cool if AT&T finally released a decent Android phone other than the Captivate (which has a bit of issues and is still on 2.1 as far as I know.)
I wonder if HTC will call HSPA+ 4G like T-Mobile does.

I talked to an AT&T customer service agent about getting a replacement blakberry. Bt after making random small talk about the iPhone on verizon, she mentioned that AT&T will be launching their "real" 4G network.

And I'm sure it will be better than the crap tmobile has been putting out. But she said it's gonna be better than verizon lte network. So who knows?

I guess I'm glad I found this out yesterday, ha.

I pull 6-7 Mbps off of T-Mobile's "crap" HSPDA+ network in the Bay Area. About triple what I get from Sprint's WiMax in similar locations. And I can't get anything from Verizon or AT&T since their 4G networks haven't deployed yet.

Call it what you will, but T-Mobile's 4G is as "real" as AT&T's after the ITU adjusted their specifications. Actually it's more real, since it actually exists.

Enjoy the Blackberry.

FYI, I didn't say t-mobiles 4G wasn't real. T-mobiles service where I live us, is shit.

And as for me your condecsending remark about enjoying my bb... I plan on enjoying it until I get the Motorola Olympus that us coming out for AT&T. So thanks (Y)

4G is just marketing spin. All that matters is this: Is your phone fast? Does it complete the tasks you deem necessary? And is your device capable and somewhat "future-proof"? If you can answer yes to all three who cares what is and isn't "4G". I'm in a part of LA where my Evo gets rather spotty 4G coverage, but with my CPU overclocked I run 3 MBPS on 3G.

This is the first time I'm hearing about the Inspire. I'm pretty excited already. I haven't seen the diluted, underpowered specifications that'll crush my hopes yet though.

So, can we expect this baby to be ready to hit the network next month? My upgrade is eligible around feb. 16th and I'd love to make this baby my new baby. Let's hope the dual core dumped for the thunderbolt are real, and this one is built with the same specs. ;)

I got scared when I read the title of this ad, I thought hey the Thunderbolt is supposed to go to Verizon not ATT, then I saw the picture..

I'm glad Verizon isn't slapping "4G" on the end of every 4g phone name. I am not aiming an attack at Sprint or T-Mo, I'm just saying that I'd prefer not having to say, "HTC Thunderbolt 4G." It would be even harder if they put "Droid" in there :S

So it looks like AT&T is just taking what they currently have, calling it 4G and are going to charge more a month for it? BWAHAHA

4G is such a joke, a new way for cell phone companies to RIP people off, and there are so many morons who are happy with it... that's why they keep coming up with new ways to steal money.

According to Engadget, the Thunderbolt will probably have a single-core 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal storage, Froyo 2.2.1, but no built-in HDMI.

I average 5.5 MBPS down and 1.5 MBPS up on my Captivate sitting at my house. And the Captivate is not HSPA+ capable - that's just 3G. Not bad for such a slow network, huh?

So that picture makes it all but official... Thunderbolt will be 'Binged'. That totally sucks. Hopefully something from the Droid line is announced at CES.