Rogers Motorola RAZR

We'll still never understand why Canadians put up with three-year contracts. But we're definitely feeling a $149 Motorola RAZR on the only Canadian carrier to, erm, carry it. No mention of two- or one-year pricing. Trade-offs, we suppose.

Source: Rogers Thanks, @TheSolsticeBare!

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Rogers' Motorola RAZR to cost just $149 on three-year contract


This is a worse deal than verizon, we are talking about a 3 year contract. I would rather pay 299 for 2 years than 149 for 3 years. Well then again both are a rip off, this phone should be 199 on a 2 years contract at most.

Generally after 2 years you are able to purchase a new phone at the fully subsidized price, provided you resign for another 3 years. This way customers feel like they are only stuck with that phone for two years, but it prevents them for easily moving to another provider.

It's quite terrible.

Yup I thought 2 year contracts were long when I lived in the states, horrible shock at the ridiculous 3 year contracts here. I paid $199 for the Moto Milestone under such contract, such a ripoff but good thing for craigslist I couldn't have survived 2 more years with that phone

Android 1.0 was released in Sept 2008. If you got a G1 on a 3-year contract with Rogers then, only last month would the contract be up. Think about that folks.

And if I remember correctly the ETF on Rogers is $20/per remaining on the contract.

agreed with everyone. however, in terms of functionality, the stand-alone phone form factor is plateauing quite a bit (not considering accessories such as laptop docks). my vibrant is about a year and a half old and the ONLY reason it feels outdated is because i'm a tech junkie...other than that it can still do everything that the brand new phones can do perfectly.

I wish we had options like this here. I have been with VZW for over 10 years and do not plan to go to any other carrier. Also, I have a family plan with 5 phones and 3 of them are for parents that are over 60. They are never going to want a smart phone, so I always have upgrades available. I have two available right now. I'm just waiting for the Razr and Nexus to make it to the stores to try them out. Spec wise they both look good.

Razr's drawback is locked bootloader and no removable battery.

Nexus may not have an sd card slot and that maybe a bigger pill to swallow.

It's not to bad actually because you can upgrade with subsidized price evey 2 years and we ger cheaper up front costs.

True, three year contracts are way too long. As someone mentioned though, some providers allow upgrade after 2 yrs, for me on Bell it's 2 1/2 yrs.

Wait two or three months though if you plan to get this phone from Rogers. Already the Evo 3D is free on a three year term. Never a good idea to get it right away. The only difference will be you save $150.

My god, and those voice/data packages are horrible as well in that screenshot. It makes the U.S look cheap! : (

It's not that we choose to put up with it. It's that we have no choice. All three major carriers and their subsidiaries use three year contracts. The new guys don't have anywhere close to the coverage or the same device choices.