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Rogers stores across Canada are preparing some pretty hefty changes to their plan structure. Basically, Rogers is going all-in with unlimited texting and calling for most of their plans, and differentiating solely on data. Our source says that as part of the changes, Rogers will also be axing their My5 and My10 programs.

In any case, here's a quick tour of what's to come. Overage charges are $15/GB for the first three tiers, $10/GB for the top. 

  • $55 (Occasional plan) - 200 MB, 1,000 weekday minutes
  • $65 (Social plan) - 1 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $75 (Streamer plan) - 3 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $95 (Connected plan) - 5 GB, unlimited Canada-wide calling

There's a handful of other plans for families or simple talk and text, but those are the big changes. Basically, for a hundred bucks a month, you can get everything. It certainly seems more streamlined and less fussy than previous plans, though there are always the extras like caller ID and voicemail. 

We're hearing Rogers will be making these plans public on November 7. Canadians, anyone biting? Is $100/month worth it for all the everything you could need plus a few perks Rogers offers (Anyplace TV, for example), or are you willing to make make a sacrifice on coverage and go with WIND or Mobilicity for half the price? Are Bell and TELUS any more inviting? 

Check out the rest of the retail briefing brochure after the jump. Anything leap out at you as particularly interesting? 

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Rogers to launch unlimited talk plans November 7


Such awful, awful plans. Add another 15 or so for call display/voicemail? How do these prices make any sense??

Oh what a coincidence, Virgin Mobile is also launching their promotional plans November 7! Should see some more announcements from the other carriers revealing their holiday plans on... you guessed it, November 7. Competition at its finest, folks.

Reminds me of January 2010. Who remembers this from Virgin Mobile Canada back in January 2010...

$100 a month you’ll get 3GB Data, 500 anytime minutes, Unlimited Evenings & Weekends plus Voicemail 10 & Call Display AND Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging. (Visual Voicemail is included)

That's an absolute joke!!

I'm paying like 38$/ month for 200 minutes Canada-Wide, unlimited Text, Voicemail, Call Display and UNLIMITED DATA over Petro-Canada Mobility, an MVNO that uses .. ROGERS network..!

Rogers still thinks Canadians are stupid to fall for these plans. My GF got Wind mobile the other day with their $40 Unlimited Talk and Text and before you say the network is trash, it absolutely isn't that bad. Plus she isn't scared everytime she has to open her Rogers bill because of all those overage fees and what not.

Where do these companies come up with their pricing? I mean they start at $55 for .2GB, then for another $10 you get additional .8GBs, then for another $10 again you get an additional 2GB this time, but then for an additional $20 you only get another 2GB again for a total of 5GB.

These costs for upgrading data makes no sense!

So basically they're giving me LESS data for the basic plan for about the same price? And axing the My5 - I don't use voice very often and only use it to call a select few family members and friends so the My-5 worked brilliantly for me. Never had to worry about minutes or whether it was a local or long distance call. So they're screwing me there also. I guess I'll be leaving Rogers next contract renewal.

this is pretty bad - as a rogers client - pretty happy I got 6GB for $60 right now. I am going to be taking my self on down the road pretty soon. Rogers ain't cutting it for me anymore and the future does not look friendly when they are trying to bring the average monthly to about $85.

These plans are brutal. I'll be going for the Fido $57 unlimited-ish Smart Plan w/1gig of data when I pick up a Nexus 4. Rogers' plans never cease to amaze me with their lousiness.

I feel so lucky to grab mega promotional plan from someone.

250 mins daytime, 100 mins Canadian long Distance, 2500 text/picture, CID & VC, 6gb LTE, unlimited weekend and evening. All for just $53 (including Tax).

These are just Robbers plan. Fido is much better and now Nexus 4 is here.

Would not be so bad is call id and voicemail was included...Roger's are such a joke. $95 + cid/vm + tax you are looking at a $120+ bill monthly.

Awful. Seriously, I struggle to set up a cell plan with a bare minimum of voice minutes, to save money. This isn't a good thing, they're just forcing unlimited voice on people and charging them for it.

Sure, if you talk on your phone a lot (at all!) this is great, but otherwise? I put maybe an hour per year on my phone.

Just give me a reasonably priced data plan and nothing else. I can push everything else over the data plan anyways.

I'm on Telus. No complaints. For $70/month I got 400 minutes (which I don't use most of anyway), unlimited texting and 6GB of data. And, oh ya, Caller ID and Voicemail included. ROBBERS indeed!

I'll just wait to see what Telus offers up come the holidays.

I miss that. I had a similar plan with Fido, but had to ditch it to get my Note :(

Now I'm stuck with a crappy Rogers plan, that costs the same but only has 2gb of data.

Unlimited talk? whoopty fricking do! Unlimited data is what most people want. In the end, it's all about choice. I understand that not everyone needs unlimited minutes, that's why there are limited and unlimited minutes plans, so naturally there should be limited and unlimited data plans.