Rogers kicks off 6 GB/$60 plan, Sony Xperia Ion in tow

Canadians looking for an affordable LTE-capable device and lots of data to chew on will be interested to hear that Rogers has started a 6 GB promotional plan and now has the Sony Xperia Ion for sale for $49.99 on a three-year contract. The $60 plan includes unlimited calling to 10 Canadian numbers, unlimited texting, unlimited evenings and weekends, and 200 weekday minutes on top of the data. Rogers is even willing to toss in data sharing to multiple devices at $10 off every month for the next 10 months to help you burn through those 6 GB, though the promo is only running until August 8. 

As for the Sony Xperia Ion, you can read our full review here, but here's a run-down of the specifications.

  • 4.6-inch 1280 x 720 display
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 12 megapixel camera
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • LTE and HSPA+ connectivity

While I'm still not sure I'd pick the 6 GB plan over Mobilicity or WIND's current promotions (especially with that three-year commitment Rogers includes), it's hard to argue with Rogers coverage, and ever-expanding LTE is always sweet. Any Canadians interested in picking one up can find the Sony Xperia Ion over in the Rogers online store and can check out the 6 GB promotional plan over here

Source: Rogers RedBoard


Reader comments

Rogers kicks off 6 GB/$60 plan, Sony Xperia Ion in tow


I'd rather keep my WIND unlimited for $40/month, yes coverage kind of sucks, but it can't and doesn't justify $60 for 6 GB of data. That's just too expensive.

Thank you Android Central. This plan is only $5 more than I'm paying with everything the same, but on a 1GB. They just upgraded my plan to the 6GB.


The only way to truly enjoy any smartphone is with a plan from Wind.

$40. Unlimited nationwide calling. Unlimited texting. Unlimited data. Caller ID and Voicemail (Otherse charges for those).

Rogers, Bell and Telus (and their respective subsidiaries) can't come close.

I don't get all those reply about Wind and Mobilicity versus Rogers. I know they are great carriers but not available to most Canadians. They have ZERO coverage in Quebec. ZERO.

I like the plan but CallerID and voicemail should be included at this price... Time to call retention :P

I just did a hardware upgrade on Sunday to the HTC One X. The guy at the Rogers store lied to me when he said my 6GB/$30 3G plan would convert to LTE with the phone, and I didn't need a new SIM. So I spent yesterday afternoon on the phone with Rogers getting an LTE plan setup, and the best they could do for me was $78/3GB 200 minutes, unlim msg, my10, early eve & weekend. I then had to spend almost an hour in Best Buy just to buy an LTE SIM, they only had one sales person working in the Mobile department. Got that sorted out and enjoyed my first day on LTE today.

Saw this story and called Rogers immediately. Paying $18 less and got my 6GB back. Feels good. I like the peace of mind of not worrying about going over my data limit.

Called Rogers yesterday. I have the exact same plan with only 1GB of data, they gave me this plan No questions asked. First time I didn't have to fight with rogers to get something :).