Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

Ring in 2013 with a new device from Sprint and Android Central!



Has to be the Samsung Galaxy Victory. Samsung smartphones are by far the best on the market. I have had many cell phones in my time. LG's have been around for quite some time and for some are called an under rated smartphone, there is nothing like the Samsung screen, colors, smooth but snappy OS. Samsung for me!

I would love to win the LG Optimus G I am just a big fan of LG products and I also need a new phone to replace my broken Sprint Galaxy :( Can't afford a new one now due to paying off my tuition

I would like to win the Q. It looks really cool and would be a great upgrade from the blackberry I'm using right now.

I would def want the LG Optimus G cause that's the one that speaks to me! Happy new year and good luck everyone!

I would love a Motorola PHOTON Q - I've missed my slider keyboards since I jumped to Android and I believe I recall Phil saying he really liked this keyboard. Also, I've really liked Mtorola's hardware of late.

I would love the Optimus G or the Galaxy Victory! Why? Because I have a problem and love gadgets messing with them. I haven't joined a 12 step program yet but it is only a matter of time...

I would love to win a Motorola Photon Q. I would give it to my wife for Valentines day so she can stop complaining about her iPhone not having a real qwerty keypad. I still here about it everyday.

I would love to win a Motorola Photon Q. I would give it to my wife for Valentines day so she can stop complaining about her iPhone not having a real qwerty keypad. I still here about it everyday.

the lg optimus to give to my son.his gf walked out took the bank acct left him & 5 kids so he needs something for contacts& can;t afford anything ! thx i hope u pick him

Motorola Photon Q or Optimus G please.

I have been an Android & iPhone owner. I am constantly going back and forth and I think it's time to make the switch to an Android device. Save me from my Apple product!!!

I would love the LG Optimus G. Because on sprint we don't have the Nexus 4. At least with the G I can pretend to have one.

I KNOW this comment's cheesy, and I need to let...This EVO go.
If I have to BEG and PLEAD..for the OPTIMUS G.
I don't miiinnnndd, cause it means that much to me!
Aint to proud to beg.

The Galaxy Victory would be my first choice since the size of the phone makes it more "pocketable" for me while still having good features. In addition it would be a much needed upgrade from my Samsung Instinct!

Is this contest over? If not, I prefer the Motorola Photon Q. Everything about the phone is amazing. Its lightweight with a nice screen size and have a 5 row qwerty keyboard which i love because not too many phones nowadays have sliding keyboards. The cameras are the absolute best part besides the memory storage. Long battery time so I wont have to charge up practically every hour. And then the speed GHz will definitely come in handy every time I would use it. I just absolutely love this phone I must have one please. I freaking love Motorola! I like the other phones but Photon Q caught my eye. Need a desperate upgrade from Samsung Corby