Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!

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blueline8131 says:

The Optimus G, because I have had a rough year and receiving such a fine device would certainly be the start to a fabulous 2013!!

pattmanh says:

Any of them would be fine with me. I want to introduce the amazing world of Android to my 10 year old son... And get him away from his Cr-Apple iPod. Optimus G would be a great start though!! :D

tompro53 says:

I would love the Motorola photon Q so I could give it to my brother since the phone he has is the original HTC EVO so he really need a new phone.

rap1 says:

My first choice would be an optimus G because it's the highest end. I'd be happy to win any though as my family has no smart phones.

hairbytj says:

Optimus G because thats as close as i can get to a nexus 4 on Sprint.

braz#AC says:

Would love an new Optimus G.

Why? Because it's a Sprint Nexus 4. :)

Good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays!

focr6 says:

Galaxy Victory for my cousin that i have on my fourth line, since her replacement phone died after a month, and someone over at sprint thought it would b a greatidea to take off the insurance in her line without my permission, now im going through hell to get that fixed, and it seems like she isn't getting a phone for another week, n she has been phoneless for a week, she is furious, not as much as I am!

ShadowX says:

Would love a Optimus G to replace my WM Touch Pro 2 hacked with android that is currently my phone :-/ LTE isnt working on it at all :-P

WilianLopez says:

Motorola Q!
I've been looking into purchasing this one, but I'm waiting for an upgrade.
You guys sold me on the nexus, and have done the same with this qwerty keyboard phone.

Jomix24 says:

Optimus G. Mainly because I love rooting phones and this would be something great to play with.

DavidCoy#AC says:

Any of the above for winning, but if I must pick one to be eligible, then Optimus G for sure.

Easily the Galaxy Victory
Went from the Epic 4G to 4G Touch
Now my GSII is dying randomly through the day, but still under Sprint contract
Galaxy devices are great (usually)

yojimboj says:

Since this is the season of giving, I'll ask for a Moto Photon to give to my wife as a replacement for her busted a#s ol' HTC Evo Shift!

Forfaden says:

optimus g for those sweet specs

Swardo says:

LG Optimus G. After a grueling and frustrating year looking for work, I finally got a great job which requires me to be connected and at exactly the same time, my Galaxy 2 is quickly dying. Of course I didn't buy the replacement insurance so Sprint wants me to drop hundreds of dollars to replace it and since my first paychecks are going to start paying off the debt collectors, I'm stuck with my frustrating malfunctioning phone. I would be so grateful to be chosen!

definitely the Photon Q. My wife got one with her last upgrade and it is awesome. Motorola build quality seems so much better than everyone elses.

Thanks for the giveaways.

laurel25 says:

The LG Mach because I'd like to try out an LG with a keyboard.

duddy23b says:

I'd love to win the Samsung Galaxy Victory

SoreAintya says:

I'm still not buying into what LG is selling, while the Optimus G has great specs its just a matter of time before they dump this device like every other one in the past. So sure while it's great now, this time next year it might as well be vaporware, because if history teaches us anything, it's that LG doesn't support their device's after 6 months.

That said, I'd prefer the Motorola out of this offering. I haven't 'owned' a Moto phone in years and would like to play around with a device with a keyboard (I sometimes miss my Samsung Impression).

Hoping for the Optimus G. With the 13MP camera and the amazing screen I will be able to take great pictures and view them just the same. Also the quad-core processor will mean I can actually run apps in the background without constant lag like I get now.

gfsnic says:

Optimus G. Beautiful phone with really nice specs. Haven't yet had the courage to go down the LG route yet on my own.

Dutchmasta says:

I have had my eye on a Phonton Q for awhile now, it is quite nice. I really love the feel of a physical keyboard. I'd bee quite the happy camper to get my hands on that bad boy.

I would love the Optimus G! Been thinking about leaving Sprint after 10 years for the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G could change my mind. Great design and great specs. :)

TheIowaKid says:

Hello, broken record speaking. Optimus G is the most underrated phone on the market. It has the best screen and of course 32GB of storage. I'm also needing a reason to switch back to Sprint.

mikbelch2 says:

never have compared these phones. been with a nexus s 4g for a while and still love it. have heard nothing but great things about moto and LG lately. so any of then with NFC!

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that Saint Nickinson soon would be there . . .
With a Photon Q for my wife, of course.

funkmon says:

I love the design of that Victory...but obviously I'd love the Optimus G. Either or would make me happy. :)

rcwass0n says:

I would love the Photon Q. I have the Photon and my wife has the Q. I am jelly that she will be getting Jelly Bean and I wont.

antheauxny says:

Oh yay! A contes for us Sprint users! Lol. I'd like an Optimus G, please. Quad-core processor? Heck yes!

Optimus G... Closest thing to a nexus 4 on sprint. Still using an epic 4g touch and would love an LTE phone

486sx33 says:

For me its gotta be the Optimus G...
Oh wait the other thread was the rhyming one

RyJoDetroit says:

I would love to get my wife the Optimus G, we just got it for my son and its a great phone, her current phone keeps locking up. She could've gotten one for herself, but always puts her kids first.

I want an LG Optimus G.....because its groovy man.

mrbootcrm says:

Would love to win that Optimus G for my best friend to get her on board with smart phones. But to be fair, any of the options would be nice for her. Best of luck all.

thundersome says:

Optimus G for my uncle because he's using an ancient flip phone.

I want an LG Optimus G.....because its groovy man.

Hi There - would like to win the Galaxy Victory please! Why? Well, quite simply put, I neither need nor want a giant screen or "the latest and greatest". Galaxy Victory will suit my needs just fine. Thanks!

Optimus G for my girlfriend!! I just got her interested in android and I have an EVO LTE, but I would like to get her a really nice phone as well while I keep my EVO and put her on my plan with Sprint to make a family contract because she loves my phone and android phones in general. I'd love to be able to surprise her with a new phone for Christmas!

I would love to have the Optimus G. Much to most dismay i have had sprint for some time and i really like them. I would love to get this phone so i can get all my lines on the android line. LONG LIVE ANDROID!!

kevster1321 says:

I would like to win the Optimus G for my mom she's been wanting a smartphone

CindyPat says:

I'm not a picky person here, I would love either the photon q or the lg mach to upgrade from an outdated evo shift. The physical keyboard is the biggest part of the phone for me. Thanks to android central for all you do for the android community

joechisenall says:

I would love the LG Optimus G because it is big and beautiful!

jalau says:

Please pick me!!!!!!

ryoblade says:

The LG Mach, would be the perfect phone for my dad. He recently had brain surgery so is having a harder time with his current small screened blackberry. This would provide him a better larger screen and still have the familiarity of a physical keyboard. Plus with the free app from sprint that makes the icons larger and more accessible it would be the perfect match.

mangmang says:

i want it

drt777 says:

An LG Optimus would be great - but you know what they say: beggars can't be choosers. I'll graciously accept whatever I'm given [though the smile might be bigger with the Optimus] ;-)

stpark6985 says:

Optimus G looks awesome. Love the screen and my fiance could really use a phone that doesn't restart whenever it wants.

Hypeo says:

I would love to win the Photon Q for my 12 year old daughter or any of the great phones listed because she deserves it. She is involved in many school activities and still able to achieve honor roll every year. She is school body president and still finds time for family times. She is still rolling with a dumb phone and she really wants the calendar features in Android.

Lets make her a winner.. ::-)

bllackkman says:

LG Optimus G please because I dont have a upgrade on my account until next year

NYRfan3018 says:

Motorola PHOTON Q Im stuck with an OG EVO Really miss a physical keyboard

noregretzzzz says:

All of these devices are great. Especially compared to devices from the year before those of us on contacts still got. That being said, I'm going for the unicorn as well, the LG optimus G. Twin to the nexus 4, Nuff said. Would make a killer home voip phone that I would showcase in the center of my living room!

khughes6 says:

All I want for Christmas is a new Sprint phone: An optimus G would be amazing, but any of these would be great!! Merry Christmas AC, Sprint, and AC members!

cherrywithns says:

I would love the Optimus G. Thanks for having this contest

Dbrock1046 says:

Optimus G for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heat3610 says:

Lg optimus g please. Good luck everyone :)

fame0809 says:

I have nexus s with many problems and was waiting for nexus 4 but since I can't get it now the optimus g would be the next best thing

chaseweadock says:

optimus g for sure. i love my galaxy nexus but the optimus g is the only one that has made me think about changing phones

HC2.2 says:

Optimus G please! Closest to Nexus 4 on My Sprint family plan.

torporsche says:

Definitely the Optimus G that phone is a beast! I'm looking for a phone to use for gaming on my TV and the Optimus G would be perfect for that.

TheDave says:

I would love a Photon Q for my brother. He needs the keyboard in the worst way. And im not even on Sprint :P

miguel4360 says:

LG Optimus G....I need to get my sister a new phone....

AndroidX says:

I have a Galaxy Epic that is just itching to be upgraded and I think any of these phones would do so nicely!

Dono74 says:

I would love an optimus g but honestly id be happy with any new phone to replace my htc hero! im a dad/husband/and homeowner(barely) and havent spent a dime on myself in damn near three years!

I would like the Optimus g. My wife currently has the optimus s. She NEEDS a good phone!

just_trev says:

Hi guys im about a month and a half into the android central community and so far i have seen you guys give away some great things and ggod deals on accessories. Now with that being said i want to WIN YEA BUDDY!!!!! I would want to win the LG Optimus G not only because its a "Super Phone" (as far as specs goes) But because sprint wont be getting The LG Nexus 4 and this is about as close as im going to get. Im currently using a Galaxy Nexus which is awsome and smooth and fast but im not due for a upgrade for a while and this would make my Christmas extremely merry.Since im not elegible for a upgrade im willing to take any phone begers can't be choosers huh? :) Thanks guys for the contest

RonD says:

Optimus G would suit my style.

Fatasaurus says:

I would love to win the Optimus G. It's a great phone and definitely the most under appreciated phone of the year. It can do all the things any of Galaxy Phones or the Nexus 4 can do but didn't get any of the hype. I love the look of the phone as well it would be a great phone to have.

Samsung Galaxy Victory to upgrade my evo.

Slayers says:

Optimus G Would like to get my hands on an LG and see what they are like I have used Moto and Sammys now I would like to try LG

slywalk says:

If it was for me, I'd want the Optimus G, underrated great phone that feels like the n4. But I would rather the photon Q for my cousin, she refuses to pay for a smartphone so its up to me to get her in the game!

chowdog13 says:

optimus G

Dollunit says:

Photon Q. I had the original Photon and that thing had the best reception in my area with limited service. Really wanted the keyboard though so switched to my Epic again and lost a good deal of reception. This thing has the best of both worlds. Photon Q.

2gerry says:

Of course, the top of the line out of all choices, the Optimus G.

vbctv says:

LG Optimus G because the camera could be very dangerous at 13MP, plus the 32GB storage and quad-core processor. It can be my new favorite toy.

qwick says:

LG Optimus G, would be my pick. Why because its super fast and has a great camera and screen!

Though if not available I would take any one of those devices! They are all great phones!!

Optimus G for me! All that power contained in such a sleek body, not to mention the beautiful screen.

dmart81 says:

I would love to have the Optimus G, My nexus S 4g is on the fritz and I'm back in school with a limited budget plus LTE is coming to Raleigh "Sprint Soon". Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years

MinceMan says:

The new photon! The world phone ability of this key.

carraser891 says:

LG Optimus G! That phone looks sick!

I would gladly take the galaxy victory!! But in actuality I would take whatever one you wanted to give because I have a evo 3d. The phone is broken and to repair it, I used super glue. I would so much love to have something awesome in 2013. And as an added bonus today is my 30th birthday !!!!

apollo305 says:

The photon Q.

I have the outdated nexus s that continues To freeze and reset. I wound love to have an up to date phone

The Optimus G for sure. My son has the LG Marquee it's time for an upgrade.

I need to have the Photon Q. Sprint hasn't had a respectable qwerty phone since the Samsung Epic, and now the Photon Q has arguably the best keyboard on any current phone. The rest of specs are just icing on the cake!

randy hayes says:

Optimus g..... it's a beast of a phone and would make a nice late Christmas gift for my son

henderjr says:

Optimus G for the camera. Though any phone would be fine. My wife wants to get off her iPhone and get back to Android so this would be perfect.

DJJeffT says:

I would take any of the phones offered, but prefer the Optimus G for the awesome HD screen.

elfuego says:

Optimus G. Good looking device, powerful!!

Zanzaras says:

I'd like a Samsung Galaxy Victory for my wife. She doesn't like the bigger phones.

hurricanedt says:

Definitely the LG Optimus G! Great hardware. It is the nexus 4 without the nexus. love it! would love to win it.

KPCallahan says:

Optimus G!! The quad core in that thing is going to fly :)

bobbykun says:

LG Optimus G because it looks beautiful and has a keyboard!

michael24j says:

Optimus G HD screen,and Snapdragon S4 Pro.time to update from this EVO 3D

Optimus G because its a beast of a phone. I can also keep my gs3 and upgrade my wife's gs2 or her samsung galaxy epic 4g touch.

Mo007 says:

LG Optimus G!! It has brilliant screen with super powerful specs. Love the camera and the snapdragon processor . This is the first LG phone that has everything we could wish for.

jipapptap says:

LG Optimus heres why: my current phone is a Samsung Trender; period. Plus its the closest thing to a nexus 4 ill or anybody else will get for a quite a while lol.

ccw1134 says:

The Motorola Photon Q. It would be for my daughter. She currently has the Motorola XPRT and still feels the need to have a physical keyboard. She likes Motorola so this would be a good fit.

I would have a tough time between the optimus g and the photon q. I love top of the line specs, but would also like a physical keyboard as well.

sizzle7 says:

Optimus G. Why? That's the phone that closely resembles the Nexus 4 as far as specs. Plus, Optimus G is just flat out better than the other phones :)

All of these devices are great, but the LG Optimus G is really catching my eye. It's really powerful and I would like to try out LG's skin.

Dave Bertram says:

You got to love the Motorola photon. Excellent technology. The lg Optimus Q however with the quad core processor and the 13m camera is a work of fine art that I would love to get my fingers on. If they only added the f2.0 camara found on the droid dna. You got to love technology. I am sure any one of these works of technologic pieces of work would be welcome addition under my fingertips.

andyp714 says:

The Optimus G would be the obvious choice, the super specs with that beautiful screen and blazing fast processor slap aokp and you got yourself a fine phone.

andyp714 says:

Double post sorry*

I would be happy to have any of these phones but the screen and processor on that Optimus G is very nice.

oldmonkey says:

I would love the lg optimus g so i can quit using this iphone i got talked into buying...i miss android!

aledelcastle says:

I never won anything from these fine institution. I would choose the photon q as my wife is due for an upgrade from her old blackberry (still with a trackball)

Thanks AC for the chance to win. Let's see, I would pick the Optimus G. Why? To get rid of my BB. I'm not completely sold on BB10 just yet. I need a bigger screen, or maybe I should say, I would like a bigger screen. The checker boarding SUCKs! Trying to load my game websites is challenging. Happy Holidays to all in AC Nation!

Ho12nyGuy says:

Definitely the Optimus's like a Nexus 4, but not.

thegov says:

LG Optimus G would work best for me.

rellyrell908 says:

Optimus G hat screen is friggin sweet!

roosterwb says:

LG Optimus G. My first cell phone was an LG.

xlegendxero says:

optimus g for sure.

can't get that one? then a photo q.

persim says:

Motorola PHOTON Q because it is best phone with a keyboard

ChiribaoGA says:

When I saw this post, I thought, " WOW! I can trade up my old HTC Arrive with a chance like this!" But then I thought, my mother currently has a BlackBerry Torch 9850 which she hates SO MUCH. Actually, she just send it in for repair two days ago and Best Buy gave her an original Photon as a loaner phone for the next week. She LOVES this phone!She loves Android. She loves the bigger screen and all about it. She was asking me about the Photon Q the other day as she said she would want that for her next upgrade. Even though my mom wants the Photon Q, she is not too tech savvy. She doesn't know about the processor or anything like that. The LG Optimus G is clearly the better phone, quad-core processor and all, for her. So I ask for an LG Optimus G for my mother to have as I don't think she can stand her BlackBerry until November of next year. I can wait a little more before I give up my HTC Arrive.

liquid29 says:

My wife's LG Optimus S is dying fast, so I'd love to give her the Galaxy Victory.

knarfrabot says:

I could sure use that LG Optimus G to replace my venerable and battle scarred Evo 4G, which I will retire and placce on my mantle of trusty Sprint phones :)

Lrs121 says:

I would have choose the Motorola Photon Q. Its a great phone with lots of possibilities, not to mention great hardware. It would also be going to someone close to me who need a new phone. Their phone is falling apart and the keyboard is just about worn out and that was the phone they wanted but cant afford it. It would make a great Christmas gift.

scraptacular says:

Samsung Victory sounds like a winner!

Mill1978 says:

I love all of them because they run the software that I feel is the best in the business...

I want the optimus G it has great specs

Optimus G for sure. The wife has one, and I'm a little envious with my work IPhone 4S.

gpdaddy95 says:

Motorola Photon Q Would Be A Nice Addition To The Phones We Have On Sprint. I'd Love To Have A Spare!

FranzVz says:

Optimus G off course!

It is a sexy phone! HD Screen, Quad Core, amazing camera and amazing storage? No comprise.

ArKay#AC says:

Galaxy Victory Please.

It's a Samsung, they make good phones and... somebody has to stand up to the -other- smartphone maker lest we end up with a monopoly.

Just sayin'

fifthbus says:

Gotta love the Galaxy Victory. Samsung can do no wrong, except that S3 Mini but that's for another day.

Grahaman27 says:

The motorola Photon Q for sure. I gotta brother who wants one and this would be a pretty sweet gift :)

nsnsmj says:

Thanks for the giveaway! I'd like the Optimus G because it is basically the Nexus 4. Slap on a custom ROM like AOKP and I'll be happy.

thelessa says:

LG Optimus G, bigger, better, faster.

khp7091 says:

Optimus G. Just so I can have a chance at making those friends of mine with an S3 jelly.

BillJude56 says:

The LG Optimus G. Our 1st grandchild recently arrived in Fla.(we're in Maine) and we need to enter the 21st century to stay in touch. So our 1st smartphone will be primarily to share photos, videos, and Skypeing. For us, getting the Optimus G will probably like upgrading to a Ferrari without the associated bodily injury risk.thanks for the chance!

zanderman112 says:

I would be very happy to own any of these. If I were to recieve any of them, it would go to my mother who is on desperate need of an upgrade. I can say she likes having a QWERTY keyboard, so I will ask for the Photon Q. Thank you guys for putting this contest together, and I hope the whole Android Central team has a Merry Christmas :)


LG Optimus G is my pick. It's the Nexus 4 pretty much, really like the design and feel. Not to mention i'm still using a Evo 4G, would really appreciate a new phone.

jonvinyl says:

Motorola Photon Q!! I have the Photon 4G and it is not getting ICS... :( BUT I still like Motorla so that is the way to go!!

joejoe1 says:

LG Optimus g, slick phone but could use a reliable phone.

TheDonJ77 says:

Optimus G. Great phone and specs

Personally, I would take any of these phones. They are all nice and the perfect devices to get my grandmother into the smartphone age.

Marcus Meng says:

The Optimus G would be a great upgrade from my Evo 3D

willbig13 says:

LG Optimus G Thank you! Or the photon q. Who am I kidding, any of them would be great for the wife.

myhotsax says:

I would love to win a Photon Q! The keyboard is why. I need an upgrade badly, so this would be awesome.

kenpbuck says:

I would love the Motorola Photon Q, the original Photon was a solid phone!

I definitely would pick the Photon Q. That's quite an upgrade from this EVO Shift I have with a broken screen :/

ketanb81 says:

Optimus G, love the phone, great screen and a powerhouse!!!! Great replacement for HTC EVO!!

Mike Larry1 says:

I would love the Lg Optimus G I just had a newborn son and would love to take pictures with a phone like that.

jonmart19 says:

I would love to get my hands on the Optimus G. That 13 megapixel camera is insane, would be a huge upgrade for me. The HD screen to go with the camera helps, and all that on a quad core processor, yum.

ronvon says:

Optimus G. Without a doubt the best device on Sprint. It just doesn't have the marketing $$$ behind it that $amsung phones get. I will gladly donate my S III if I am chosen as the winner of this superior phone.

dvillerider says:

The LG Optimus G. It makes the best 'underestimated' yet the most impressive smartphone on the list!

sprof says:

Galaxy Victory. It's a good size for my daughter. Not a fan of physical keyboards.

bigmike09890 says:

That Optimus G looks awesome. That quad core chip will blow my phone out of the water.

crazymike says:

LG is a great company...I would love the Optimus G

rrwoods1978 says:

If I was to win any of those I would like to win the Optimus G or the Photon Q

orlanka says:

LG Optimus G

jesser1986 says:

I would like to win a LG Optimus G phone . Due to the fact today dec 22nd is my moms bday and she still stuck with her LG optimus S phone . Its time for her to get a new phone. No better bday present then a brand new phone! She used her upgrade to get my the galaxy note 2 . If I can win this be a great way to repay her back.

USCitS says:

Optimus G would make my day.. I have never won anything before.

Uglyfido says:

It's gotta be the Optimus G. It's like a Nexus meets a Note. Great combo!

ludesleep says:

I'd like to try the photon Q. I need a phone with quality radio

snobugg4 says:

Optimus G would make this holiday extremely exciting!

Derek_B says:

Enter me for an LG Optimus G, please! Thank you!

clott2 says:

I would love to have the Optimus G. LG makes a good product. I love the 32G of storage space and the fast processor. My kind of smartphone.

defbehinds says:

I'll have to go along with the rest of the sheep and say the LG Optimus G. It is the closest we are going to get to having a nexus 4...

Morphdie says:

Anyone of these would be good to add a extra line to my sprint plan for my girlfriend, she still has a samsung flip phone with a old charger i cant find anymore. but one of the ones with a keyboard would be cool.

Optimus G. Need to hit that G spot......

Optimus G. Need to hit that G spot......

ayg says:

I'd love to try out the new LG Optimus G. I heard it's a beast of a phone!

I'd dig an Optimus G! That thing is lightning fast! But honestly, I'd take any of these fine devices!

mithmal says:

Optimus G because i have never owned a LG phone before and i would Love to try out this phone with the HD Screen.

I'd most definitely take the Motorola Photon Q!

I'm a high school student and, besides lots of texting and picture taking I find myself trying to do my homework on Google Drive a lot or typing out emails to my friends/teachers on assignments and such. Using the keyboard would just make it so much easier to get homework and assignments done on the go, and Motorola always makes the best hardware keyboards (plus Smart Actions could be extremely useful for getting myself through a day and possibly more of battery life). Nearly stock Android is also always the best when using one of these phones!

LG Optimus G. My 12 year old son, who wants to be an engineer, got straight A's this year. He is very skilled in his Science and Math classes. The Optimus G would make a fantastic Christmas gift for him. He definitely deserves it. Oh, and as usual, thanks Android Central!

yocubed says:

gotta be the Optimus G with that Snapdragon S4 Pro and 13MP camera. that and it was released on my birthday so that's gotta be a good sign right??

Motorola PHOTON Q
Its for my wife for Christmas. She seriously cracked her screen and needs a phone. We are poor so this would be a great blessing. If not then she will have to wait for tax return :P

rempwnz says:

In favor of the LG Optimus G. As a power user, it's the only phone of the bunch capable of my needs.

powerforward says:

I'd love to own any one of these devices, but the LG Optimus would be my first choice because of the quad core processor.

PamelaBB says:

The LG Optimus G because it's one of the best phones on the market

gafel says:

LG Optimus G.
My girlfriend is slowly starting to dislike her iPhone more and more as each day passes and I figure this would be the perfect way to convert her to Android with such a nice, stable, high-end phone.

Marton says:

Motorola PHOTON Q, I miss the physical keyboard.

insomniak says:

Optimus G ftw!

davidlt4 says:

Any of these would be a great present for my kid.

blkman969 says:

I'll take the LG Optimus G!

Motorola Photon Q! My sister is on sprint and has a crappy Blackberry. It would awesome to win this and get her a nice replacement phone. And the Photon still has a physical keyboard that she likes!

ariashugo1 says:

LG Optimus G, amazing specs, great looking screen, looking for a good upgrade to my current camera!

CMeys says:

Optimus G --- Hubby really needs a new phone!

prEvo says:

LG Optimus G!!! I plan on watching many HD movies on it, and drool.

Jcstx says:

Optimus G for me

Shawheim says:

ill take the Photon Q or the LG Mach because i havent had a keyboard phone since the first BB Curve on Sprint!

Sirian says:

Optimus G definitely! I've been a longtime fan of LG and would love to upgrade my galaxy nexus to something with better battery life. (LTE model, I'd also love to switch from Verizon to Sprint!)

Optimus G cause my GSII is falling apart and that quad core snapdragon sounds tasty

camiller says:

I'd like the galaxy victory for my daughter who is due for an upgrade.

woodsdmd says:

Photon Q great for my kids

tory38 says:

Great contest! I would love to try out the LG Optimus G, they obviously did the new nexus and this is the next best thing. I've never had a LG anything so I'd love to see what their products are like. Thanks!

cokm4n says:

I'd like to win the LG Mach. My fiance hates her current phone, and the only feature she cares about is the qwerty keyboard (hates the touch screen keyboards)

Thanks AC

johnday23 says:

Sprint and Android a match made in heaven!!!

fxdavis says:

Optimus G... have AT&T's variant... would love to win a Sprint version for a gift

scurlockst says:

I am actually interested in the LG Mach. Not for myself but for my fiance. She currently has the LG Marquee but absolutely loves physical keyboards. Plus this would be a nice complement for my LG Nexus 4 when I get it after the first of the year. We would both be rocking LG phones.

Jwdwards says:

Would love to have the Optimus G to replace my photon. Was told by a friend of mine that sprint was on a one year rotation for upgrades and then it stopped. They are all nice phones but becuase of work and school pretty much all the time I find myself useing my phone for everything. A smartphone like the Optimus G would help bring speed to an already complicated schedule. It would be nice to check out this new 4G LTE network they are setting up here in Memphis.

deesugar says:

Fingers crossed!

dev2nsu says:

Optimus G for me because it has an awesome processor and camera. Good luck everyone!

wolf5150 says:

Optimus G... it's almost a nexus 4!

Arimus25 says:

LG Optimus G because my current phone sucks

I could really use either of the slide keyboard phones to replace my daughters galaxy S.It was handed down from me to my son and then to her,Each time it was because of our upgrades were due so she kinda got the short end of the stick,But never complained.But now the galaxy S is going bad,it shuts off by itself and some keys have to be hit several times for a response.I'm sure she would be thrilled to have a new phone for once.As a matter of fact any of the 4 would tickle her.

I could really use either of the slide keyboard phones to replace my daughters galaxy S.It was handed down from me to my son and then to her,Each time it was because of our upgrades were due so she kinda got the short end of the stick,But never complained.But now the galaxy S is going bad,it shuts off by itself and some keys have to be hit several times for a response.I'm sure she would be thrilled to have a new phone for once.As a matter of fact any of the 4 would tickle her.

I could really use either of the slide keyboard phones to replace my daughters galaxy S.It was handed down from me to my son and then to her,Each time it was because of our upgrades were due so she kinda got the short end of the stick,But never complained.But now the galaxy S is going bad,it shuts off by itself and some keys have to be hit several times for a response.I'm sure she would be thrilled to have a new phone for once.As a matter of fact any of the 4 would tickle her.

I didnt mean to enter three times but the first two times i hit the save button it said site was down.

ammaralo says:

Definitely the OG, Optimus G (not Original Gangster). Iv like the way LG skinned it, I really like the 13 mp camera as well.

corrifa says:

Optimus G! I could sure use a new power house!

kbrabble says:

Optimus G! Looks like a great phone!

samlii says:

LG Mach for my wife. She needs to move up to a smart phone.

Tim Norris says:

The Optimus G would be awesome. I have not ever owned an LG phone, and I would love to see what the fuss is about with a phone that is better than mine, especially with a nice fast quad-core powered phone.

mstrblueskys says:

I think the Photon Q would be a great phone for an old WebOS user!

JDMR777 says:

I'd go with the Motorola PHOTON Q. I always get the best signal with a Motorola, the little tweaks they put on are not bad, and having a keyboard is just a plus.

Hammer9274 says:

The LG Optimus G, cause that phone is sweet!

derwin says:

i'd like the Photon Q... because it looks like a damn nice phone.

Motorola Photon Q because I am a hardware keyboard addict!! It's seriously an amazing phone and a great replacement of my aging Intercept ( which sadly seems to be on its last legs.. yeah it's about that time I pick up a new phone and the holidays left me broke!! )

fastnasty says:

I could always use a brand new phone. Sorry everyone else. I am going to win. It is my turn.

peaches00412 says:

PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agbrickey4 says:

LG optimus g opp please

Optimus g awesome screen and big memory

Watch This says:

Optimus G, great phone! its the N4 with LTE !

simonjester says:

I would like to win the Photon Q. It's a great phone with wonderful specs and i would love to own /win one!

MoogDiesel says:

Optimus G for sure!

qberry69 says:

any one of these Android phones here would be a great gift for my kid.

Redshift says:

Would love an Optimus G to turn my wife on to the 21st century (since we didn't all die in the Apocalypse). :-)

joethegoat says:

Optimus G! Best one of those phones!

foolforfood says:

LG mach for my wife. She's been using an Optimus s for 2 years and she loves a physical keyboard so I want to get her that :-)

krx100 says:

Thank AC and Sprint for this awesome contest. I would give Optimus G to my wife as she is new to smart phones. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

imtravis says:

Optimus G would be awesome, but the moto ain't bad either... I miss physical keyboards..

Gramps50 says:

I would love to have the Galaxy Victory for my wife. She is still in the dark ages with her flip phone and deserves to be brought into the modern world of smartphones. That way she could keep in contact with her 9 grand kids.

Ed Bak says:

The galaxy victory would be my choice, just like it.

AaronTV says:

I'd like the Optimus G because it's an elegant super phone!

gorosz says:

I would love to the have the Optimus G. It is the most bad *ss Android phone out there right now.

saboture says:

Lol any of those phones would be sweet.. My trusty ol' 9650 is on its last leg haha.

master5hake says:

Definitely the Optimus G. Its got more horse power under the hood and a better screen. Plus out of the for it is the one that screams sex appeal the most.

HoldFastHope says:

Optimus G! Love the Transformers!

bbmore2 says:

I'd love the LG Optimus G, just to experience the true google experience and it's awesomeness! Also, my coworker hasn't stopped talking about how smooth his experience is and I'm jealous and want one now.

I'd love the new Photon Q to replace my OG Photon 4G that never got ICS like I had hoped for. Please help fullfil my ice cream sandwich /jelly bean dreams!

scottae316 says:

LG Optimus G please, thank you.

Samsmalls says:

I'd like the LG Optimus G, because of its exclusive Quad core processor. Also I'm starting to believe if Google's website has its way, this may be as close as I'll ever get to owning a Nexus 4!

jeffro77 says:

The Photon Q or Optimus G would look great in my wife's "pocketbook" and either would be good for at least one free pass out of the dog house (which is where I would land - again - if she were to see my "pocketbook" reference; try telling a New Jersey girl that outside of Jersey a pocketbook is something that goes *in* a purse rather than *being* a purse).

Optimus G because it some nice specs, its a cool looking, plus its sounds pretty cool to say optimus and because i my current phone is running gingerbread so a new phone wouldn't hurt

thekraven says:

would love the photon q just for the keyboard

louben987 says:

Gotta be the LG optimus g. Hey that rhymed.

pmsimmons says:

LG Optimus G, Because I have never have been able to get the most up to date and newest phone

cert15z says:

I would like the lg optimus g because it is the closest thing to the to the nexus four on Sprint

Mo376 says:

I would like an Optimus G, the screen is the perfect size and the camera has to be crazy at 13mp. Lifes Good!

David Su says:

My wife could use a new Photon. Moto's build quality is much better than the rest. After using her plastic Samsung Epic, she definitely could use a solid phone.

Galaxy Victory, please.

Equis HD says:

Any of them tho #1 choice is the LG OP G

I could definitely use that LG Optimus G. Not for myself but for my wife who refuses to give up that HTC EVO Shift. Quad core processor, 32gb storage, 2gb RAM, 13mp camera she would lose her mind.

rudeguy says:

I'd really like to have the LG Mach. My son has been a great kid and I couldn't get him a new phone like he wanted.

Thanks for all you do AC.

KermitO says:

I'd love to have an Optimus G, because LG really knows design, and that's one hell of a good-looking phone. Not to mention the Quad core processor and killer camera. Want want want.

Chad P says:

Motorola Q because there are very few slider keyboard phones left and on screen home keys ftw.

ryanstl says:

I have Sprint service, and would love a new phone!
I'd be happy with the Galaxy Victory!

funstuff234 says:

Optimus G because my Nexus S is slow :(

ctm194 says:

Optimus G.... best phone from the selection.

redwolftn says:

LG Optimus G please, so I don't have to wait for Nexus 4 on sprint

Zurvivor says:

LG Optimus G all the way! Cant beat that amazing display and quadcore beastly sexiness!

seanoj says:

I have a highly abused Photon 4G that needs replacing. Photon Q please?

ramonm2 says:

Of course I'd love the Optimus G but at this point I'd be grateful to receive any of those. I'm using my htc hero still. You guys are awesome for doing this. I wish you all a happy holidays and a happy new year!

Would love any of them, but the Optimus would win of the 4 listed. Thanks Sprint and Android Central!

The Optimus G for me. :D The similarities between it and the Nexus 4 is enough for me. Plus, the quad core processor and the screen size is just right. Root it, TB it and be on my way.

appmy says:

Optimus would be cool.

srcnin says:

The Optimus G would be a good replacement for my OG Evo.

chaibaby says:

Optimus G for me, of course, because of its HD screen and fast processor. It will be a superb replacement for my HTC Hero on Sprint.

driver5614 says:

Would't mind having a photon q to change out with one of my sprint epics

Techno_Joe says:

Joseph would like the LG Optimus G because HTC is not on the list... Not being snobby, but I like them better as a company, but LG's offering is the next best thing on Sprint. (Galaxy not included.) *sic

tamayoaaron says:

Hey Michelle, i'll take the Optimus G, because that phone is awesome. If I win, my life the same as it is now, but i'll have a better phone :)

dj86 says:

It would be awesome to win that Optimus G because it is a beast of a phone and my current phone is on its last legs. I am definitely looking to replace it soon!

jg2132 says:

The Optimus G is easily my first choice. I feel like it's a pretty underrated phone what with the s3, nexus 4, and DNA making headlines. It would be a great replacement to my s2!! :)

sumner929 says:

LG Optimus G because I need a new phone. Seriously, mine literally just broke about 10 minutes ago.

jmenke2 says:

I would love this phone as a gift for my oldest daughter, Lauren. She needs a new phone, and because of how wonderful of a daughter she is, and as her dad, how proud I am of her, she deserves the best phone. She works hard, is responsible, admits and corrects her mistakes, and i would love to reward her with this phone...the LG Optimus G

omegastu says:

I would take the Optimus G, or the Photon Q for my second choice. Either would be nice.

hotbbq says:

The Photon would be great gift for my wife.

dweeze87 says:

I would like to give the Motorola photon a shot because Ilike the design of the phone, Motorola's UI and also would like to give the quad core a run and see how much I can tax it! Thank you to all and have a safe and happy holiday.

jaymoon says:

LG Mach please! My brother in law swears by physical keyboards, and he is in desperate need of a new phone!

n64kps says:

I would like an Optimus G

maria485 says:

I would definitely choose the photon. Luv the shape of it and its a beautifully design device. I luv everything about this phone so I can't really chose one thing I like about that phone besides fact I can use a new one.I would take any one really. .merry xmas everyone and good luck if I don't win..

jeffajackson says:

Photon Q, my wife still loves having a physical keyboard.

ericwilborn says:

The Optimus G is first on my list as it's the best phone up there. Plus if I went for the Mach I would just get mached.

mwright199 says:

I would love to have one of the Photon phones, that would be a definite upgrade for me.

LG Optimus

Because a 1.5 Ghz Quad Core CPU with an Adreno GPU would be perfect for gaming.

technacity says:

Optimus G, por favor! Well, first of the reason I want is rather lame... first of, my current "daily" driver is the lovely and delightful Pre3. That's right loyal webOS Nation fan right here! I really need a new phone and after receiving a Nexus 7, I'm beginning to love Android! Please and thank you!

batrad says:

Motorola Q .. Has one of the best keyboards

Make my transition from my blackberry to android so much easier

batrad says:

Motorola Q .. Has one of the best keyboards

Make my transition from my blackberry to android so much easier

dafoot2 says:

optimus..I'd be happy with any of them really

vip_status says:

LG Optimus G of course... that great display and massive storage would suit me well

LG Mach please!

gizak says:

optimas G obviously! beastly specs and always wanted to see what LG hardware can do... there's got to be a reason Google picked them for the last Nexus!

I need the optimus g because it's the closest sprint has to the nexus 4 and I am in a contract for awhile.

10pakman says:

The optimus g, I'd like the optimus g due to the fact it is the best phone, also my contract is almost up so it would be nice to win a phone of such high specs for free.

birchasr says:

I would take anybody them but that Optimus G is a pretty sweet phone. I would love to be rocking that phone.

Shaikh says:

Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your LG Optimus, cuz I know not everybody has an LG Optimus like you...

kingkat186 says:

optimus g that would be a perfect addition for my daughter who likes to take lot of pictures

Dehaha1 says:

I would like the LG Optimus G, as I want to start developing apps for android; however I am currently only in possesion of the Galaxy S 1, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I don't have the possibility to personally test high end devices. As such, I hope I can win this to help development, watch videos, and surf the web without stuttering.

bbdraft says:

That Samsung would leave me feeling 'victorious' and make my Christmas extra sweet. Thanks for the giveaways and the super podcasts.

selvian says:

In contract with a failing Original Photon, I would love any of the LG's... I wish I never gave away my optimus s.

I would love to win the Optimus G from Sprint for sure! Quad-core, screen res, camera all rock!

dwieners says:

I would love any of these phones. All are an upgrade from my current NS4G. If I had to pick one, i think it may be the photon Q. I love that keyboard layout.

ShipyStyle says:

Well this is pretty convenient since I happen to be with Sprint right now. Here goes some good luck...!

photon please

jrock151#CB says:

Optimus G would be a great gift to me!

Mrshades says:

My wife would love the Photon Q. Her Epic is getting old and she has been giving up her upgrades to our kids! :)

ysalty says:

Motorola Photon Q. My sister is traveling to London to study so I'd like to give her this phone as a present so she can keep in touch with all of her family and friends here in Hawaii while she's gone.

s2gordon says:

I'd like a Optimus G so that i don't have to get my wife a iPhone 5 to replace her 4S.