Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

Ring in 2013 with a new device from Sprint and Android Central!



My little brother could definitely use that Galaxy Victory with adding a line to my contract.

For me, I'll just stick with my Galaxy S III.

Agreed. I have been a long time Lg customer and would like to stay that way. I started with the Lg Optimus S and went to the Lg Optimus Elite. The Optimus G would be the next device I would pick up to continue my Optimus line unless Optimus Prime had something to say about that.

Ditto next gen chip, great added software and great screen tech. This would be an awesome phone to replace my Evo 4g on its last legs.

I know your pain. recently upgraded to galaxy s2 waiting for Sprint to rollout LTe in my area before I upgrade to either the s3 or the HTC Lte

I saw my friend having the optimus g and it was so smooth i didn't see a sliver of lag. Also having a non spiderman edition screen for my phone would be nice :P

Optimus G. Quad-core processor 1280 x 768 screen better than iPhone. 13mp camera. Outstanding picture quality and screen clarity. Excellent color reproduction. This is phone I prefer from sprint.

I would Really like the Optimus G but instead will go with the Motorola Photon Q.

I would like to get a new phone because last month I gave my two year sprint upgrade to my wife who lost her phone. Now my upgrade is not for another year and a half and I have the oldest Nexus. A new phone that could keep up with the new applications and one that responds to my touch would be great!

Thanks for your consideration,


Optimus G is a great phone. But I won't mind any one of these phones since this is a giveaway. Wish the best of luck for everyone. Happy Holidays!

The Optimus G will be a great upgrade to my Optimus S! My S is standing on it's last leg... even with CM10, my phone is uber slow, and reboots even with the smallest of jobs... I can't even listen to music, and check newsfeeds without the phone bogging down tremendously... I know it's time for an upgrade and the Optimus G already seems like a wonderful phone!

Optimus G because I'm curious about the difference with the Nexus 4. Nexus 4 was a beast and I deeply regret not giving LG a chance and buying another phone just before it came out..

LG optimus G also amazing phone! Would give it to my brother who is still stuck on GB because Motorola decided to not update the Photon :(!

But I need the Optimus G to to replace my aging EVO 3D. My upgrade is still 10 months away and my wife keeps lording her S III over me. :-(

Optiums G for me as well... I think it looks great and when i hold it in my hands it just feels like it was meant to be.

I'd take the Photon Q. I do like the moto keyboard (miss my droid 3.) It would make the perfect mobile interface for controlling my server (with Splashtop streamer.)


My brother just switched to Sprint and he could really use a Photon Q. He really misses his keyboard he had on his OG Droid and since this phone has an amazing keyboard, I think he will really like it.

I would like the q or mach for the keyboard as well, have a photon 4g. volume button is bent and the whole office knows when I get a call and starts dancing to my ringtone!

My son would really love the Motorola Photon. It's an awesome phone. He really needs it before going off to college.

Pretty undecided between the Photon Q and the Optimus G. I'd like to get back into physical keyboard land, but having what is essentially a Nexus 4 is very tempting...

Optimus G here also! It's one of the better high-end phones ranked up there with the Galaxy S3! With it's bright HD screen and that lovely S4 Pro, how could anyone go wrong with it?!? Besides, my wife's OG Evo has seen better days and in need of a great phone!

I would go for the Optimus G. I would love to compare it to my GS3. After that, I would probably give it to my Mom. She currently has the Epic 4G(the one with the keyboard) and could definitely use the upgrade. She was recently in an accident and stuck in a wheel chair for a few weeks, this could be a nice surprise for her.

Optimus G. It brings top of the line specs to power through any task and also make it very future proof. Plus you have to love the design and especially the design on the back

I would really love to have the Motorola PHOTON Q for my wife. She currently has the Sprint Epic 4G and has to have the keyboard. It sucks though, just to be able to make a phone call she has to have wifi on, not to mention she is missing about 5 keys

I think I would like an LG Mach. I have used Samsung and Motorola before, and I would like to see what LG brings to the mix. A full keyboard is nice, because even though I don't use it often, sometimes it is nice to switch to the hard keys.

I would love to have the Motorola Photon Q. since my EVO 4G has a cracked screen, it would be a great replacement. SO please Android Central, pick me for this phone!

Gosh, the Optimus G or the Phonon Q would be great. I miss the keyboard phones I used to have. Palm Treo > Palm Pre > Original Epic 4G. Strangely enough, they keyboards on those phones got worse and worse. I could type 40WPM on the Treo - it was like mashing thumbs into plastic and having actual words come out.

I would like to win the LG Optimus G. I would give it to my daughter. She has a BlackBerry Bold and I want to get her switched to Android. And my daughter wants an Android phone. So please make her New Year happy by allowing me to win the LG Optimus G for her. Plus we are already on Sprint.

That Motorola PHOTON Q looks very slick. It almost looks like a mini-computer. I would like to use a phone like to type paperwork on the slide-out physical keyboard. Nice indeed!

I'd like to win the Samsung Galaxy Victory. I like Samsung devices and I would like to give this phone to my son.

I'd personally want the LG Optimus G but I'd rather win a Motorola Photon Q for my wife. She needs to retire the Evo Shift and doesn't want any phone that doesn't have a qwerty keyboard.

I would like the LG Optimus G to give to my wife. She currently has an EVO 4g and is considering getting an iPhone when her contract is up, and but is on the fence.

Ive seen my coworkers Optimus G and I know no doubt thats the phone I want...Beautiful screen with 32GBs of space, cant go wrong.

I'd like anyone of these the g would be my top pick.I'm looking to drop vzw soon and this would def make the transition easier.

Just grabbed a two year family plan from Sprint and my wife got all the right android phones we wanted (I got the not 2 :-)) but she grabbed a slider keyboard dumb phone that she thought was Android for my son. Because we have such a crazy busy life (or procrastinators) my boy is stuck with this phone for 19 more months (or I find one on craigslist). One of these would be nice. Peace and love.

The LG Optimus is a awesome phone.... all the things that are great about the Nexus version by LG but only better...

I do love my EVO 4G but I do fell its time for and upgrade. What an amazing feeling it would be to have the LG Optimus G. Help ad Sailor out !

I would like the LG Optimus G for my girl. Sharing the same great specs as the Nexus 4, this is indeed the sleeper hit on Sprint

I would love to get an Optimus G so I can finally retire my original EVO! Plus it's the closest thing to a Nexus 4 for Sprint, which is awesome.

LG Optimus G to replace the evo lte upgrade to a faster processor and better camera but all are great Sprint phones.

LG Optimus G fo sho! Fast and smooth with a nice screen. I don't know why it doesn't get more love in the tech world! (I would take the Photon Quality too.... would make a great Christmas gift for the wife!)

Optimus G all the way! If I had to go with an Android phone I would want something powerful (lousy Sprint and not wanting to carry Windows Phones).

I'd like to win the Optimas G so I can root it and put stock on it. Since I can't get a Nexus 4 on Sprint. Photon Q would be cool too.

Motorola Photon Q for me! I'll be an international traveler soon, so I'd like the Int'l capabilities. Physical keyboard, kicking it old school!

LG Optimus. I had a bad experience with LG phone before but this would put them back on a good foot with me.

The photon q

I really like what Motorola has been doing and I want to see them through... That and I have to go to Sprint now because I'm tired of at&t screwing up my bills. I'm tired of it

Would love the Optimus G so my wife could have an upgrade. She keeps giving her tech junky husband all of hers lol.

I would love to get the photon Q for my wife she wants a keyboard but her evo shift died a few days ago.

Victory because honestly I just need something to keep me interested till the Nexus 4 comes to Sprint.

My wife and I would like the optimus g. It would replace her aging evo 4g...thanks for the great contest. Good luck all

I would love to get my hands on the Photon Q. I had the Moto Photon a while back and absolutely loved the battery life on that device. I hope it's the same on the MoPho Q. If I had one I could see for myself :)

LG Mach looks beautiful! A sweet end to this amazing year of android devices if I win this.
Good luck to everyone and Happy holidays to you all.

LG Optimus G... Fast processor, great HD screen and a lot of storage space. It would be perfect to replace my EVO 4G!

My pick? The LG Optimus G. I'm a specs junkie, what can I say? I'm long... long... looooooong overdue for an upgrade and as a last resort I was planning on using Sprint's Early Upgrade program to nab one... and then sprint went and nixed the program just a few days ago. I read about it right here on your site and my heart dropped. So it's either another 11 months of wait or a LG Optimus G for me!

I would be happy winning any of these, but if I had to pick I'd say the LG Optimus G. I've really come to appreciate the hard work and dedication that LG is putting into their products, and would love to get my hands on their arguably finest work yet!

Optimus G, because my wife let me use her upgrade to get the GN2 and she took my Evo 3d. What a woman...

Optimus G because it's basically the closest us Sprint users are going to get to the Nexus 4. Plus it's just bad-ass with the S4 and LTE. Also wouldn't mind the Photon Q for it's quality keyboard.

I really need to join the love for the Optimus G as it is the class of the bunch, but I've mostly owned and loved Moto devices so the Photon Q would be neat as well.

I absolutely need the Motorola Photon Q for my wife. Currently she has the Samsung Epic 4G, which freezes every other second. But, more importantly, she is an anthropologist (bioarchaeologist) who travels to places outside the US, and needs a phone that will fit her career and make it possible to call our children back home while she is away on digs. For me, I want her to have the phone because she needs a phone that works, and is reliable while I am at work and she has to take care of our children alone. This is just a couple reasons the Motorola Photon Q would be a great addition to our household.

I would like to say the Optimus G because it's some awesome tech. But instead, I'll say the Photon for my sister. She is incapable of using an on-screen keyboard (for reasons that defy logic and for which I do tease her quite a bit).

I would very much like the LG Optimus G, as I am a current owner of the Photon 4G. As many know, this phone was once promised an upgrade to Android 4.0, but Motorola decided to not push out the upgrade. I would like a device that has at least Android 4.0. Thank you for your time and consideration!

The optimus g please?

Because I'm broke ... having just spent a fortune on gifts for 4 (yup you read that right) children and a wife. Do you think I could use a gift too? I do!

I went and looked at the Optimus G yesterday, and wow, that's one hell of a phone. I don't care as much for the UI, but a launcher can change that. What I really liked was the added software. Honestly, there's not much I would need to put a custom ROM on that thing for. Really nice phone.

LG Optimus G. Many great specs and looks quite classy. Plus LG seems to have step up the game with this phone and would love to rock with one.

I like the Optimus as my first choice for it's resolution and because it is not a Motorola phone. I don't hate Moto, but I hsve had 3 or more of their phones
Over the years.

I'd love to win a Photon Q. I'm running out of options with a hardware keyboard to replace my current phone.

Any phone :) It'll be a Christmas gift for my significant other who's phone currently has a cracked screen and she can't afford a new one :(

The Optimus G of course, because LG really impressed me (and probably most people) with their hardware this time around. I've never owned an LG product and never expected to want one, until this came along. They started with a sexy slim design, then went on to put in a great screen, even better CPU/GPU with on-board 32GB of HDD space, and 2GB of ram. It out specs even most tablets, which only shows how much LG means business with this phone. They went ahead and took it one step further by putting in a 13MP camera, which is mostly unheard of for phones and tablets alike. I'm still using the last bit of juice out of my ol' Samsung Vibrant (antique I know) and this phone might as well be a supercomputer from NASA compared to it. Who wouldn't want a phone this amazing.

LG Mach because picking another phone will decrease the chances of me getting that phone... since everyone wants one of those higher end ones like the photon or optimus g... though not the highest and greatest specs, the lg mach is still a great phone..

I would love to have the lg mach. I like the style of how it looks, and I let my brother use my upgrade because his phone broke. So I'm stuck with my OG Evo and I'd take almost any new android phone. Merry Christmas!

I like the Photon Q...just got a new phone/new contract with Sprint, last week. I love my S3+JB, but the Q looks cool.

My fiance really needs a new phone. She was recently accepted into Nursing school and the Photon Q is just what she deserves for all her hard work. We can't afford much for each other for Christmas so this would really lift her spirits.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I would love the LG Optimus G because I hear the sources for the SoC are pretty open and I'm tired of Samsung not releasing them.

I would love the Motorola Photon Q for my wife.
She loves a physical keyboard. She has my old (very old) Samsung Transform it is slow(real slow) and can not handle the new apps. Not enough space. This would really be a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's present for her. And my anniversary present to her also.

Good Luck everyone. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Have the Galaxy Nexus but looking to branch out so the LG Optimus G is the one to go with. I had the Optimus S for 2 years before the Nexus and it was a great little phone. LG is really bringing their A game with the G. Thanks. Mav.

Lg Optimus G, I need a phone that can keep up with me, a quad core processor and my multitasking abilities go hand in hand. Not to mention the resolution of this puppy and the very sweet camera.

I cant wait!!!

Optimus G for being the closest thing to Nexus while still keeping a 13 MP camera. This quad core A15 lte beast is the best device to test the true potential of sprint's unlimited 4g network.

I'd definitely like to win the Optimus G. I like the clean interface of the LG overlay. Basically a nexus 4 with LTE.

- LG Optimus G - the resolution is so great.. people sleep on the optimus G. its a hot phone... I'd love to win it.

Motorola Photon Q is the way to go!

My brother had his phone go through the dreaded "washing machine cycle" and his phone was unable to be fixed or returned. I am hoping to get a smartphone with a keyboard for him because he has stubby fingers so he can't use a touchscreen keyboard.

Thank you guys for hosting all of these

The motorola photon q for my wife. Since she demands a hardware keyboard and is still rocking an original epic 4g because of it.

LG Optimus would be awesome phone, i have been impressed with their latest stuff but haven't a full hands on yet.... Plus I have a LG LED TV and it is amazing!

My wife is due for an upgrade. Maybe the Photon. Her existing phone is reminiscent of the one Zack Morris used in Saved by the Bell.

Motorola Photon Q... please!!! I need an upgrade to my old Samsung Nexus S 4g... Do you know how hard it is to access Android Central on WiMAX 4g??!! SAVE ME!

Boy oh boy oh boy I could really use the Optimus G, my Vibrant is so old.
Thanks for the contest!

I would love to have an Optimus G!! My dream phone is a Nexus 4, but I can't afford one right now. I just went back to work a few weeks ago after being unemployed, and I'm still catching up on bills. Winning an Optimus G would definitely help me out a ton!!

Got to go with the Optimus G. Then I could root it, throw on Jelly Bean 4.2 and make myself a Sprint version of the Nexus 4.

Would love the Motorola Photon Q. My client has a really, really old Blackberry, and would love to get her up with the times! It would change her world!

I would love that Optimus G in my pocket. Recently played with one at Best Buy and I have to say this phone is sleek, feels great in the hand, and the display is amazing. Don't even get me started on performance.....IT IS FAST!!! It's considerably faster with ICS on board than the Samsung S3 running Jellybean. Enough said.... My next Sprint phone for sure. Anyone with doubts about this device need to go test drive it for yourself and draw your own conclusion (which likely will fall in line with mine).

I'll take LG Optimus G because wimax is getting bad in my area and let should be launching soon and also I want a next gen phone.

LG Optimus G

Especially since a great number of "REAL-LIFE" friends and a bunch of my ~2100 Tweeps (twitter peeps) look to me for gadget advice... I would really like to be amazed by this device and thereby able to promote it. for the people...choose me.

I would absolutely love an Optimus G its faster then my phone has more internal memory than my phone has more ram than my phone and alot of really nice features! I can't afford to get it this year hell or even early next year so yeah I would love it right now!

Omg this first contest i really wanted to win. I know the optimus g is great phone and maybe the best on sprint next to the note 2. the photon q is also a great choice considering i have the first photon 4g and i love it very much so its a really tough choice for me between the two and really need a need phone. i want the optimus G please.

I was looking at the Optimus G. I was waiting for a quad core phone not only on sprint but in the us. I also like how they gave sprint the Superior model (13meg cam etc.) and what the cores themselves can do, is pretty impressive!

I'd love an Optimus G, with all of its power! I recently got to play with a store display phone and was really impressed. My trusty ole' EVO is getting a bit long-in-the-tooth and I'm now starting to feel left behind since I'm not running ICS or JB on it. Second place goes to the Photon Q. It seems to be a pretty solid phone too.

I've come very close to buying the Samsung Galaxy Victory, so a free one would definitely get some use. It seems to be sturdy, has impressive battery life, good call quality, support for SD cards, and a dedicated camera button.

The display and camera may be from early 2012, but not everything has to be bleeding edge to have a great phone.

Gotta get that optimus g. Would love to see the performance of that s4 pro.
P.S. Android Central is the shiznit!;)

The Optimus G of course , but I'll take any one. The touchscreen on my current phone went out and I'm using an old non android phone.

Tough Choice. The Optimus G has great specs, but I like the physical keyboard and durable hardware of the Motorola Photon Q.

I wanted to upgrade my wonderful mothers og evo that was passed down that now has suffered severly but I lost my job a week ago (@ssholes lol) but that lg optimus g was on the wishlist for her. You guys are awesome AC

Optimus G, I would like to win the phone because I have been using iOS for a very long time now. I have heard many good things about android and the Optimus G and would like to try it out. But unfortunately because of my money situation I can't afford to upgrade.

Optimus G because its for my girlfriend who still has an epic 4G, not even an epic 4G touch, the shitty slider version that she is on her 3rd replacement on because of factory defects lol

LG Optimus G for me please. On top of the quad core is that nice camera I want. I'm an instagram nut taking pics of my 2 yr old and we have another lil one coming in April!!!!

An LG Optimus G for me please.

I've been on Sprint for 10 years. Have my 1st smartphone with them was the Treo 700p. I went to the Palm Pre,and finally landed on the original Epic 4G. I've had issues withe the Epic and I'm leery of upgrading to the S3. A "free" upgrade to the Optimus would be a welcome Christmas/birthday/New Year's gift.


Photon Q. I already have the Photon and love it but as a former Pre owner I still miss a physical keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy, please. My wife's LG is falling apart, but she's not eligible for an upgrade deal yet. The smaller size of the Samsung will suit her far better than the larger Optimus or the slider phones.

Please and thank you!

New Years is about making changes in your life for the better. A friend is holding onto an ancient blackberry for too long. Help me help my friend make 2013 the year she improves her life with Android. The Photon Q is one of the the best android phones for those who can't part with a physical keyboard.

Photon Q, my fiance is clumsy with her phones (as evidenced by her 2 broken and 1 barely functioning EVOs) and needs some Motorola build quality to withstand some abuse!

It would have to be the Motorola Photon Q!!!!! Dual core, LTE, 4.3 srceen, 4.0 soon to 4.1(hopefully soon), Water proof (Splash), and wait for it full side out key board. Motorola really made some great strides this year, and the Moto Photon Q is one of them. For god's sake please help me get out from under my HTC EVO (the original one).

Optimus G is the only way to go. The quad core processor and the amenities that go along with the Optimus G look very enticing.

Photon q, as my wife is currently using an htc shift and having a tough time with the slow processor and constant crashes. Shes up to her third htc shift, ay least the monthly insurance charge is working for something!

I would love to win the optomus. I want to add my nephew to y plan so He can call me whenever He wants!! I would be the greatest aunt ever!

Optimus G, no doubt. Even though I love my Galaxy Nexus, it's starting to show it's age and a new phone would convince me to stay onboard with Sprint considering they still don't have LTE in my area.

LG Optimus G.
I'd like to replace my dad's LG Optimus S for him, so that I don't have to get him an iPhone, although that may be a lost cause eventually.

Just like everyone else I would love the Optimus G, but i would be very grateful to win any of the phones listed above.

I would love to give the galaxy victory to my fiance..after the horrible year she's had she shouldn't have to be stuck with my old Samsung transform for another year!

Motorola Photon Q, because my Photon 4G it doesn't have LTE. Sprint never rolled out 4G service in my metro area, so I'll need an LTE phone by the time they get here.

I have had three LG phones in the past and loved them. I left LG because the Evo came out and I love the Android OS. I really would like to go back to LG especially since I can upgrade with Sprint on 01/01/13.

LG Optimus G, because I wanted to go with Phil to Seoul, but he didn't bring me, so getting this would be the next best thing. I was going to be in Seoul for a boyscout world jamboree in the mid 90's but couldn't afford to fly there. I had an exchange boyscout Korean boy stay at my house in Manila. It was too bad I couldn't go see him.

I would like to win the LG Optimus G for all of the reasons listed below but more importantly because it would be nice to just win baby!!!

4.7" 16M-color WXGA True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen, Gorilla Glass
Android OS v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, planned upgrade to 4.1 Jelly Bean, LG Optimus UI 3.0
Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU, 2 GB RAM, Adreno 320 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset
13 MP autofocus camera with LED flash and geotagging
1080p video recording @ 30fps with continuous autofocus and stereo sound
1.3 MP front-facing camera, 720p video recording
32GB of built-in storage
Two app overlay mode for multi-tasking (Q Slide)
Independent content output through MHL (Dual Screen Dual Play)

I would like the Photon Q since it got pretty good reviews for a slider style phone. My daughter loves physical keyboards and her Kyocera Milano phone leaves much to be desired (I tried talking her into an EVO LTE or the Photon Q but she could not dissuaded. The LG Mach would also be good option but the Photon would be better.

I want the LG Optimus G the 13 mega pixel camera and they overlay that pops up when you are watching a video blows the Video popout seems so gimmicky on my S3 now. Plus BUILD QUALITY this device feels sexy to hold in my hand.

I'd like any of the phones but really the LG Optimus G or the Photon Q. Better than my Evo and would love to actually watch movies on my phone without lag that the EVO puts out and crisp Star Wars Angry Birds would look. And after buying presents I dont have money to UPG my phone this year.

Optimus G - because I would like to get rid of my very old droid x with a cracked screen and 4 black spots. Also would like to get off my over priced verizon network onto a unlimited sprint plan!

I'd like the Galaxy Victory please.

I like TouchWiz (gasp, I know :P), 4" is good enough for me (I still am not so comfortable with these phones with 4.3"+ screens), expandable storage is a plus for me (one big issue I've got with my iPod Touch), as is a removable battery (probably the biggest reason, behind iOS, that I'm not going to Apple again). Also, I like the inclusion of the dedicated camera button and also, Sprint has LTE coverage in my area.

Also, I've never owned an Android device :P.

Thanks :)

I would love to win the Motorola Photon Q for my dad. He loves his Original Photon so this would be a great upgrade for him!

I would love the Optimus G because I'm stuck on sprint for a good while and can't get the Nexus 4. And knowing that the Nexus was based on this phone this is the next best thing :)

I'd like the Photon Q to give to my brother as a gift. He really misses having a physical keyboard and is a fan of Motorola so it would be a perfect match!

Optimus G... Or Photon Q... Anyone of these really, cause my wife's Evo Design 4G just ain't cuttin' it anymore!

Being add I can only afford cheaper mid-range phones (my current driver is an HTC One V, my last was an Optimus V), any of these would be a decent step up, although that Optimus G looks like a killer phone!

I wouldn't mind either of the devices listed as it would be a gift for my son who is currently rockin a n Iphone 4!!! Poor little guy doesn't have the slightest clue of what Android is really all about.. I would love nothing more than for him to learn on a free phone from Android Central!! I've been trying to win a smartphone for a long time now and hope that someday my wish will come true..Good luck to all and thank you Android Central for another one of your AWESOME GIVE AWAYS!!! Seasons Greetings from Jay C...