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Rhapsody's subscription-based music app for Android has been updated with personalized recommendations on the home screen based on what you've previously listened to and what time of day it is. That last part is very reminiscent of what Songza's offering, though the update also includes a UI overhaul, and some performance improvements for offline playback. 

As always, Rhapsody offers the usual streaming music features, including creating playslists, sharing tunes out to Facebook, and offline caching.

Any Rhapsody subscribers out there, or are the existing free streaming alternatives good enough for you? What's your favorite on-demand mobile music app? 

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Rhapsody for Android updated with personalized recommendations


I use Spotify premium, and personally don't see a need for anything else unless you don't want to pay the $10 per month.

I've tried spotify, and honestly I don't see why people act like its something amazing. Rhapsody offers the exact same service, but I find the UI much better, I couldn't stand the spotify UI, rhapsody kept it simple and that's why I like it better.

I use Rhapsody all of the time, mostly because I can stream it to my phone, PC, and even download tracks/albums to my mp3 player on a monthly license. Since I don't have the luxury of being able to access my cell while I'm at work, the mp3 player option is an absolute must!

im using spotify premium and it doesnt let me cache songs to my external lame. does rhapsody or any other subscription service offer the features of spotify with that option?

ive never tried it but it is in the options to cache your muscic, or you can always just download the tracks/or albums if you want.

Rhapsody has definitely stepped up their App game past year. Love my Rhapsody! Put 30hours of music on my GS3 plus can still listen to what ever I am in the mood for within cell or WiFi range. Best music service bar none.

I fall in the category of people who prefer to avoid streaming content. But it's inevitable, i'll have to get on board sooner or later. Are there free apps for on demand listening? Or is subscription the only option?

I don't know about other apps, but you don't have to stream your music on rhapsody, you can download all of the music onto your device from within the app.

I love Rhapsody. I like the fact that I have access to play sooo much music and many types of music without having to buy it outright if I do not want to. I try to get good use of the subscription. I download the albums/songs that I want to play without having internet connectivity.

I've had a subscription with Rhapsody for about a year now. I rarely go anywhere that doesn't have a strong 4G/3G connection, but, I still have an unlimited data plan with Verizon.

The service is awesome, and the UI looks better than it ever did (it was in dire need of an update). However, in May when I buy a new cell phone (20 month upgrade), I don't know that I will be able to keep the service once I lose my unlimited data plan. I stream music most of the day.

I guess time will tell. All in all though, Rhapsody is a great service to listen to whatever you want, whenever, without having to worry about keeping anything organized.