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​The Respawnables has recently been announced by Digital Legends, which will add a goofy twist to the usual class-based shooting game. The art is very similar to the cartoony style you'd see in Battlefield Heroes, and it looks like there's going to be just as many unlockables and customizability. While details are skimpy, it's a safe bet that this is going to be free-to-play with microtransactions available to buy virtual items, 

Three classes are highlighted in the teaser video below: a light scout, a balanced soldier, and a slow heavy weapons guy. There are a ton of weapons on display too, including dual pistols, sniper rifles, and miniguns. You probably won't be left hurting for selection. 

No word on a release date just yet, but I'm digging the style, and they get bonus points for poking fun at The Expendables. Anyone else willing to give this a shot?

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The Respawnables promises cartoony third-person shooting action


I don't want anymore games with the in app purchasing. Having to buy a package of coins to then buy items in the game that will advance you is annoying. It's either free or it's not.

Welcome to the unfortunate future. If you haven't noticed almost all games now rely on micro-transactions because it is easier to convince someone to spend $1 on a whim then it is to convince them to spend $50. In many cases this is also used as a form of anti-piracy. Since anyone can find a free copy of any game on a site like Pirate Bay the game companies stopped trying to sell you the game and now give it away for free from their own websites and in stead sell you "in-game content" to let you play the game once you have it. I don't like it, but from a business stand point it makes sense.

That future does not have to be unfortunate. Games such as LoL or Tribes Vengeance are free2play games that use in game purchasing and are made fantastically. These games can be played 100% free and your experience isn't hurt by that. You can unlock items using in game points. Especially games like LoL where they don't even ALLOW you to buy things that make you better in the game with real money. The experience is BENEFITED by it being free as you can enjoy the game by spending no money at all, there are more people playing it due to the lack of having to fork over initial money before you even know if you like the game, and the community can choose to support the developer with however much dough it wants to by spending real money in the game. I embrace free 2 play gaming and I HOPE it is our future. The market has proven itself and I would rather have it than dropping $60 a pop on every game I probably won't enjoy very much.

Great, so a not so thinly veiled clone of Team Fortress 2. I'd dig it more of they at least tried to be a little more original.

I like it but being it will be fun at first then some people will "unlock" (read: buy) better items and then it wool stink for everyone else. Hoping I am wrong, but I would rather a one time fee. Too bad in app purchasing is so profitable.

Hey someone tell these guys they forgot a few classes from team fortress 2. That'll probably be where the micro transactions come in

im really against in-game purchases that are essential to the game but i do understand that pirating has forced it tothappen