Moto X Republic Wireless update

A quick heads up for you folks running the Moto X on Republic Wireless — it looks like your Android 4.4.2 update is available as of today. Folks on Republics' forums are noting the update, which includes a new dialer and updated Google Hangouts (to say nothing of the latest update to Hangouts, we suppose). Head into your system settings and take a look.

Source: Republic Wireless; Thanks, Winston!


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Republic Wireless' Moto X getting KitKat today


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And I apparently misread the entire article. Go me.

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I use the Moto X with Republic Wireless and it's a good phone for a decent price at $299. The price is a lot better than elsewhere for over $500. Republic also has access to Sprint's roaming partners so the coverage is much better than other MVNOs from Sprint. All in all, great service at an awesome price. Use this link to save $20 when you sign up!

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