Research firm states Chromebook is performing well, has a bright future

Google's Chromebook are an interesting product line. Not only is it a family of low-cost, affordable notebooks but they're also the backbone of the search giant's Chrome operating system. And today ABI Research has released data showing that 2.1 million Chromebooks were shipped in 2013, the majority of them in the U.S.

North America actually made up around 89 percent of the shipment figures, according to ABI. What’s more is the firm also expects that by 2019 more than 11 million units will ship. That’s quite the prediction. Not to mention the bashful analysis of ultraportables running Windows 8, which saw a reported minimal growth during Q4 last year.

We’re still waiting for the Samsung Chromebook 2, which recently had its UK pricing and release details published.

Source: BusinessWire, via: TechnoBuffalo


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Report: 2.1 million Chromebooks shipped in 2013


That's pretty good considering how Microsoft keeps bashing Chromebooks.

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Picked up the Acer C720 two weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it. Outside of gaming, it takes care of all my computing needs so far. The built in remoting tool will be useful if I actually need to access my Windows computer. The 8.5 hour battery life is great as well. I'm looking to install Linux on it this weekend to give it a spin. This all reads like a straight press release lol, but it really is a great device.

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I got one for my wife and she thinks it's great, light weight portable labtop to surf on the couch or in bed.

Do they do much offline or are they still crippled without internet access? Also, you say you are thinking of installing linux on it. Which version runs well on it and would it support WINE? I am wondering about playing old windows and dos games on a chrombook. Nothing new or intensive, just some things to pass then time when not working.

When was the last time you actually used your windows pc for something that didn't require the internet or use it when it wasn't connected in general.

I still use mine for gaming when I don't have internet access, as well as spreadsheets and documents. That was why I was wondering about Linux and wine.

Count me in as one in 2013… and one in 2014. Love these things, particularly for $200 per device!

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My K-8 school is looking to get Chromebooks in the classroom but we can't get responses from any of the companies regarding bulk pricing and possible demos. It's a shame that we'll probably go with iPads instead, even though they cost twice as much.

How does it even make sense to switch to ipads because you couldn't get bulk discounts on chromebooks? Their still hundreds of dollars cheaper.

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Schools can't just buy things because they're cheaper. They need demos (which Apple has done for response from anyone regarding Chromebooks for Education) and reliable customer service. We've introduced iPads for teachers already and Apple has treated us very well. There's just a lot of things involved besides pricing. If I had it my way, the Chromebooks would already be on their way to the classrooms. Of course that's because I have a personal Chromebook and I know exactly what it's capable of, but apparently the school board would like communication with an actual Chromebook representative.

I don't see how that is what is wrong with our education system. The only things I have seen wrong with our education system are many of the students and parents. Children today have access to vastly more information and tools than I had, yet many are clueless. I remember having to try to get reports written based off of what time I had at the library, now you can research anything online.

What allowed me to do well in school, and later college, was the discipline instilled in me by a mother that considered education paramount. When I genuinely had problems, she helped me, but she didn't allow me to be lazy with my assignments either. I wish more parents would be as involved as mine in the education of their children. Now so many just want to blame the education system instead of taking a look at the whole picture.

Love my Chromebook 11 I got in January 2014, the only downside is I can't use Get_iPlayer or sync/access files across PC, Android device without using public cloud services like Google Drive. For that reason alone I have to keep my shitty Windows 7 PC around.
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Chromebooks in the US sound well priced but in the UK I think £200 - £229 seems a touch steep for a device that's locked down so much. For around £300 you can pick up a full blown laptop with optical drive and the extras that Windows 8 has. If the US price made its way across the pond that'd make a Chromebook closer to £120 and I'd be interested.

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Got a Samsung Chromebook 3 and loving it. Prefer the 'pretty-ness' of the HP 11 but my Samsung has the same inners I believe plus a 3G sim slot which is proving really useful.

Do Chromebooks treat websites the same way browsers in Windows treat website or do they simply use the "desktop" useragent the same way I can set the useragent to "desktop" on my phone?

I ask because setting the useragent to desktop on my phone a lot of times doesn't work or the websites still view it as a mobile device which I hate. That's really the only thing I am nervous about buying a Chromebook for. I want websites to be true desktop versions and not tricked into thinking they are on a desktop.

It's just like using Chrome on your Windows laptop/desktop. You can try one out at any Best Buy if you live near one.

So not exactly killing Windows like it was claimed..

Mainly selling in the US says it all, there is another tech product that sells mainly in the US and is otherwise pretty much irrelevant, its called the iPhone.

You may not like Apple or the iPhone, I know I don't, but they are not irrelevant.

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Outside the US they pretty much are. Take away those sales and iOS is a minor player to say the least. In some markets even Windows phone is ahead.

Some of you need to realise that the US is 5% of the world, not 95%.

PC sales on the downward trend, Chromebook sales on the upward trend. It's just a matter of time....

Not really. As the article said, most sales are in the US. The US market isnt representative of the rest of the world. There is no reason why Chromebooks would take off outside the US, different markets use computers differently, even in other markets where they are widely available they arent selling.

They are still FAR to limited, they are hardly a step up from a tablet, certainly no match for a fully fledged PC.

How does the US use computers differently than the rest of the world? I'm dying to know. I think, if anything, your statement is backwards. Chromebooks will likely be an even bigger player in emerging markets where Microsoft isn't already entrenched.

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I wonder what the 2013 sales would have been had there not been a sales halt on the Chromebook 11's at the end of the year.